How Long Is the Global Business Mobility Visa Valid in the UK?


Every overseas business owner prefers to open branch offices in big countries like the UK. One can build a strong network and get many opportunities to expand the organization. But one can visit any state of the UK for business work for several years only with a permit.

You must have heard of the expansion permit to support your company and help you open the new office branch in the UK. The Department of UK Immigration started providing this permit. The application process is simple once you review all the details regarding a global business mobility visa.

Knowing the permit’s validity is crucial so you can plan your work and set up the branch with all the preparations. One must do all the things before the visa gets expires. You can even expand the visa for many years. Here, you will get all the details about this visa, including its validity.

About the Expansion Visa

This permit is perfect for workers who belong to overseas businesses. They can visit any state of the UK and begin a new branch till it is valid. It can replace the sole representative permit, but it is necessary to own a sponsor license if you desire to participate in different business processes.

But you do not need a sponsor license if you already have the permission of a sole representative. The British government has introduced several routes for business immigration. But before applying for the same, one must know more about it. You must consider the permit validity and prepare business plans accordingly.

Visa Eligibility


Any worker working in senior management can get this permit. The candidate must have sufficient knowledge and skills to set up the new UK branch. The worldwide business employer must hire the individual and let him work for the organization for a few years. An exception is always there when it comes to the permit application. If the candidate works for a Japanese organization and is paid 73,000 pounds or more.

Things Required to Acquire the Visa

According to your eligibility criteria, an individual must score at least 60 points. It is easy to obtain 20 points by owning a sponsorship-based certificate through a global employer. Another 20 points will apply when you get a job offer letter in the occupation list.

Earning a good salary of over 45,000 pounds or more is higher than other occupations. If you are paid enough, you will get another 20 points. When you add them, it will become 60; hence, you will become eligible for the permit.

Before proceeding further, you must add enough bank balance 28 days before the application date. Proving that an individual is not currently trading in the UK is also mandatory. You must show your business plans on which you will work better in the future years.

You must submit the footprint of your plans and office branch and arrange a property on lease. You must show that you have been trading for years outside the UK and have real business plans for the UK branch. One must share all the data to clear the eligibility round for this permit.

Permit Validity


You can acquire a one-year expansion visa, which can be expanded further according to your needs and business position. One can easily apply for an extended visa once you reach the UK. Different visa routes are there to opt for extending your permit accordingly. One can extend the stay to 9 years as a specialist worker.

But if one has this permit as a supplier, graduated trainee, or expansion worker, one can comfortably stay for at least five years. Your validity period depends on various factors like the category of immigration, your salary, and work type with its duration.

Any foreign individual will never be allowed to live in the branch after completing the job. Therefore, the shortest validity period will be considered. It can either be two or three years. Once you complete your job, you will get only 14 days to go back to your source location. The extended stay is allowed only when your work is pending.

Involvement of Family

You can also take your family, i.e., your wife and kids, to the UK with your expansion permit. Showing marriage proof to the authorities is necessary for partner approval. Your children should be under 18 and must be dependent on you. After submitting their identity documents, they can go to the UK with their dependent family.

Your family will stay with you until your job is done. Once you complete your work, you must return to your source location with your family. The British government will not allow your family to live longer and let your children build careers in this country. Therefore, prepare your mind and take this step carefully.

Scope of Permanent Residence


You cannot expect to get a permit for PR in the United Kingdom. If you desire to live permanently, you must switch the permit and hold another one. Generally, the staying period applicable to any visa is five years. Once you switch to another option, your existing stay will never be counted. It will never be included or counted in the continuous residence period.

Final Thoughts

As a senior management employee, you can support a global business to grow by opening a new UK branch office. When you apply for the expansion permit, you can relocate for a few years and begin your work. Initially, one can stay there for one year and extend the stay per your pending work.

Before applying, one must review all the relevant details and plan the business venture accordingly. You can ask your family to come along by submitting the necessary documents. You can live comfortably as long you finish your office work. The British government will also support your company to grow and trade globally if required.