Top 6 Best Gaming Mouse Under $40 or $50 2024

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When it comes to gaming, many think that the only factor contributing to the overall experience is the FPS. While playing on a high refresh rate monitor can be joyful, having proper gaming equipment can come in handy. If you’re playing a lot of shooter games, you know how important the mouse is because you aim with it.

In that case, you want a lightweight mouse that moves smoothly across the surface of your table, and you want it to be ergonomic, to make the gaming experience exceptional.

Many gaming mice will cost you like a mid-range GPU but if you know a thing or two about gaming equipment, you know that you don’t need to give away the fortune for a mouse. In this article, we’re going to talk about best gaming mice under $50, which represents a sweet spot for budget gamers.

  1. Razer Deathadder Elite

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Razer is the king of the gaming industry if you ask us. Their gaming peripherals range from high-quality headphones to sturdy keyboards, and ergonomic mice. This time, we have the legendary Deathadder Elite, which every gamer knows about and those who don’t they’ve missed a lot! Although not the newest mouse on the market, Deathadder Elite is well known for its ergonomics and sleek design, which made Razer skyrocket on the marketplace, having sold more than 10 million iterations.

Since we mentioned the design, we need to say that it’s perfect for minimalists and those who don’t want a Transformer-like mouse. The subtle black color, the glowing Razer logo, and a high-quality scrolling wheel are the highlights of this mouse’s design.

We have 7 buttons on the mouse and thanks to Razer’s Synapse 2.0, these buttons are programmable, making it easy to adjust for your favorite game. Under the hood, Deathadder Elite comes with an improved sensor over the past generations, a renewed PWM 3389 optical sensor, instead of older laser sensors.

The sensor’s variant is 3360 and during the decade of its existence, it has proven to be a reliable, accurate, and consistent sensor in gaming mice. Underneath the primary buttons, there are Omron switches capable of 50 million clicks, providing enough responsibility and clickiness. The mouse is 96 grams heavy, making it light as a feather.

After all these awesome specs, we still ask ourselves how is it possible that Razer Deathadder Elite costs under $50. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? This is one of Razer’s finest works to this day.

  1. SteelSeries Sensei 310

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SteelSeries 310 comes in a non-flashy design akin to many gaming mice on the market. This mouse, on the other hand, embraces a bit more minimalistic look, with the matte black color on the upper side, grey color on the sides. It’s sort of a robotic design with no flashy stuff aside from the RGB logo on the bottom of the upper side.

The great thing about Sensei 310 is that it’s ambidextrous, so both right-handed and left-handed people can use it. It’s nice to see companies giving attention to left-handed gamers. On the DPI side of things, the mouse comes with 12000 DPI, giving you a possibility for accurate aiming in the FPS games. The sensor in SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a well-known TrueMove3 optical sensor, which is very similar to PWM 3366. Some say that it’s just an adapted version of 3366, slightly tweaked for SteelSeries needs.

Nevertheless, TrueMove 3 is an optical sensor capable of delivering esports-like performance, thanks to its one-to-one tracking feature. Since having this mouse is excellent for playing FPS games, we tested it, and experienced some of the finest gaming moments with it. Thanks to its IPS of 350 flick, tracking and hitting the enemies was a breeze, making it one of the best mice for FPS games.

If you don’t want to empty your wallet for a proper gaming mouse, this one will cost you a few dimes and will impress you, given its low price. The build quality is sublime, the shape is ergonomic, and the buttons are clicky. If you don’t mind side grips that look kinda bland, you’ll love this mouse.

Not to forget to mention that it has 8 buttons that will let you do the most important actions in-game with a touch of your finger. Check the link above to buy the mouse.

  1. Corsair M65 Elite RGB

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Much like Razer, Corsair is a company that can brag about their gaming achievements. Unlike some companies that focus only on gaming peripherals, Corsair also produces computer components, such as RAM and computer cases. If you’re a DPI addict, Corsair M65 Elite RGB comes with 18000 DPI, for insane accuracy and responsiveness.

Furthermore, this mouse is built like a tank, thanks to its durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Regarding its excellent build quality, we need to mention its 95g weight. Yes, it’s under 100 grams and still sturdy and durable – that’s how Corsair does it. For a price this low, Corsair also didn’t cut too many corners, introducing their popular sniper button. The sniper button is located on the thumb area of the mouse and is here to change the mouse sensitivity on the fly, to accommodate the game’s controls, if needed.

Inside the mouse chassis, we have a PWM 3391 optical sensor that’s perhaps one of the best at this price range. The sensor is great for FPS games and allows you to perform sharp turns and fast-moving actions with ease, remaining stable and accurate at all times. The initial look at this mouse will probably make you think it’s a gaming mouse, mainly because of its design.

The design isn’t the most subtle. In fact, it’s more on the futuristic side, looking a bit sophisticated and more expensive than it is. From the front and the sides, this mouse looks like a very expensive mouse but on the back, it isn’t that impressive, offering only backlit Corsair logo. Speaking of the backlight, RGB is the gamer’s best friend and with that in mind, Corsair designed its iCUE software for manipulating LEDs.

