8 Tips For Finding An Online Casino You Can Trust

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Online casinos created really high standards when it comes to the quality of the games the hosting company offers. But, every day, we need to fight against the ones who copy the ideas and try to scam the people who are only willing to have fun. It’s not a pretty thing to happen to anyone. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to talk a little more about this issue.

Games like roulette and blackjack have been with us for centuries, but the ability to play these casino games online is a relatively new phenomenon. While there are plenty of legit online casinos operating in the US and beyond, there are sadly a number of casino sites that are operating illegally and cannot be trusted with your money. So we have put together this handy guide that explains the main trust features that you should be looking for in any online casino site Slotsfans.com.

Let’s see what are the signs that you can trust some online casinos:

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1. Good reputation

You can easily check the reputation of any online casino by visiting a comparison site where you’ll get an honest and accurate picture of what the casino site is like. Resources like thegruelingtruth.com have proven to be invaluable in how they review and rate real money casino sites. This means that you can simply visit one of these resources and instantly get an idea of whether that online casino is good enough for your needs.

Additionally, you can check different online forums, Facebook groups, or review websites. People are usually honest about what they think, and they will probably share relevant experiences. The reputation comes mostly from satisfied clients. It’s not enough just to look attractive if they don’t have loyal or satisfied customers. Use the power of search engines to find the results you need, and see how reputable is your favorite online casino.

2. Licensing and regulation

All good casino sites will be fully licensed and regulated by an online gambling authority. Such regulation ultimately means that you’ll get a fair and safe service and you can usually see evidence of such licensing in the casino site footer. Remember that the licensing needs to cover the location that you’re playing from. So if you’re playing from Detroit, the casino will need to be regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

The information about regulation is usually available on the website’s description. You can find it in the “About Us” section, or in the website’s footer. Licenses are the most important part of online gambling because it ensures the clients they are using legit service, and they will get the deserved money at the end of the day.

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3. Featured game developers

It’s worth inspecting which game developers power the software behind the games on a casino site. After all, it is the developers who determine the fairness of the games that you are playing. Playing at casinos with games from respected developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming usually goes some way to giving you a safe way to play.

4. Accepted payment methods

You can tell a lot about an online casino from which payment methods they accept. If the gaming site accepts payments from respected card brands like Visa and Mastercard as well as major US banks, then it shows that the casino has achieved a certain amount of respectability.

Keep in mind that the payment options can be limited due to your geo-location. It doesn’t mean the casino is not legit. They simply work with every resource that is available. So, if you see that the US version of the casino accepts five different payment methods, but the European only has two or three, it’s because of the geographical limitations. Also, different regions around the world have different financial politics, and the casinos must adapt to that, so they can be competitive and successful in that specific market.

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5. Responsive customer support

Good casino sites will always make it simple for their customers to get in touch. You should ideally see links to things like customer support on live chat, email, and telephone and there should also be some kind of frequently asked questions section. Be wary of using an online casino that lacks any evident customer support facilities.

For example, a good and trustworthy online casino will offer a few options to get in touch with customers, like a chat bot, email helpdesk, some chat room on the public messaging platform, or a phone number for direct communication.

6. Clear terms and conditions

Online casinos should usually have a page of terms and conditions located in the footer of their websites. This describes how the casino site will operate and it will help you understand what you can and cannot do. All of which should be clearly explained in easy-to-understand terms.

So, every serious casino must pay attention to this one. There should be a whole section for this. We know that people rarely read the terms and conditions, and they accept it immediately, but in a case of dispute, you need to have a link to refer to. It doesn’t take much time and effort, but it will save a lot of nerves.

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7. Realistic bonuses and promotions

Be careful about using any online casino that has bonuses that promise you the world. We’d recommend examining the bonus terms and conditions to see what’s expected of you after you get your bonuses or you can just check casinooffers.nl and try your luck immediately.

If you try to lie on this, the clients will immediately go away, and you are probably aware of that. So, don’t try to manipulate with the freebies.

8. Responsible gambling tools

Finally, it’s a good idea to only play at those online casinos that feature responsible gambling tools. These commonly allow you to put limits on your wagering, losses, and deposits and it’s a good sign if a casino site aims to stop your wagering from getting out of control.


Now you have a complete list of the eight useful tips, that will help you find a legit and trustworthy online casino. The goal is to avoid being scammed. Sadly, there are so many scammers around, waiting for their next online victim, so you must be very cautious, and check all the boxes before you decide to create an account and provide your data to some online casino.