Emerging Downtempo Artist Anaté Invites us on an Introspective Journey with Debut Single “Confusion”


November 28th is a long-awaited date for the newly formed musical duo Anaté. Ana and Andrea have been working on their debut album “Confessions” since over a year now. An album that talks about duality from different perspectives.

Duality is the central topic in “Confusion”, the first single. It talks about the conflict between what we want and what we are “allowed” to want, between who we are and who we are expected to be, between emotion and reason. Confusion’s video, directed by the Argentinian Fausto Torelli Tulissi, was filmed in Berlin. It explores duality in images, pictured as a constant back and forth between the heavy reality and a “dream world” – our inner world. It follows Ana’s journey to the point where she is finally facing and embracing herself.

Like most of Anaté’s songs, inspiration comes from personal experience. Writing is used as a tool for dealing with a situation or to understand ourselves. The lyrics act as a witness to this process, even “documenting” situations on the spot at times; like a window into the artist’s mind, opened with the purpose of sharing this learning experience with the listener. 

The piano hook unintentionally reminds of a guitar line from Pink Floyd; no wonder, as the band is one of the duo’s early influences. The production mix influences from artists of the past and present, with arrangements inspired by iconic trip-hop bands such as Hooverphonic, Massive Attack and Morcheeba, while vocal melodies and harmonies remind of artists such as Sade, Dido and Amy Lee. 

“Confusion marks the beginning of the introspective journey on which we invite our audience through the upcoming release of the album. These are lyrics and music that come from contemplating life, emotions, or inner conflicts. Lyrics with a message. Music that ultimately has the purpose of putting a mirror in front of ourselves and showing us what a beautiful, intricate, lovable mess we are.” – Ana.

“Confusion” is the first single off Anaté’s upcoming debut album titled “Confessions”. The album will feature 10 tracks, described by Ana as a “journey that leads us to being who we are when no one is watching. Ten confessions shared as songs.”

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About Ana

Ana, singer & songwriter of the project, is living between Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. She was trained since a young age in classical piano. After finishing high school, she was involved in different musical projects as lead singer/songwriter & keyboards player.

About Andrea

Andrea lives in Milan, Italy and takes care of the production. He performed as a guitar player with several local bands from early 2000’s to 2015, when he decided to focus on producing local artists and writing own music. His producing style is influenced by trip-hop reference bands such as Massive Attack, Portishead or Hooverphonic.