Top 10 Design And Construction Tips For Your Pool – 2024 Guide

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You have wanted to build a swimming pool for some time, and now you have gathered sufficient funds. But what next? How do you start the process of building a swimming pool? We list ten tips which can help you to navigate the complex world of swimming pool construction.

  1. Pool Design

You must have come across plenty of swimming pools in hotels, homes and across various media. But still, it is necessary to conduct a thorough research about the available pool designs. Sit with your family members and take their choices into consideration.

Your pool builder will be happy if you meet them with a clear design in mind. It is better to select a couple of designs before you meet your pool builder. Some designs may not be compatible with your location.

Clarity on design will speed up the construction process. You can ask the pool builder to give you a design sample so that you get an idea about the final look of the pool. Inform your pool builder if you have any plans to make future additions such as spas, fireplace, outdoor kitchens and pergolas.

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  1. Objective

Building a swimming pool is an expensive process. You have to be clear about your purpose of building the pool. Any confusion about the objective will lead to regrets and your money going down the drain. How you are going to use the pool will affect its design, depth, size and budget.

If your family prefers to play games in the pool, then you would want to build a deep pool. If your pool is meant to be a recreation zone, then you will need plenty of seating arrangements inside and outside the pool.

If the pool is meant for visual appeal without much use, then it would be better to construct a small pool with intricate landscaping. Fibreglass pools are available with different types of attractive finishes.

  1. Budget and recurring costs

Building a pool is a one time expense, but it leaves behind periodic conservation expenditure. You must have sufficient funds in hand before starting the construction process. There will be repeated expenditure for scrubbing, water cleaning and resurfacing.

Additional funds will also be needed for items such as heating system, pool cover, fencing, shading and lighting. You must also set aside funds for landscaping, water jets and pool lighting.

Fibreglass pools are budget-friendly and easier to maintain. Concrete pools are meant for those who can spend lavishly on installation and its upkeep. There are in-floor cleaning alternatives available. Compare the costs of various modes of cleaning and find one that suits your budget. A good pool builder will help you to set a realistic budget before starting on the construction work.

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  1. Construction material

There are different materials available for the construction of pools. Concrete, Vinyl and fibreglass are the three materials in the market. All the materials have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of construction and maintenance. Fibreglass is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of installation and maintenance.

There are plenty of choices for landscaping, walkways and pool lighting. You must do complete research on the available materials. Your pool area can be in the same theme as the rest of your home, or it can have a contrasting theme. There are natural energy options for pool heating and cleaning.

There are various pool finishing options like plaster, aggregate finishes and tiles.

  1. Landscaping and water features

Landscaping is an inseparable part of a family pool. Plants can be used for privacy and shade. Do not use plants which shed too many leaves as the leaves will dirty the pool. Plants with far-reaching roots will damage the pool structure.

Proper landscaping makes the entire area look good. Add water features like jets, fountains in the initial stages of the construction. Renovating a pool is a difficult affair.

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  1. Pool users

The age group of the people using the pool will affect the final design of the pool. If there are young children in the family, then you will have to spend more on safety features like fencing and childproof locks on gates.

Teenagers would want more space to play games in the water. Senior citizens will require handrails and benches. Fibreglass pools with inbuilt steps, benches and smooth surfaces are a better option for children.

  1. Zonal laws

You need to keep in mind the rules and regulations regarding construction activity in your zone. Some zones are strict about water usage and fencing. A good pool builder will be conversant with the latest rules and regulations, but it does not hurt to do your research. The rules in urban areas are more strict as compared to the interiors.

  1. Local climate

A windy climate will cause more water evaporation. Cold climates will necessitate the use of a heater to warm the pool. Fibreglass pools are easier to heat, and they retain heat longer.

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  1. Location of the pool

If the pool is located near trees, then a pool cover becomes a necessity. If your house is on a hilltop, you would want to consider infinity pools. The space in your backyard will also determine the design of your pool.

If it’s a low-lying area, then above ground pools are better. If children are using the pool, you would want your pool to be centrally located for ease of supervision. The pool should also have a surrounding area for seating, equipment storage, and so on.

  1. Selecting a pool builder

It is the most important step in the construction of the swimming pool. Meet multiple pool builders. Enquire with your friends, colleagues and neighbours about the well-known pool builders. The cheapest pool builder is not necessarily the best. The pool builder can guide you on all aspects of building a pool right from the design to the landscaping.

They should be able to inform you about the pros and cons of the various filtration system, heating system and materials available in the market. A good pool builder will also warn you about any pitfalls in your design or landscaping ideas.

Utilising these helpful tips when approaching the design and construction stage of your pool can help drastically reduce the amount of time, money and hassle involved with owning a swimming pool, maintaining your pool on a regular basis and more. If you have any questions regarding design and construction tips for your swimming pool, check out BarrierReefPoolsPerth..