You can now apply a color scheme of lights across the whole line of products. Overall, this is one of the best mice under $50 that you can get. If you like a more sophisticated design and know what to do with 8 buttons, this mouse is all you need.

  1. Logitech G Pro Wired

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Those who want a quality all-around PC peripherals almost always go for Logitech products. This company is well-known outside the gaming community but this time, they decided to contribute to this ever-expanding community with G Pro Wired mouse. The G Pro Wired mouse is a Logitech’s attempt at producing a competitive, durable, and ergonomic mouse under the $50 price range.

For the start, we need to talk about its design because that’s the first thing you’re going to see. To be completely honest, the design isn’t memorable visually, although it’s stunningly ergonomic. The mouse is almost completely black, with the Logitech logo on the upper side and an LED line that splits the mouse housing and buttons. This LED line emits blue light, which complements the matte black color of the mouse perfectly.

When it comes to buttons, Logitech offers you 6 of them, so it’s a tad lower than the competition. For FPS gamers, this is more than enough and if you want to play some RPGs with lots of hotkeys, we suggest avoiding this mouse. Sensor-wise, we have the HERO sensor, which represents an iteration of the PWM 3360 sensor – arguably, one of the best at this price range.

Although it’s an older sensor, it aged like a fine wine, being able to satisfy all the needs of a picky gamer, thanks to its incredible accuracy and stability. Speaking of accuracy, we have 16000 DPI, which is more than enough for a budget gamer that wants to slaughter his competition. The shape is ambidextrous, allowing every gamer to use the mouse and it’s only 86 grams light.

Logitech fanboys will have something to brag about this time, as G Pro Wired is one of the best budget gaming mice.

  1. Pictek Gaming Mouse

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If you don’t mind going with a strong budget-friendly option like Pictek Gaming Mouse, you’re in for a treat. This mouse costs way below $50 and represents one of the best budget options, going even under $20. Yes, it’s that cheap! Now, before you discard this mouse and say it’s trash, just devote two minutes for reading this.

First of all, the design of this mouse is really good. There are 7 buttons, of which all buttons are programmable using Pictek’s software – that’s the first plus. The second plus is that the build quality is really good… like, really, really good for the price.

Although it’s sturdy and durable, the mouse is also ergonomic, coming with the claw-grip design that allows you to use it for extended periods without fatigue. The mouse offers several DPI options of which every option has its color.

For example, the maximum is 7200 DPI and it has a yellow color, then we have 5500 DPI with the purple color, and the minimum DPI value is 1200 with the red color. Of course, the LED lights are customizable, so you can set your preferred color and even disable them altogether if you don’t need them.

The main thing about its design is the weight of 150 grams, which is way above other mice on this list. We don’t know what makes this mouse so heavy, given its design and features. For the price, the mouse has a lifespan of 30 million clicks, which is more than enough for casual gamers. Overall, Pictek Gaming Mouse is an excellent choice for gamers not willing to spend much money. It’s going to enhance your gaming experience in every possible genre, ranging from FPS, RTS, and MOBA games.

  1. Cooler Master MM710 53G

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Cooler Master is a well-known company that expanded its area of work to PC peripherals. This time, the company brings us MM710 53G, a simplified gaming mouse that will suit the old-school gamers best.

The reason we say this is that it doesn’t have LED lights, which is almost always a big deal for young gamers. The mouse is also really light, thanks to its innovative honeycomb-cut design, allowing you to track targets and enjoy the deadly precision. To be precise, you’re looking at a 53g mouse! The PixArt PMW3389 sensor is adjustable to 16000 DPI, which is up to par with its price.

Once again, we have the ambidextrous shape and 6 buttons, of which two are for changing DPI, and the other two are programmable. The mouse comes with Omron switches for left and right click, and are rated at 20 million presses.

What to Look For?

  • Sensor

Buying a mouse with a brilliant sensor should be your top priority. Luckily, in this price range, there are mice with awesome sensors that offer anywhere from 12000 to 18000 DPI. The examples of great sensors in mice under $50 are above, so we guess you already know what sensors we’re talking about.

  • Ergonomics

This doesn’t need special information. If a mouse is ergonomic in your hand, feels comfortable, and sturdy, it’s the right one for you. The general tip is to look for an ambidextrous shape. See this page for more details on what to look for in an ergonomic mouse.

  • Buttons

If buttons are clicky and feel good to press, they are considered satisfying. Aside from the button quality, you need to look for a particular button number, usually from 6 to 8. Regarding button quality, anything between 30 and 50 million presses is good.

  • Design

Design-wise, you need to look at the build quality and aesthetics. These two are almost always subjective, so we leave the choice to you.


There you go, our list of 5 best gaming mice under $50. These are all premium-grade mice for this price range, meaning that every choice should be good for you, more or less. Who said you can’t have a premium gaming experience for a price this low? Now you can breathe new life into your gaming system and enjoy gaming to the fullest.