6 Ways To Save Money When Planning A Funeral On A Budget

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Your loved one deserves an amazing celebration of life that satisfies their final wishes. However, your loved one doesn’t want you to go into debt to provide the funeral accommodations. According to an article by BankRate, the average expense to put someone to rest in the United States is $7,640. If that doesn’t fit into your financial plan, you need to find ways to cut expenses. Here are 6 ways you can save money when arranging a funeral on a budget.

Start A Crowdfunding Campaign

You may be surprised by the generosity of others in your time of need. People want to help, but they won’t know how if you don’t make it clear to them. If finances are in the way of providing an adequate service, start a crowdsourcing fundraiser.

Explain the situation and ask for a modest amount from friends and family in lieu of flowers. Share your campaign on social media and see what happens. If people exceed expectations, plan to donate extra funds to a charity near to the deceased’s heart. Of course, you should also have a plan in case you don’t get any funds.

Unfortunately, many people don’t want to ask for financial help in a time of need. Put your pride away and do it for the departed. Also, this is what crowdfunding is all about- the community coming together for a common cause. People may want to help and use a donation to express their condolences. Allow it.

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The most popular crowdfunding sites are:

  • KickStarter
  • GoFundMe
  • FuneralFund

Hold The Ceremony At Home

Funeral homes cost a lot of money. The funeral home covers the handling of the body and provides a space for the service. They even include pamphlets, staff, and coffins/urns. It takes a lot of pressure off of you so that you can grieve. However, you pay dearly for the services.

On average, it costs $2100 for the funeral home service fee, $500 to rent the funeral home for the service, and $500 for the staff. You can save those costs by hosting the funeral at home.

Hosting a funeral requires a lot of effort, but you can do it. Ask help from friends and family to decorate with pictures and provide food. You can find beautiful services online that you can read yourself, or you can ask a pastor to perform the ceremony. Having also a funeral director can provide peace of mind during a difficult time, as they are experienced professionals who can handle all the necessary arrangements and paperwork. They can provide guidance and support to the grieving family, ensuring that the funeral proceedings are conducted according to their wishes and cultural or religious customs. Additionally, funeral directors can offer a range of services and options, allowing families to personalize the funeral and honor their loved one in a meaningful way.

Naturally, this requires a home with the appropriate space. If you do not have a space to hold the ceremony, ask friends and family who may be willing to host.

Choose Direct Burial

A direct burial means the body does not get embalmed, and there is no visitation. For a direct burial, you get the option to buy a casket or not. A casket is not required by law, and the funeral director will provide a basic container if you opt not to use a casket.

Some people think a direct burial doesn’t provide the respect a person deserves, but other people think it makes more sense logically. Every person has their own opinion. Consider the departed’s wishes above your own, especially if they explicitly stated their wishes before death. If they did not, use your best judgment.

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Consider Cremation

Cremation refers to the process of burning the body and placing the ashes in an urn. Cremation costs significantly less than a traditional burial. In fact, the process only costs an average of $350.00. Naturally, there will be additional charges for the cost of the service. Creation is becoming much more popular in the United States, with cremations projected to reach 63% by 2025 while burials are projected to be at 31%.

Some people say cremation goes against their culture/religion. Almost all civilized cultures have practiced cremation throughout the years, starting in ancient Greece. Most major religions accepted cremation throughout history as well.

Keep The Monument Minimal

A monument stands on top of a person’s resting place as a way to personalize a person’s resting place and provide something beautiful in their place that will help people remember them. A monument company such as Maggard Memorials makes the monument to order, especially for your loved one.

There are many different types of monuments. You can get a monument for oe person, a couple, or a family. Monuments also come in different sizes, includes:

  • lawn-level
  • bevel
  • slant
  • bronze
  • upright monument
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Prices range greatly based on size and decoration/inscription. Talk to a monument company to determine what options will fit into your budget.

Provide Your Own Casket/Urn

The truth of the matter is that caskets and urns offered by funeral homes tend to come with a significant upcharge. They justify the cost because of the convenience of helping you pick one. However, it can feel manipulative at times. Many funeral homes won’t offer budget options. If they do, the funeral director may discourage the choice.

Save money by shopping around for your own casket and urn. By law, the funeral home must use the vessel you provide. Search online for wholesalers in your area or someone who can deliver quickly.

Eliminate Unnecessary Luxuries

Some people spring for extras during the funeral service since they are blinded by the emotion of the event and don’t care about the finances. However, the bills will arrive. It’s best to stay focused on sticking to the budget instead of getting caught up in charming yet excessive luxury add-nos.

Some unnecessary luxuries you can probably cut out include:

  • limo transportation
  • dove release
  • bagpipes
  • expensive flowers
  • dinner for guests
  • new clothes

Planning a funeral puts a lot of stress on you. Avoid adding financial burdens to the list of your stressors and use these tips to reduce funeral service expenses.