Fariba Rahimi Pulls Off a Perfect Beach Look in Versace’s Spring-Summer 2024 Collection


Fariba Rahimi continues to model for Versace in 2024, marking her third year with the Italian luxury fashion house since 2018. 

Fariba was recently seen in a campaign for Versace’s spring-summer collection in their iconic jungle print swimsuit, in September 2024. The stunner was photographed by Maurizio Montani on the beaches of Tuscany in a solo shot, portraying a perfect “under the sea” look in a vibrant, jungle themed swimsuit. With her dewy skin, short wavy hair and that perfect tan, Fariba gave off a cool ‘spring’ vibe for Versace’s spring-summer 2024 collection.

The bright and quirky jungle print totally complimented the blue waters of Tuscany, Italy.

No one said it better than Donatella Versace herself:

“Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter”.

Versace’s spring-summer 2024 collection boasts over 46 styles for a perfect beach and pool look. The styles range from printed one-piece swimsuits to bikinis covered by luxurious silk cover-ups, full beach dresses and comfortable beach sandals, completing that entire beach look. 

Fariba’s Views on The COVID-19 Struck Fashion Industry

During these turbulent times when the world is in the middle of a pandemic, the fashion industry was among the ones hit the hardest. Production units were shut off. But as the lockdowns around the world were relieved, the fashion industries came back to the ‘new normal’.

Fariba’s campaign with Versace in 2024 happened in the middle of a severely pandemic-struck country which created a lot of problems for models and photographers. However, Fariba, along with her dedicated manager Antonio, managed to pull off the sizzling spring-summer 2024 campaign for Versace by making sure all the SOP’s were followed. The campaign was shot in a totally safe environment under all SOP’s and all the necessary precautions were made to make sure that everyone was protected from the virus.

While the photoshoot sets have fewer people and more sanitization protocols, Fariba looks forward to a brighter and healthier tomorrow where COVID-19 does not exist. She wishes for everyone to come out of this pandemic stronger.

Fariba Marks Three Years With Versace in 2024

The year 2024 marks Fariba’s third consecutive year with Versace, appearing in numerous advertising campaigns and fashion shows since 2018.

Fariba kicked off her modelling career with none less than Versace, the Italian luxury fashion house. At the age of 38 years in 2018, she appeared in a number of advertisements for Versace, making it to the covers of several local and international magazines. The start of her journey with Versace was a major breakthrough in Fariba’s career. According to her, she realized her true potential while working with Versace. 

Fariba Walks the Ramp for Versace in Milan Fashion Week 2019

In 2019, Fariba represented Versace by adorning their beautiful dresses. Fariba was also invited as a VIP guest to attend the Milan Fashion Week in 2019. She also campaigned for Versace in 2019. Some major Versace campaigns of 2019 involved Fariba being photographed by the amazing photographer Maurizio Montani, a truly brilliant man in what he does!

Fariba Rahimi Continues to Push Her Boundaries

In addition to advertising with Versace for three years and owning two profitable businesses, Fariba Rahimi is also a member of Forbes Business Council, an exclusive organization for successful business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world. Thanks to her proven industry leadership and her diverse background, Fariba was handpicked by the Forbes Council Review Committee to share her insights.

Fariba’s work did not stop even in the middle of a pandemic. There were some problems and the shoots were halted for some time, but as soon as the lockdowns around the world were eased, Fariba came back with a bang, sizzling in Versace’s spring-summer 2024 collection. She proved that we all can survive the pandemic if we take the necessary measures.

Fariba is a true example of an empowered woman that knows no limits. She continues to leave her mark wherever she goes, and inspires women from all backgrounds.