Manufactured Home 101: How to Choose the Best Flooring Material

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Flat packs or modern prefab homes are manufactured homes that are easy to customize according to With the help of custom home-builders, houses can be designed or remodeled based on the owner’s lifestyle and needs. But what if your customized flooring are already in bad shape and need replacing?

Setting new floors may be costly, but it is a likable idea. Especially if cleaning your soiled carpet won’t do the trick anymore, or your eyes are tired seeing the ripped and stained linoleum, for more details check: PopularMechanics.

Then re-flooring may be a breath of fresh air.

Keep on reading this article, for this might help you think and pick the best flooring for your house.

The “best” flooring is a subjective notion

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What is the best flooring material for your home? This, my friend, is a tricky question indeed. It is difficult to give a simple answer to the term best, for this is deemed subjective.

For instance, you may contemplate a flooring that can be easily cleaned as the best floor. Whereas to some, the answer could be a floor that does not freeze one’s feet on cold mornings. Hence, it will be based on identifying your likes and dislikes, which will give you an inkling on what you think the best kind of floor for your home is.

  • Try to create a checklist on what you are searching for

Below are some examples that could be included on your list.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Not very cold to the skin when the temperature is low.
  • Excellent for children to play on
  • Not dangerous to pets
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And the list can go on. Pausing for a moment and listing out your ideal flooring qualities would be great. In that way, you can visualize and identify what you are looking for. Besides, you can use this as the beginning point for your flooring priorities.

  • Note your flooring inspiration

Have you encounter visiting a house and got awed by the flooring design? Rethink and put that memory to use. Reminisce the type and color of the floor and question yourself what made it so attractive? Was it the color texture, or the way it complimented the wall color? You can use these recollections to serve as a potential example for your floor look.

  • Surf the web for the stylish appearance you like.

Search the internet and take a quick spin for styles that you might like. Check out the flooring images within houses and mark what had an impact on you.

Adhere to your budget only

You should know your budget by being clear on how to manage your expenditures in re-flooring the house. Maybe it will be useful to provide a range from the lowest to highest cost you are willing to spend.

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  • Analyze things first as you go

It is okay if you cannot go over your budget. Step away from planning and be analytical by measuring things up first. Do not rush and buy a bulk purchase, then regret in the end for not leaving enough funds for other expenses. It only means you have to think also for possible additional fees other than cost materials and installations. Thus, keep tabs on yourself and your expenditures.

Collect and collect and then select

The great thing about floor types is that you can have many choices to choose form. Yet, this can also be a downside since it will give you a hard time in the decision-making process.

  • Research further

Once you have known your particular likes and dislikes, you might still be left with options. It may be best to take a little time to learn more about the remaining floor types that are written on your list. Researching the perks and downsides of the floor types will be helpful enough for you to conclude. Don’t be afraid to reach out to professional floor installers, like the crew at Footprints Floors, for more insight on your options and what works best for your situation. Although you can find endless amounts of information on the internet, it can sometimes be conflicting or misleading.

Some flooring material types are the following:

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  • Timber
  • Vinyl
  • Tile (natural stone, porcelain, ceramic)
  • Linoleum
  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Carpet
  • Laminate

Do a survey

Asking others, say your friends and peers, about how they like their floorings won’t hurt you. For instance, you have a friend who has a hardwood flooring – ask if they like it, or if they need to refloor, would they still choose hardwood? For more details check The answers that you will receive can be a significant help for you to choose because you will receive honest answers from homeowners like yourself.


Everyone is unique and has a particular style, likes, and dislikes. So it would be tough to answer the question regarding which is the best flooring material that you can have in your house. Generally, the answer will entirely rely on the homeowner’s preferences. Nonetheless, in choosing flooring materials, one must remember to be analytical and take note of the budget constraints.