Glamping vs Camping – Which One Suits you the Best? – 2024 Guide

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The love affair with camping all started around 1900. Everyone loved it because it was seen as a great form of recreation and escape from the real world. It makes a lot of people feel secluded and adventurous. But since camping requires quite a lot of effort, campers started to come up with new ideas. People still wanted the benefits of going camping, but they didn’t want the efforts that came with it. That’s where the invention of Glamping came to light. But what is the difference between glamping and camping? And which one suits you best? Let’s find out!

Camping in a Tent

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Camping with a tent is the purest form of camping. You leave the luxury for what it is and that is what makes it so relaxing. Most children think it is fantastic to sleep under a tent cloth as if you were sleeping outside. Anyone can do it and you don’t need much. A tent with some camping furniture, a few sleeping pads and bags and some cooking and kitchen utensils. Don’t like the place? Well, then you can move to another campsite in no time. What should you pay attention to when buying or renting a tent?

Glamping with a dog

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Dogs are allowed on the plane, but the question is whether you are doing your dog a great favor with this. Flying with your four-legged friend requires quite a bit of preparation and it causes your pet quite a bit of stress, which probably does not outweigh the relatively short holiday fun. If you go on holiday by car, you also have to take a number of things into account. For example, it is never safe to transport your dog loose in the car. In some countries, for example in Germany, you can even get a fine for this.

Therefore, make sure you have a bench, a special belt or a rack in the trunk. If your four-legged friend is not yet used to long journeys in the car or is very nervous while driving, it is important to practice. If necessary, hire a professional dog trainer. And check with your vet if you need to give your dog a sedative or something for motion sickness.

1. Accommodation

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If you’re planning on going camping, be sure to bring your own accommodation. In most cases, this is a tent,which you have to put up all by yourself. If you arrive while it’s raining, you’re going to be in a messy situation because you don’t want your tent to be drained the first day. Because if your tent is wet, even though it’s dry outside, it will take days to dry. And that’s just not convenient. But perhaps an attentive neighbor will come and help you out. Because that’s what camping is all about, right? As well as the rest of your equipment (think of chairs, a table or sleeping bag) you can make it as expensive or cheap as you’d like.

As for glamping, everything is set and done. You arrive at the glamping and you don’t have to do anything, except unload your suitcase of course. There are also many different kinds of accommodations when it comes to glamping. For example, lodges, safari tents, tipi’s pods, luxury caravans, beach huts and tree huts. You can choose your accommodation depending on how much luxury you wish to have. In the most luxurious case, you can even decide to have a lodge with a jacuzzi for four people. Jump into the jacuzzi of FonteynSpas at night and listen to the wildlife. Exciting! And after that great experience, you’ll probably want to buy a jacuzzi for your back garden as well.

2. Sanitation conditions

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The picture most people have of camping and sanitation is walking to the sanitation houses with a toilet paper roll underneath your arm. Well, this picture is partly true. Yes, you don’t have a toilet or shower in your tent so you have to go to a sanitation house to go to the toilet or take a shower. Because you share it with loads of other people who are also camping. There is probably a significant chance that you have to wait in the queue for the shower. And that shower is probably going to be cold. But that’s part of the camping experience. But on the other hand, sanitation has improved over the years. Most restrooms are cleaned on daily and there will be toilet paper available.

However, with glamping, sanitation conditions are included within your accommodation. There will probably be warm water at all times and you’ll even have privacy.

3. Sleeping arrangements

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When going camping, it is necessary to bring all your own gear. This also includes your own bed, which can be an air mattress or a sleeping mat. It’s all up to you. You also need to bring your own pillow, sleeping bag and mattress cover. There is a benefit for bringing your own sleeping equipment. If you’re feeling a little bit homesick, at least you have your own comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Going glamping? Great, the only thing you need to bring is your clothes. Everything else you need is already there. There probably is a comfortably made bed waiting for you inside. No need to hustle, just take a powernap and be ready.

4. Temperature difference

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Another big difference between camping and glamping is the temperature. Because it’s not likely you are going to bring an air conditioning or heating installation with you to the camp side. During the night you’ll experience different temperatures. In the middle of the night, you’ll probably feel really cold and you’d have wished you brought more sweaters to keep you warm. But in the morning you’d wake up during a full sauna experience, which would be followed by a quick cold shower (which you first had to wait in a queue for).

Within a glamping facility, you probably won’t experience anything like that. In these accommodations, you’ll probably have heaters and air conditioning. So you can wake up, fresh as a daisy.

To conclude, if you’re a person who loves nature but doesn’t want all the fuzz of putting up a tent. And you wish to have a little bit of luxury, glamping is the one for you. But if you are more of an adventurer who loves the outdoors and prefers the minimalistic way of living, then camping just suits you best.