Floor Tiles: A Way to Express Your Personality – 2024 Guide

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Choose from a great range of high-quality floor tiles in accordance with your taste and sophistication, and your home or other structure would be a great representation of your style.

Humans have been decorating their homes’ floors and other structures as far back as some forty thousand years. There are mower different arguments for the exact time period when it started, but nobody can deny cave paintings’ relics found on cave dwellers’ floors and walls. So, it is safe to say that decorating our floors to represent our personal taste is not a modern idea. Rather, it’s ingrained into our nature over the course of our evolution.

In modern homes, floors are of immense importance. They are the base, the hub, the playground; based on which the entire structure revolves. Therefore, floors can’t be just treated as a canvas, focusing on representing the owner’s sophistication. It also needs to be strong and rugged enough to withstand the rigor of a multipurpose space. Being such a multi-dimensional space, floors certainly need your special attention to fulfill all your needs. Using high-quality floor tiles can undoubtedly help you to achieve what you want from your floors – whether indoors or outdoors, home, or business spaces.

According to the market intelligence platform IndexBox, more than 14.6 billion square meters of tiles are sold annually in the world.

The Evolution of Flooring Materials

As mentioned before, the floors are the most important part of a home. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the materials used to build and furnish floors have seen some revolutionary changes over the years. The owners, designers, and manufacturers alike have put in a lot of effort and thoughts into finding a better solution to furnish the floors – both in terms of durability and aesthetics.

A journey that began with carving out caves and leaving the surfaces as they were naturally, floors have come a long way in terms of the materials available to furnish them. Today, depending on the area, culture, and social status; people use a plethora of materials to furnish their floors. It includes the use of soils, bricks, stones, tiles, mosaics, woods, concretes, metals, and so on. Different materials offer different use and aesthetic appeals; each largely depends on personal taste, weather conditions, and real-life use. The durability of each material also differs significantly, along with the expenses.

Anyhow, as it the innovative drive of us humans, it doesn’t take long for one particular material to replace the other. This continuous need for evolution often leads us to a better solution for flooring – either in terms of the unique use of traditional materials or to invent a completely new one. So, it’s not a surprise that modern homes don’t even need to rely on the use of mosaic tiles, a trend that was inspired by ancient Rome and remained integral to our home ideas not-so-long ago.

Thankfully, this passion for innovation and discovery has led some manufacturers to invent some beautiful and rugged floor tiles that can satisfy our functional needs and attain the look and feel of any other natural materials traditionally used for flooring.

Stoneware Tiles for Flooring

Stoneware tiles or Porcelain Stoneware tiles are the latest materials in trend to be used in modern homes. It is the result of the natural process of evolution, a process that combined the latest manufacturing technique to bless us with modern tiles that can recapture any of our aesthetic styles – both contemporary and traditional, indoors and outdoors. These tiles are immensely versatile, making them useful in any setting; whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

They are made using non-porous ceramic materials, which makes them immensely rugged and durable. These tiles absorb little to no water, making them highly resistant to water flow and humidity. They are also resistant to heat and temperature, which help them withstand weather conditions – extreme hot to extreme cold. Highly resistant against scratches, wears, tears, and breakage; porcelain stoneware tiles are designed to last for a long time, while also looking anew even after years of use. On the other hand, the slip resistance feature makes them the perfect surface for gardens, patios, or any other playgrounds.

Great Varieties

There is an abundance of choices when it comes to floor tiles. In the collection of porcelain stoneware tiles alone, there are numerous colors, combinations, patterns, and textures that you can choose from. From monochromatic range or vibrant showmanship – ceramic tiles can capture your inner colors and paint it on your floors. These tiles are often given a different finish to offer even more options, including soft, glossy, matt, etc.

Stoneware tiles are also available in any shape you want – from the smallest of slabs to the traditional, larger pieces. You can use them to furnish not only the open surfaces but also a complicated corner or two.

Thanks to the meticulous research and cutting-edge technologies, they can also be made to authentically recreate the look and feel of other traditional flooring materials such as concretes, bricks, woods, and metals, etc. 

How to Choose the right ones?

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While the availability of various options is quite liberating, it can also cause confusion to select one or a few different designs of high-quality floor tiles. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the look you want to attain, the kind of spaces you have, the structure of your home and its light sources, your plan for furnishing and décor, etc.

Doing some additional research on interior décor rules and choices can also be beneficial.

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