Health Benefits Of Vaping Over Smoking

Smoking man holds electronic cigarette in hand. A lot of smoke around.

For the last ten years or so, we are witnessing a new trend within the smoking community. Many people have moved away from regular cigarette smoking to something else – thanks to alternative solutions. So what is the alternative? Well, the alternative is vaping – that is, an electric cigarette. This “alternative smoking” is comparatively less toxic than a normal cigarette.

This replacement product is cleaner and healthier than regular cigarettes, which ensures that there are no long-term health hazards. Similarly, when we speak of the benefits, it should be noted that you will also save money, as there is no need to buy cigarettes regularly.

What Is An Electric Cigarette?

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An electric cigarette is not a real cigarette, but it may have the same appearance. Of course, that is depending on the type and kit you buy. It’s a device that looks very much like a normal cigarette. Although the e-cigarette device may look like any other regular cigarettes, the differences are evident primarily in the properties they have.

Regular cigarettes contain some very dangerous chemicals along with tar and smoke, leading to various health complications for the individual. However, smoking e-cigarettes is an enjoyable exercise because it contains only relatively harmless vapours. No wonder many people think that by smoking e-cigarettes we will get a safer alternative to conventional smoking.

What Is An E-cigarette Made Of?

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Electric cigarettes are available in different shapes, sizes and sets. They are designed to stimulate a sense of genuine smoking without including any of its harmful ingredients. An electric cigarette looks and can taste like any other regular cigarettes.

Yet, it differs in its shape and form. An e-cigarette device consists of three main components. They are a nebulizer, a battery and a cartridge that contains e-liquid with or without a nicotine dose. Now, let’s see how this works …

When inhaled, the battery-filled spray converts the e-liquid into steam. This allows the smoker to be able to obtain their nicotine quota directly. When you inhale a smokeless electronic cigarette, the little LED lamp at the top lights up. These are the aspects that give the device the appearance of a real cigarette.

E-cigarettes Do Not Harm Our Health

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A two-year clinical trial showed that regular use of e-cigarettes did not adversely affect the health of users. Therefore, e-cigarettes receive a new scientific confirmation of the reduced risk to human health. Recent research published in last year’s issue of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology journal does not show the negative impact of regular use of electronic cigarettes on the health of users.

The study, entitled “Evaluation of the Safety Profile of Electronic Products on Smokers Used by Smokers for Two Years,” included 209 volunteers – users of a closed-circuit electronic cigarette system for 24 months.

Clinical Studies Results

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During the study, lung function, ECG results, exposure to nicotine and tobacco ingredients and possible side effects were monitored.

According to experts, a study showed that after two years of continuous use of e-cigarettes, there were no signs of serious health complications in users. No worrying medical findings were noted in any of the study participants during the study.

The use of these products hasn’t resulted in a weight gain of any testing participants. However, it has lead to a decrease in exposure to nicotine derivatives.

So far, there have been few clinical studies addressing this topic, but it is indicative that almost all have a similar conclusion. E-cigarettes can help smokers reduce or replace the number of conventional cigarettes used, without increasing health risks.

What Have These Studies Confirmed?

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The studies concluded that the use of electronic cigarettes for up to two years seems an acceptable alternative for smokers, given the benefits of reducing exposure to the harmful components of tobacco smoke.

The results of the study are supported by the latest data from independent experts from the Institute of Public Health of England (PHE) who benefit from the use of electronic cigarettes.

With these examinations, experts have confirmed their previously stated views. The complete transition from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes contributes to significant health benefits.

The use of electronic cigarettes contributes to the decline in the use of conventional cigarettes. Although a smaller percentage of people may experience some side effects such as the dry mouth or sore throat, vaporizing is far less invasive to our health.

According to Vaporesso, this is a way to “reconcile” smoking with good health. Some smokers are unreasonably afraid that vaping is as harmful as conventional smoking, but it doesn’t feel quite the same. This is a big misconception – especially when considering the fact that  40%  of smokers never even tried vaping. Ignorance of this area is still expressed. This is also reflected in the fact that 10%of adults still think that most side-effects that are harmful to health are not caused by nicotine, and other substances found in cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes As A Good Alternative

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Researchers have radically increased their efforts to provide state regulators with the best possible insight into the situation. E-cigarettes “promise” to drastically reduce the mortality caused by smoking. And yet, the users shouldn’t be worried about the lack of nicotine they crave.

The latest estimated results are telling us more about how tobacco affects our health. Around 100 million people lost their lives globally due to tobacco use in the 20th century. In the 21st century, according to some predictions, this outcome will hit billions of people. Therefore, it is important to find an alternative.

Why should you switch to e-cigarettes?

1.    Smell

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Even if you are a passionate smoker, the smell of tobacco smoke is certainly not your favourite one. It is produced by burning tar and other chemicals found in cigarettes. This smell lingers on in your hair, wardrobe, home or car. It is particularly repulsive to non-smokers.

This is where electronic cigarettes have an absolute advantage. They do not emit an unpleasant smell and the steam that disappears very quickly. They can also release a very nice smell, especially if you choose a liquid with a fruity aroma or a refreshing scent of menthol.

2.    Health

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Numerous scientific studies have been done so far, and all show that smoking tobacco increases the risk of many diseases, such as cancer, brain-stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Classic tobacco cigarettes contain many chemicals that can cause cancer. There are also risks of smoke exposure with children, family members, work colleagues, and friends. You will not be exposed to these risks when consumed by e-cigarettes.

3.    Price

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Regular cigarettes cost quite a bit and their price goes up. The price of an electronic cigarette depends on the type, model and manufacturer. E-cigarettes are a cheaper alternative in any case. The costs are higher at first, but they are lower from month to month.

If you turn to vapour as an alternative, you will certainly get rid of many of the side effects that occur when consuming classic cigarettes.

Besides, with selecting your desired aroma or choosing flavours with or without nicotine – you will get rid of the side effects that accompany all smokers. You will no longer be uncomfortable with bad breath or your fingers yellow because of the tobacco.