What is the Cost of Visiting Sal Cape Verde?

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The Cape Verde Republic is one of Africa’s most stable democracies, although it is still impoverished. The cost of visiting the country is far lower than in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Western Europe. But What is the cost of visiting Sal Cape Verde? Assume you’re traveling to Cape Verde on a tight budget. Can you still go to Cape Verde? This article will give you a detailed cost idea of visiting Cape Verde.

How much does it cost to travel to Cape Verde?

For your holiday in Cape Verde, you should budget around CVE14,393 (€143) per day, the average daily cost based on what other tourists spend there. In the past, tourists have typically spent CVE3,042 (€30) on a single day’s worth of meals and CVE3,072 (€31) on local transportation. Additionally, a hotel room in Cape Verde costs a couple of CVE13,572 (€135) on average. Thus, the average cost of a one-week trip for two people to Cape Verde is CVE201,502 (€2,004). These average travel costs were compiled from feedback from previous travelers to assist you in creating your travel budget.

Typically, one person’s weekly trip to Cape Verdecosts is about CVE100,751. Therefore, a weeklong trip to Cape Verde for two people will set you back about CVE201,502. In Cape Verde, a two-week trip for two individuals costs CVE403,003. When a family of three or four takes a trip, the cost can often be reduced because tickets for kids  are less expensive and hotel rooms can be shared. Your daily budget will decrease if you drive more slowly over a longer distance. A month’s worth of shared travel in Cape Verde by two individuals can frequently result in lower daily budgets per person than a week’s worth of solo travel.

Accommodation Budget in Cape Verde

Are you looking for best Santa Maria Hotels?  In Cape Verde, a single individual will typically pay CVE6,786 for lodging. The typical cost of a hotel night in Cape Verde is CVE13,572 for two people sharing a standard double occupancy room. This price is based on actual passengers’ reported expenses.

In search of lodging in Cape Verde? Location, time, season, and level of luxury all affect the price. See the choices below.

Food, Groceries, and Restaurants

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The Santa Maria Cape Verde restaurants offer much more than you might expect. Food, groceries, and eating out are the best expenses you can save on a budget. Living in Cape Verde is affordable. Therefore, you can save money by eating at home instead of a restaurant every night and shopping at your neighborhood supermarket. We also discovered that most of the meat consumed in Cape Verde is imported and deep-frozen, resulting in inconsistent quality and high prices.  On the fish market, recently caught fish can be inexpensive.

Purchasing your food in the local markets is also a wonderful way to get to know the area’s cultureThe average cost of food in Cape Verde is CVE3,042 per day, although meal costs might vary. Typical lunch in Cape Verde should cost about CVE1,217 per person when dining out, according to the spending patterns of past visitors. Prices for breakfast are often a little lower than those for lunch or dinner. In Cape Verde, sit-down restaurants frequently charge a higher price for food than fast food restaurants or vendors on the street.

Food costs 0.60 times less in Sal than average in the United States. The most prevalent food items are priced as follows:

  • One kilogram of apples costs €2.30 (237 CVE).
  • 1,80 Euro (180 CVE) for 0.5 kilos of bread
  • 4.90 Euro (500 CVE) for 1 kilogram of cheese
  • Ten eggs cost €2.40 (248 CVE).
  • One liter of milk costs €1.10 (113 CVE).
  • One kilogram of sausage costs €21 (2,100 CVE).
  • A 0.55-liter bottle of local beer costs Euro 3 3.00300 CVE).


We’re not talking about plane tickets or ferries here. But how do you travel from one end of the island to the other? Every island has its unique mode of transportation. Most islands need a comprehensive public transit system because they are too tiny, and inhabitants rely on mobility. This will help you to visit Cabo Verde in a budget.

Always allow adequate time when going with an Aluguer (the vans only leave when all the seats are filled). And, before the Aluguer departs, settle on a price with the driver. A cab ride in Cape Verde is much more expensive than public transit.

On average, the cost of local transportation in Cape Verde is CVE3,072 per person per day. According to traveler expenditures, the average cost of transportation between cities and towns in Cape Verde is CVE25,001. Naturally, costs differ depending on the distance traveled, the mode of transportation, and the day.

Entertainment and Alcohol Budget in Cape Verde

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Based on the spending of past visitors, entertainment and activities in Cape Verde normally cost CVE1,679 per person per day. This includes money spent on day trips and other forms of sightseeing, including admission fees to museums and other sites. In Cape Verde, the daily average expenditure on alcoholic beverages is CVE845 per person. Even though your budget is bigger, you might have more fun if you spend more on booze.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need per day to stay in Sal?

If you’re traveling alone to Sal, 52 Euro per day should suffice. If you want to stay in a hotel in Sal, the cost will jump to 67 Euro. For one day in Sal, a couple must pay roughly 120 Euro. A family of two should budget Euro 200 for a one-day stay in Sal.

How to visit Sal on a low budget? How to travel Sal cheaply?

You must adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that your trip to Sal will be within fair expenses, which we calculate to be 67 Euro (6,700 CVE) for a single day.

  1. Choose a hostel (22 Euro; 2,200 CVE) and a budget hotel (28 Euro; 2,800 CVE) for your accommodation.
  2. Take the bus or train. One-way tickets cost Euro 0.99 (100 CVE), and monthly passes cost Euro 21 (2,100 CVE).
  3. Make your dinner and breakfast. The average daily cost of shopping in the store is 8.20 Euro (828 CVE) in Sal.
  4. Select restaurants that are near tourist attractions and away from the city center. In Sal, a meal at a budget restaurant costs about 3.50 Euro (350 CVE). A McMeal at McDonald’s costs about Euro 3.00 (or the equivalent in another fast food establishment).
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The simplest method to experience local dishes when visiting Sal is to place an order at a nearby restaurant. A two-person supper at a middle-class restaurant typically costs 44 Euro (4,400 CVE). In Sal, there are numerous hotels and hostels. Accommodations are just as vital as food. Sal hotel rates vary depending on the quality. Sal’s hotel rates are 0.62 times less expensive than US hotels on average. Sal has an average hostel price of 22 Euro (2,200 CVE). The cost of a 3-star hotel is 65 Euro (6,600 CVE).