How Close Should Humbuckers Be to the Strings?


How close should humbuckers be to the strings? This question has puzzled electric guitar enthusiasts for years, with different opinions on the topic.

The closer humbuckers are to the strings, the more distortion they will produce. On the other hand, if they are too far away, their sound will be smooth and mellow. It’s important to have good humbuckers guitar pickups so that you can find a balance between distortion and clarity so that each note rings clear.

If you want to play Metallica’s songs accurately, you’ll need to locate your humbuckers as close to the strings as possible. You’ll need to process and do the same when it comes to performing songs from any of your other favorite bands. However, depending on your amp and guitar setup, this might not be feasible. So you’ll have to experiment to find the optimum positioning to get the sound you want to get.

Humbuckers are an essential part of most electric guitars, and it can be tricky to get them positioned just right. However, by experimenting a little bit you’ll be able to play your favorite metal songs like a pro! In the following, we talk a lot more about this topic, bringing you information that would be useful for every guitar player, but also for musicians in general. Let’s get started!

Ever wonder how close the pickups on your guitar should be to the strings? Well, here’s a guide on how close they should be.

1. String height

Your string height is what dictates how much space there is between the strings and the fretboard. A higher string height gives you a brighter sound as the higher frequencies are able to travel farther. A lower string height will give you a softer sound since the higher frequencies are muffled. Generally speaking, most guitars have around 1.5″ of string height adjustment from the fretboard. It’s good to know this information that will help you first of all take good care of your guitar before you even start playing, and then try what will be the sounds that you will get to play the melody that you want to get.

2. Pickup positioning

The position of your pickup is hugely important for tonal variety and can greatly affect your sound. As we said above, every music you want to play on your guitar requires a different pickup setup to get the sound you want. While it’s possible to mount your pickups anywhere on your guitar, it’s generally recommended that they’re positioned close to the strings for best results. If you position them too far away, they’ll lose some of their harmonic qualities and sound box characteristics will become more pronounced, and that’s not what you want. You want to find a position that gives you good clarity across all registers and – when coupled with a high-quality pickup – will produce a great tone. So choose the right pickup for your guitar and get what you need – quality and clear sound.

3. Wire gauge

Gauge matters when it comes to pickup wiring because it affects how much current flows through the wire. The higher the gauge of the wire, the thicker and tougher the wire is and the less flexible it is. This makes it easier to handle and couple together without causing shorts or audible noise interference. The rule of thumb with guitar wiring is to use 26awg gauge wire for regular acoustic guitar wiring and 085″ solid copper wire for heavier electric guitars. These are rules that you may not have known but are actually very important so that you can get the sound you want. In addition, it is important to have made the right choice of pickups so that you can enjoy playing your favorite songs.

Are there other things that would be important to get quality sound?

Often musicians wonder if there might be something else that can play a role in getting the desired sound. The answer is yes – other things could affect getting great sound. Let’s see what are the things that other than humbuckers can affect.

1. The guitar you choose is important

Although many beginning musicians believe that any guitar can be ideal, this is not the case. It is necessary to choose a guitar that is in line with your needs, that is, it is in line with the wishes that you have in terms of music. So take enough time when looking for a guitar to choose the perfect one for you and enjoy the music you create and play.

2. The experience you have is also important, so if you don’t have experience, it’s time for classes and further training

The guitar is an instrument that cannot be learned overnight. It takes a lot of playing, it takes a lot of dedication to play great. So try to work on your experience. And if you don’t have enough experience and knowledge about guitars, the way they work, and knowledge in terms of the accessories you can have on the guitar, in that case, it’s an ideal time to visit additional classes where you will learn these things.

3. The quality of the wires is also important for the quality sound

If you want to get the ideal sound that you have in your head, apart from choosing the right humbucker pickups, you need to choose quality strings. Even in the store while you are buying your guitar, the staff points out that the quality of the string is important, it changes the sound, but also gives you a longer and longer opportunity to play and create music. Therefore, choose the ideal strings that will give you the complete experience that you need and want to have.

Many things play a role in the playing of the guitar, first of all, humbuckers, the placement of the strings, but also some of the other smaller, but more important factors that we have also listed for you. The sound quality fulfills every musician and gives him the love he needs, and you can get a quality sound only if you have great humbuckers, place the strings well and respect all the rules and guidelines. And then? Then enjoy the music!