8 Reasons You Should Purchase a Firewood Processor in 2024

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A lot of homes around the world are using firewood to heat up the rooms, no matter if they are using a fireplace, or a boiling system that should be maintained properly in order to heat up the whole house. Since in most of the world people are not allowed to cut down trees by themselves, there are companies that are specialized in firewood supplying, who are professionals in the job they do. If they need to serve a lot of people, they can’t do that with a few workers who will manually cut down the trees and make firewood. That’s why every professional supplier should own a firewood processor.

This machine, basically, will turn every log into firewood, by splitting it as needed, following some sizes and other parameters that were defined previously. It has a circular saw blade that cuts the logs, creating woods that are appropriate to sell to the customer, who will use them to improve the heating at home. As an individual, you probably don’t need this type of machine, but if you want to start a firewood processing company, it’s the first thing you need to have so you can establish a successful business. In order to understand better how these machines work, you can visit this site, learn more about the needed specifications, and see what do you exactly need.

And here are a few reasons why it’s good to have one, especially when you want to do that for living:

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  1. It’s cost-effective

It requires one or two people to work with the machine, which means it’s far less than the manual cutting, which may be very energy consuming, and may last for hours. This is an expensive investment, but as time goes by, you will see the benefits of its low cost and high return at the same time. You can adjust the size and length, and just put the logs where needed, and the machine will do the rest for you. You can even use it to make the woods smaller, depending on the purpose.

  1. It’s easy to use

Even though the machine is huge, and you may need to take your time to get to know how it works. But, it will be easy for you to understand the basic functions, because there are only a few simple parts that do the whole processing, including the motor, and the blade. Even if you use it for the first time, you will need only a few tries to understand everything and use it properly.

  1. Maintenance is cheap and affordable

These machines come with inexpensive parts, and you will need to replace them in a few years. Until that happens, you can use it for a few seasons, without having to worry about anything. The good thing is that even when the time for replacement comes, it won’t be a huge expense for your budget.

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  1. You can provide a completely professional service

As we said, this is a huge investment for individual use, but you can offer your service to the neighbors around you, or some friends and relatives, who will surely pay for it, or offer to share the expenses for the machine. But if you are a company, this processor will help you offer a high-quality service to your customers, by always delivering equally cut firewood, they won’t have problems to store and use as needed.

  1. Always a high-quality wood

Sometimes, the woods are full of moisture, especially if the tree was young, and the area around humid. By cutting the logs and processing the firewood, you are ensuring that the pieces will dry up just in time, and the users (or you) won’t have problems by burning green (unseasoned) woods in your fireplace. When the woods are dried properly, they don’t affect the fire. If they are too moist, they will provide more smoke, and you will need to clean the fireplace a few times per season. As we all know, dried wood is the best choice, because it doesn’t lower the heat, and makes the flame effective for the whole house. According to the experts at Splitz Firewood, this is because the wood is dried at a low temperature and for a very long time. Once dried, it remains efficient for a long time without losing its energy saving value.

  1. It’s portable

It’s usually attached to a vehicle, or it comes as an extension for it. That means you can take it everywhere you need it, in case you need to split the logs on some specific place. Some machines are lightweight, and you can take them by yourself and bring them to the place they need to be.

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  1. It’s great for all seasons

Not every tree can be cut in the same season. Sometimes, the tree provides the best quality firewood at a particular time of the year. As a supplier for more or fewer households, you need to have that knowledge, in order to know which trees you can process, and which ones you should leave for another season. The processing machine will work great, no matter the weather conditions. But, our general advice is to avoid moist periods, because wet woods are harder to process, and the humidity may affect the motor badly.

  1. It’s good for the environment

If you respect the rules and don’t try to cut forbidden trees, and you use electric power to power up the machine, you are taking care of the environment and the nature around you. There is no gas and pollution particles emission to harm the environment. Electric firewood processors are a great option if you want to buy them for both individual and professional use. Some of them are powered by traditional accumulators, but surely you can find models that support alternative power sources.

As you can see, no matter if you are a professional user, or you want it for individual needs, the firewood processor is a great choice if you use the wood for the heating system you have at home. It doesn’t require too many people to control it, and by that, it’s won’t cost you a lot, knowing that you won’t have to hire additional people to complete the task.