11 Best Homemade Restaurants and Places in Barcelona


Catalan cuisine is an amazing gift for gourmets. But if you want to try dishes made with full respect for the traditions, it is worth going to those restaurants in Barcelona that serve dishes with home cooking.

For readers, we have prepared a special selection of the best home-cooked restaurants in Barcelona.

1. Morryssom Restaurant, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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To dine like you don’t have to go to Cuenca, just visit this beautiful place run by Pedro Sausor and his family at el Ensanche of Barcelona, ​​more than enough.

There you can taste high-quality tapas as you used to cook in a small cozy room; You can choose from five first courses and five-second courses for lunch, which is why this place is such a success.

2. Coffee shops, Barcelona, Spain

We specifically do not write for a specific cannabis club, as there are plenty of them in Barcelona. Therefore, we will describe all of them at once.

In coffeeshops, it is allowed to sell no more than 5 grams of soft drugs per day to a client, and persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter coffeeshops. Any advertising of drugs and the sale of hard drugs are also prohibited.

At the same time, smoking regular cigarettes in coffeeshops is not allowed due to the smoking ban. Tourists coming to the country should keep in mind that on the territory of other establishments – cafes, bars, restaurants – the use of soft drugs is prohibited.

We recommend visiting these establishments as one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. The prices here are different, so you should go and ask about the price, and of course, be sure to try it.

3. Brisas Do Sil Restaurant, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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After everyone found out that O’Retorno served a very well-cooked Galician octopus, this place became very popular. And in the end it was not easy to get there. And octopus lovers rushed in search of a new place, where they are well prepared.

And Brisas Do Sil was the best replacement, which is located on Plaça Navas (Poblesec). The concept of cooking is the same as at O’Retorno, a family that has been cooking and serving for years, all food is made with love from lifelong recipes and comes at good prices.

Sometimes they close for holidays, so if you want to visit, it’s better to do it now or wait until September. The mussels at Brisas Do Sil are the best in Barcelona.

4. Restaurant Malandrina, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This is a small restaurant, at first, it was opened in a small room, but due to its popularity, little by little it began to expand. The restaurant was recently expanded and there were many imitators who wanted to appropriate someone else’s success.

Uruguayan cuisine is prepared here: roasted beef, tenderloin, salads, pies and the best thing about all this is that the menu is designed for any budget. They don’t accept credit cards, but it’s still worth looking for an ATM to enjoy a sandwich in this lovely little place that you’ll never forget.

5. Restaurant Ciudadela Parc, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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There are a few things you need to learn to live in Barcelona so that there are no surprises later. You should avoid eating on the Rambla and stay away from restaurants in hotels less than five stars.

In the case of the Hotel Ciudadela Parc restaurant, this is completely the opposite. Rice in this place is exceptional, especially black. At very attractive prices, plus there is a lunch menu. You can also dine on the terrace overlooking the park, where you can enjoy a wonderful summer day.

6. Restaurant Casa Alfonso, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Not so long ago this place turned 80 years old, this restaurant fully lives up to its name: having lunch or dinner here is equivalent to eating at your best friend’s house. Alfonso García today runs this restaurant, which was founded by his grandfather and was originally a diner in 1934.

Arriving at this restaurant you feel a family atmosphere and plus all the waiters are in a good mood, many of them have been working here for many years. The food is simple and no frills, good jamon, good cheese, good products and wines.

7. Trentasis Restaurant, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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Sebastian and his assistant have been running this restaurant for years: the people who work here enjoy what they do. One cooks in the kitchen and the other serves the meals. They offer a menu for lunch for 5.95 euros, there are few such places at such prices in Barcelona.

Menu of the day: the first one includes two options, usually a very good soup or salad, and the second one can choose from two options, these dishes change every day, and also includes water and dessert. The menu is very extensive and the prices are very good. Duck breast, hamburgers and much more are cooked very well here.

8. Tarannà Cafè, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This is a small place that has a great variety of lunch menus. It prepares dishes that surprise everyone every day, and these are fried dishes and breaded dishes.

Exquisite creams, delicious salads and main courses are so enticing that it’s hard to choose between one or the other. It is better to order one different dish for everyone so that you can try everything.

9. La Taverna del Suculent, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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Carles Avellán’s celebrity chef prepares appetizers at this tavern, offering simple appetizers from high-quality ingredients on the Rambla del Raval. El Succulent, this diner is even more relaxed than its predecessor.

There are no chairs and snacks are often served without plates, with some snacks served in paper cups. The waiters create a very good atmosphere, you just need to relax in order to feel at home.

10. Restaurant Wakasa, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This principle is repeated all the time, in this case by a Japanese couple who offer simple food made with love. Wakasa is the benchmark for Japanese cuisine in Barcelona.

Despite the fact that the location of this restaurant has already changed three times, people still continue to follow where they move. Most of their products come from Japan and are of the best quality. Simplicity and boldness of tastes are all that you can try there.

11. Bar-Restaurant Tonka, Barcelona, ​​Spain

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This bar opened its doors not so long ago, it is located on the street that is next to the Parliament.

It serves simple dishes made with local ingredients and most of them organic plus accompanied with delicious bread, all at affordable prices. An ideal place to have an afternoon coffee with homemade cakes or have dinner with friends. The only point is that the waiters serve a little slowly, so you have to wait a bit.