Tips to Find the Perfect Student Accommodation – 2024 Guide

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It is a hoax that finding a perfect student accommodation is difficult. With the right knowledge of certain factors, one can easily find the perfect accommodation. It is important for a student to live in the right kind of apartment to make his college life amazing.

Along with all the fun, learning opportunities should also be grabbed by choosing the right location for the apartment and helping roommates. Many sites are available that help you provide the best accommodation like Amber Student. Have a look at the list compiled by us to know what should you be looking for.

Here are some tips to follow to find the perfect student accommodation:

  1. Check the location

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The first and the foremost thing to look before finalizing the student accommodation is its location. Location is the primary factor that decides how your college life will pursue. Finding accommodation near the campus has many benefits. Your cost of transportation will reduce and vanish in on-campus accommodation. As a student, you will get acquainted with saving money from daily chores for your other party expenses. Staying near the university is the option to save money that would otherwise be spent on transport. Next benefit of staying near the university is that your place will be the party hub.

All your friends will hand-out at your place as it will be the nearest to the university and bunking classes would be much easier from your place. It will save you time as well. You would not have to get up early or reach late to your classes. You can come to and fro from the university to the apartment really quickly. After looking at the closeness to the university, look for its closeness to the public transport and the city gala. The nearer the public transport, the easier it will get for you to travel to places. Make sure that the clubs and theatres are near too. You can buzz in any time and on your way back, you do not have to take public transport if your apartment is close to the clubs. The fun will be real if you consider all these factors.

  1. Make sure that the apartment is made for students only

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While searching for an apartment, make sure that the apartment was originally built for students only. Many apartments which were not built for students are referred to as the one for students. These apartments lack the basic requirements of a student and do not provide a quality living.

Such apartments have a single washroom for sharing among five people and have no living room. Even if they have a living room, it is converted to bedroom cleverly to fool the students. No study table or basic amenities are provided there. So, before finalizing the apartment make sure that the apartment does not look as described and has everything that a student needs.

  1. Bills management

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Paying off bills as a student is a tedious task and can be difficult for the first time. When a student starts to live independently for the first time, getting hold of the long list of bills can be a challenging task. There are many accommodation that provide all the services that a student needs in accommodation and asks for the payment collectively. By this method, the student does not have to deal with the long lists of bills and get confused.

This all-inclusive bill feature helps the student to manage to budget and live freely. This all-inclusive bill can be paid in instalments as well which can further increase a student’s comfort and help him manage his budget. Additional discounts on the bills are also provided on the up-front payment of the bill. These benefits are clearly amazing and one should prefer the accommodation that offers all-inclusive bill system.

  1. Safety and security

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Staying independently for the first time can be a little scary for the students and their parents as well. In this situation, looking for the safest accommodation is a priority for the parents’ peace of mind. You should always take precautions when it comes to safety and never be careless. No one can ever know the intentions of the other people. Taking an apartment at a safe place is a wise decision.

Make sure that there are on-site security 24/7 and no strangers are allowed without identification. These measures are important for the safety of the student. The security staff should be highly trained to tackle all the situations. They should be instructed to sign off the parcels for students while they are attending lectures, only on their permission. These little things are important and make sure that they are provided to them for their safety.

  1. Room to think

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Partying into the early hours will be a normal routine for university students. But sometimes, it hits that they did not join the university for the sole purpose of partying. Their main aim was to study and achieve great heights in life. During these realizations, all that a student needs is a study table in his private room. The study table should be spacious to accommodate all the books and study material of a student. Students can also opt for a studio apartment if they do not like to hang-out with friends that much. Dual occupancy studio is also a good idea for introverts or shy students. Just make sure that you have your privacy when needed and you are not surrounded by people all the time.

Finding the perfect accommodation for a student can be hard for the first time. It is always best to refer to some seniors and seek their help to suggest some best accommodation. Their experience can be useful as they will guide you and help you to prevent all the mistakes that they did. They may also get some discount for a successful referral. Have a good understanding with your roommates when going for the shared apartments. If you are looking for an apartment and you are confused about the factors to decide the perfect apartment, go through the list mentioned above. This will be quite helpful for you to make the right decision.