Hat Etiquette to Follow While Attending a Funeral

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Dressing for somebody’s funeral takes careful consideration and thought. You are often left wondering how to dress properly for a memorial service or funeral. It is best to stick to simple dressing. That way, you will never go wrong. You may dress to demonstrate your respect for the deceased. It is best to wear conservative outfits, not brightly colored or flashy ones. Darker dresses, sweaters, jackets, pants, and suits are appropriate for wearing to a memorial service.

It is best to avoid flip-flops, sundresses, shorts, casual tennis shoes, cleavage, and tank tops. Looking hot and stunning or exposing is strictly not appropriate. The memorial service may be a perfect celebration of life, but many people will be mourning. Remember that you intend to effortlessly blend in with the overall ambiance and not stand out from the rest. Even though there are no strict rules for women to follow while choosing a hat for a funeral service, you may come across a few specific guidelines that may prove to be helpful while deciding the right style to opt for and choosing something appropriate for the memorial service or funeral.

If you are preparing to attend the memorial service or funeral, it is best to follow proper etiquette while saying something, sending flowers, and even dressing up for the occasion. According to Spruce, it is crucial to keep in mind to wear clothes to show your regard and respect for the departed soul and the solemn occasion. The most critical thing to keep in mind is not to try calling attention to yourself with the kind of clothes you wear. The entire focus should be undoubtedly on the reason you are there for.

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Hat Styles to Wear

There are no specified rules that dictate what type of hat is appropriate for a memorial service or funeral. However, let common sense prevail. You may opt for a modest option. Avoid outfits with outlandish embellishments like striking feathers, flowers, or jewelry. Stick to a subtle veil. Avoid wearing a hat that is exceptionally big as that may come in the way of individuals sitting behind you while seeing the service. It is best to wear a hat that is not too dressy or eye-catching to attract attention or distract guests present at the memorial service.

Avoid fedoras and baseball hats as they are not appropriate for the occasion.

Hat Colors to Consider

You may choose a hat in navy blue, black, and neutral shades like beige or brown as they are the perfect funeral colors, keeping in mind the gravity of the situation. Mourning etiquette demands not wearing hats in vibrant and bold colors like red, yellow, and fluorescent green. Avoid wearing hats with patterns or prints like flower prints or animal prints. Hats with words printed or embroidered on them, should be avoided too. Hats in solid colors are the best choice.

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Religious Dictates to Keep In Mind

If you are supposed to attend a memorial service or funeral that strictly adheres to religious customs, you may abide by those rules even though you do not practice or advocate that religion. For instance, specific Jewish customs necessitate married ladies to put on proper headgear like Beret or one of the other dresses americanhatmakers.com to suit the occasion. It is a good idea to learn about the religious customs of the deceased before attending the memorial service or funeral. You should arrive respectfully and suitably dressed to pay your last homage to the departed soul.

Some More Etiquette

If by chance, you have arrived at the funeral wearing a baseball hat, it is best to remove it while attending the memorial service. Sometimes, the funeral planner may dictate special hat etiquette. Be sure to follow the dictates. For instance, if the deceased belonged to the Red Hat Society, his family members may request women to choose red hats. Similarly, if the deceased had a passion for baseball, guests may be requested to arrive wearing his favorite hat style: the baseball hats. In such a case, you may wear the baseball hat even while attending the memorial service.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Hats

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Can I consider wearing a hat to a funeral?

Yes, you can wear a hat to the funeral provided, you choose hats in only black or navy blue, or neutral colors. You can wear a dress hat in solid colors. Do not consider wearing stunning hats as that may cause unnecessary and undesirable distractions. You should not end up interrupting the proceedings because of any distracting behavior or sense of dressing.

Can we wear Cowboy hats to a funeral?

Yes, you can. However, you may have to avoid wearing a cowboy hat of your choice if the funeral planner has special and strict dress codes. You may remove a cowboy hat if you have to attend an indoor funeral or while the casket passes at the funeral procession. Throughout the funeral procession, hold the cowboy hat with the left hand. Then place the right hand exactly over the heart. Alternatively, you may take your cowboy hat in the right hand and position it directly over the heart. It can be apt to arrive wearing a cowboy hat to a funeral, especially if the deceased is originally from Texas. It is the best way of making the family feel that they are at home while saying their last goodbyes.

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Can we wear flat caps to a memorial service or funeral?

Yes, you can. However, if you are planning to attend a Catholic Church or an Orthodox Christian memorial service, you may have to abide by strict dress codes necessitating formal suits in black or dark colors. In such a situation, it is best to wear a black or dark-colored dress hat to complement the outfit.


You can wear hats to a funeral or memorial services if you choose the right hat style and pay attention to the emotions of the deceased’s heartbroken family members and respect their sentiments. Always follow the dictates in the event of a strict dress code. You must always choose the right hat for the right occasion.