The Essential Home Security Kit in 2024

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Home security is a hassle. With a system in place, you have to deal with fake alarms, the expense of maintaining devices and installing devices. These things together will make you wonder – Is it truly worth the hassle?

Before you answer, let me tell you that, according to the home burglary report 2019, there was a robbery incident reported every 13 seconds, which means four burglaries in a minute, 240 in an hour, and 6,000 in a whole day.

Now take into consideration the hassle you have to face vs. the loss you could meet if there is no home security system. Surely your answer that home security is essential.

The home security kit is made up of different components in which there are motion sensors, smoke detectors, security cameras, and many more devices.

Here is a list of devices you will need to make your house safe against all imminent dangers.

1. Smoke detector: X-sense (SD01)

The most fire that caused deaths happened between 11 pm to 7 am – a time when most people are in a deep slumber. Hence a smoke detector is a device that should be on the top of your list. The X-sense SD01 smoke detector has a battery that is guaranteed to last for over ten years. The photoelectric sensors in the device can differentiate between a blazing fire and a normal fire.

This feature will significantly decrease the chances of fake fire alarms. In case that happens, there is a step by step guide on ‘how to turn of fire alarm’ by the help of this any novice user can understand how to switch the device off. Lastly, it is the most economically-priced smoke detector with all the necessary features a smoke detector should have.

2. Smart Security Camera System: ARLO PRO 3

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A camera system is necessary, especially when you are not at home during the day and alone at night. The ARLO PRO 3 is expensive, but it is one of the best camera security systems. The wireless cameras are mounted walls magnetically and are waterproof, which means you can place them indoors as well as outdoor.

There is a base system that you will connect to your router, and all lenses are connected to it via a wireless connection. Initially, the system comes with two-four cameras, but you can add more individually.  The Arlo Pro 3 does its job flawlessly; the system has an HDR recording system, which means that it works great in sunlight and gives you useful images at night.

There is a two-way talk system that means that you can hear what people are saying and can answer. The motion detector in the system will alarm you if they detect a presence that is unknown also, the camera is smart enough to differentiate between human and animal existence, which means lesser bogus alarms.


The primary purpose of a smart lock is to make the door more secure. If your door is locked with a simple key, anyone with that key can enter your house –the safety key under your plant is not safe!

The Smart Deadbolt 2S, as the name suggests, is a deadbolt lock that can easily be added to your current door, or you can easily replace your existing deadbolt. It has a sleek black panel that will light up when the house owner touches the board, and the door opens it when the correct pin is entered.

The app that connects your phone and lock will help you generate a pin code you can give to your guest. Using that pin, they can enter your house. In case of emergencies, there is a hidden keyhole using which homeowner can enter or exit. The ease of use and the flexibility IGLOOHOME offers – won us over.

4. Smart security sensor: Samsung SmartThings

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There are two different types of sensors motion sensors and contact sensors. The motion sensors are on the floor while contact sensors are on doors and windows. The sensors are not necessary when you are setting up underlying home security set up. But having them does give one peace of mind.

The Samsung smart system, known as SmartThings, has a wide range of products. Among all products, their motion and contact sensors are the best. The contact sensor detects changes in temperature and vibration. The vibration helps them identify if the door is being knocked or if someone is trying to enter forcefully.

The SmartThing requires a hub to be connected to you can use the SmartThings hub, but if you don’t want to, the sensors can also be connected to the Amazon Echo Plus.

5. Smart Doorbell Video: RING VIDEO DOORBELL 3 PLUS

Going to answer the door every time there is a knock can be tiring and irritating. In place of this, a smart doorbell is a significant convenience. They will show you who is at the door on your mobile. With this device involved, you will never miss opening the door for a distinguished guest, thinking that it must be the delivery guy.

The Doorbell 3 plus is one of the best smart doorbells. It has a two-way camera, which means that you can see through the lens and talk to the person on the door. The battery will last for two months, and the set-up is easy to install and operate. What more can one ask for!

The right devices can save you millions of dollars, and in some cases, these devices will save lives. We live in ‘the smart era,’ and to combat its threats, you must have a smart security system. A bonus of having a home security system is that these devices will increase the market value of your home – if you plan to sell your house in the future.