9 Most Popular First-Person Shooting Video Games in 2024

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In this article, we will write about the best 9 FPS (First Person Shooters) games for computers. This list is not a ranking, so we have decided to organize the games in alphabetical order.

1. Apex legends

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Since we are going to include all kinds of shooters in this list, one of the dominant sub-genres today is Battle Royale, in which a hundred players face each other. And ‘Apex Legends’ is the game created by Respawn Entertainment, creators of sagas like ‘Titanfall.’ The game is set in the same universe.

The title preserves the great hallmarks of Respawn, such as the high speed of action and quality of the final result that is through the roof. In the game, you will find heroes with different abilities. If you are already into this game and you would like to become a better player, services such as piratebay-coaching.com can help you achieve your goals with high-quality yet budget-friendly online games coaching services.

2. Black Squad

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In this list, you will see many repeating subgenres, such as Battle Royale. But if what you want is to go to the basics of the first-person shooter, shooting yourself all the time in a military environment, this game can delight fans of the first ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Counter-Strike’: Global Offensive. ‘

The title has no pay-to-win mechanics, but like many others, micropayments are focused on cosmetic accessories. The game offers a good variety of game modes, and weapons to choose from so that players can be comfortable regardless of which style they want to play.

That is a peculiar game, a mix of genres, but it is on this list because it also offers the possibility of shooting in the first person. The game is a mix between real-time strategy and third-person gameplay, with the chance of passing control of your soldiers also in first.

The free game focuses on online games, although there is also a paid version that adds downloadable content and single-player content—the missions of the game range from conquering rural areas to factories or towns. You can plan how you want to, and choose between playing in third or first person.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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From the end of the year 2000, it was not possible to visit any cyber café without Counter-Strike installed. Also, it is still a reference game, although it has been renewed over the years. What we have now is its remake, a Counter-Strike: Source that costs 8.19 euros, and a free-to-play version that is the ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive‘ that we are dealing with today. It is surprising to see the success of what started as a mod of the superb Half-Life.

This free edition allows everyone to play against each other, although the players who choose the paid version are paired with other paid players, so those of the free game stay to play with each other. Still, it’s an excellent way to gain experience before you start battling with the veterans.

4. Defiance 2050

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In this futuristic FPS action MMO that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, players must join forces in cooperative battles to complete the different missions in the main story while collecting new weapons and pieces of equipment. There will be no type of content or advantage that can guarantee that all players will have the same characteristics.

It is a continuation of the game ‘Defiance’ released in 2013 without much repercussion, and which comes as a first-person shooter with a wholly reimagined universe in which as the characters progress, they will have more customization options and new ways to play. The only payment items are cosmetic items and optional gadgets.

5. Fortnite Battle Royale

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Fortnite has what is possibly the most popular Battle Royale you can find, and you can play it for free on all platforms. Also, since you have the possibility of cross-playing with other consoles, you can play without limit with your friends regardless of the game console they have at home.

It must be made clear that the Battle Royale is only one part of Fortnite, although, by far, the most successful one. It is as if it were a game within another game, only you can access it without having to buy the almost 40 euros that the full Fortnite costs on its official website.

6. H1Z1: Battle Royale

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H1Z1 was once one of the best-known Battle Royale, and before the push of Fortnite and PUBG, it ended up free to play and to continue competing on equal terms. And although it was one of the promoters of the genre, in the end, it has not managed to break barriers and become a mass phenomenon as other titles have done in the end.

The game goes beyond conventionalism, and a few years ago, it introduced a modality called Auto Royale. In this mode, 30 teams made up of four players are formed. They use different cars, and your team must try to remain the last.

7. Planetside 2

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It is a veteran game, which, back in 2015, achieved records of simultaneous online players. It is an online, first-person shooter with a massive scale in which the games are on a planetary level, and three factions are facing each other in different types of combat. Everything you do in your games will affect the strength of your squad.

You can play as an infantryman or with air and land vehicles, take control of control points, or take shots to kill your enemies. All so that your faction manages to maintain control of crucial territories and claim critical resources, with hundreds of players facing battles that can last for several days.

8. Quake Champions

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Quake Champions‘ represents the return to action of one of the most iconic sagas that id Software has developed, and in this case, in collaboration with Saber Interactive. Players will engage in frenzied battles in various multiplayer modes in which they will have at their disposal a series of champions with different abilities.

Early access to this game designed for Quake purists was paid, but upon completion, the game was made available to other players free of charge. Over time they incorporated the mechanics of the paid battle pass, with which users will obtain rewards for each level that is raised.

9. Ring of Elysium

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Yes, it is another Battle Royale, and the players have to fight in an area that is completely frozen. Only one of them can be rescued by a rescue helicopter, and that is where the battle for survival will begin.

Although there will be no lack of firearms, what will make their gameplay unique will be the ability to use some elements from the snowy mountains. Those are the following: snowboards – to slide on them, snowmobiles, jeeps, and they can also travel through the air in a hang glider and even climb mountains with the help of ice axes.