History of Cricket in India

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Cricket is a fun game that is played around the world. It is believed that cricket started being perceived as a game in the 16th century. Its origins can be traced back to Southeast England where it was a national sport for two centuries before it became popular in other parts of the world. Even though it is not known for sure who started playing the game, it was probably started by kids who played it by using stone instead of the ball and the basic stick.

The History of the Game

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The name of the game probably originates from the old English and means games and fun and some sources state that King Edward II played the game back in 1300. Even though it was a game for children, it was later played by adults who realized that playing cricket is a lot of fun. The 17th century was the turning point when the gamblers realized there is quite a big potential for betting on cricket. Some of the first county teams were formed after the Restoration that occurred in 1660. Cricket was introduced around the world by the colonies and it became particularly popular in India.

European sailors introduced cricket to Indians and the first information about the initial cricket club went back to 1792. The official test status had to wait until 1932 and now it is so popular in India that there’s probably no person left who is not familiar with all the cricket rules. Even though the teams were weak at first, that is definitely not the case anymore! Indians showed what they can do in 1952 when they won the match played against Pakistan. Over the next ten years they got the chance to prove their value and show how successful they can be.

The 70s were a turning point for Indian cricket because it turned from being test cricket to a one day cricket. At first, they did not manage well in this format, but 1983 was the year they showed to the world what they can do when they won the match against the West Indies team that was once very powerful. From that point on, the development of cricket in India was full of turmoil.

The Most Popular Players

Lala Amarnath Bharadwaj is the first captain for the Indian team but it became something like the representative of cricket in India in every sense. After playing and being a captain, he was later on a broadcaster, coach, manager, and selector – cricket was his life. Even his three sons became top-class players and achieved significant results. His entire career was brilliant and during his life, he strived to give his best and promote the game in the most positive light.

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, known also as Master Blaster and Little Master, is a former player and a captain who achieved significant results. He will be remembered as one of the most superior batsmen in the history of the game. For almost 24 years he represented India and Mumbai and achieved many great results that will remain appreciated by the players around the world.

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a cricket player who represented the national team of India. His achievements are very impressive – he was one of the scorers with the highest run and he is known as one of the most effective players when it comes to finishing in limited-over format.

His debut was back in 2004 when he played the match against Bangladesh. He received many awards and he was the first player to win the ICC ODI Player of the year twice. He was the captain of the team from 2007-2016. The best way to describe him is – the finest wicket-keeper and one of the best captains that India has ever had. He truly helped the Indian team to excel in all the formats. His leadership skills are exceptional and there is even a movie made after the story about his life.

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Virat Kohli started showing his skills back in 2008 when he showed that he is not joking around. When he started, he was often left out, but soon showed that his play is at a much higher level than he was ranked at the time. Soon after he showed to the world that he is ready to lead his team to take the win when the team played against South Africa. His scores are impressive and his play is superior. He showed it numerous times, but the occasion that everyone will remember is definitely the one that occurred in 2011 when he managed to lead his team to the victory altogether with his fellow player Gautam Gambhir.

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Sourav Ganguly, also known as Dada which means elder brother, is a legendary cricket player and he was later on an administrator and a commentator. He was a captain of the National team of India and will always remain one of the best captains that Indian cricket has ever had. His skills as a player couldn’t go unnoticed, so his position as one of the most successful cricket players is rock solid.

His technique was precise and to the point, so when he played, everyone could relax knowing that he would lead the team to the win. Besides having impressive skills, he was also very much loved and appreciated by his team members and fans around the world. His ability to read the opposite players was impeccable and even though he finished his career in 2003, he will always remain one of the most successful cricket players in India.

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There was a long way of development and improvements before India became known for its brilliant cricket matches. Now it is an unstoppable force that is appreciated by many fans who like to watch it and stay informed. If you like betting on cricket, click here for more information. With so many great players nowadays it’s no wonder that the popularity of cricket doesn’t decrease for years.