How to Get Relief from Muscle Stiffness from a Massage Gun – 2024 Guide

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Massage is a well-known therapy for both your muscles and mind. With the advancement in technology now, it is not even necessary to consult a physiotherapist to get yourself a comfortable massage. You can get your hands on a massage chair, and yes, a massage therapy gun is not even less when it comes to giving you comfort and ease.

This gun is not new yet is becoming popular with each passing day recently among athletes and fitness trainers. It relieves muscle stiffness and pain, giving you a therapeutic experience. You can quickly recover from a workout or after a game. This article will shed light on all the benefits of the massage gun and also how it works and how you can get the most of it like a pro. Click here to find more information.

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How does the massage gun work?

The handy drilled machine shaped guns are perfect for treating yourself to massage in less time and more flexibly as you don’t need any other person to stretch or pull your body. It works like a power drill moving slowly and firmly on your body. You have seen the videos of athletes rolling it on their hands to reduce the soreness and stiffness in a go. If not, then you should have watched one and get to know about the benefits of a massage gun.

Massage guns use percussive therapy to help you in alleviating the pain

Massage guns use percussive therapy that is a deep vibration treatment. When you move the gun on your hands, you can feel a rippling sensation of that massaged area under the gun. It is due to the deep push that the gun offers to alleviate the pain instantly without causing any extra pain while doing it. This treatment has proven itself the best instant solution to remove any body pain, even the soreness after a workout or a game or even a minor injury.

This therapy calls for a manipulating effect on the body tissues to regulate the blood circulation and ease the tension. The vibrations get deeper into your muscles to reduce the stiffness, making you recover almost instantly as compared to hands-on massage. If you have ever visited an expert for a massage after visiting a gym, either a doctor has consulted you, or for any other reason, you should have seen how they work on your body.

The professionals also proffer you with the same vibrating sensation, thumping, or kneading to ease you. Yet, it can be a little painful with human hands and can even take time to get eliminated permanently as the machine works 100x greater than humans. The massage guns using percussion therapy can reduce the inflammation of your body, reduces the stress that is pulling your muscles, and increases the blood flow to eliminate the pain.  It relieves you from the ache that is making you uncomfortable for a time, allowing you to recontinue the work without wasting any time.

Why is a Massage gun better than a massage therapist?

The massage session by the therapist is undoubtedly a treat for your soul whenever you visit it. However, an expert therapist is not easy to find and is also not convenient enough to stop by them daily. Here come the massage guns for your help. They work similarly as the therapist does your massage but more quickly, in less time, more deeply, and the plus point is you can do it by yourself.

The massage guns are comparatively less time consuming and are also not that pricey in contrast to the daily sessions of a therapist. Besides this, massage also helps in getting you a peaceful sleep by reducing the stress, anxiety, or depression you are struggling through for some reason. So, if you do this therapy to yourself regularly, you will see the difference in yourself. Once you use it, you will turn to it again by yourself for sure.

How to use a Massage gun to get the most out of it?

Massage guns are usable for the athletes and trainers who undergo heavy workout or sturdy muscle movements that can result in muscle stiffness or pain. These are, therefore, easy to employ on yourself without needing any second person, and you can use it anytime you need a recovery. To begin the gun therapy, start from the lowest pressure and increase the speed slowly as these are powerful.

It is better to start pushing from your calves, quads, or glutes and then moving to the higher muscles after you have set your hands on the gun to lock the comfort. Be careful while using it, and not work with it on your bony areas as it can make you uncomfortable.  Not even you have to use the massage gun for straight 60 minutes as you go for the hand massage. You only have to move it back and forth on your body parts for a few minutes, and it is enough to get yourself a proper treatment.

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Be careful and lead the world with comfort

It is important to note here that massage is not an ultimate solution for your ailment. It is just a kind of treatment that can comfort you, ease your pain, reduce the inflammation but can not treat your injury or chronic illness permanently.  So, if you are not feeling better or your body is not responding well to this massage treatment, do consult a doctor to understand your health condition and follow what the doctor prescribes.  Such treatments only mean to relieve your pain, release the stress and inflammation of your body.

Massage guns can be your perfect partner if you are willing to carry a therapist with you to use it flexibly and anytime. It proffers you with the personal massage therapist and which you can handle by yourself and according to your likings. Massage guns are powerful, faster, and easy to use. It offers you a massage in the comfort of your homes without making you worried about visiting the therapist daily. Yet, you have to be a little careful while using it to avoid any inconveniences while giving yourself a treat.