How Easy Was to Mine BTC in it’s Beginnings?

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Bitcoin mining allows you to generate BTCs. The demand, as well as supply of digital currencies, have increased rapidly, and there is a massive need to mine them. The crypto market is advancing every day, and hence, many implementations are taking place to improvise investments as well as trading. With the help of Distributed computing, one can generate BTCs and use them for buying and trading assets.

You must click here if you want to start trading and earn enough money. You need to understand the process of mining before you know the history of the production of cryptocurrencies. Mining involves solving complex mathematical calculations and recording every transaction on the blockchain. The hash number is the answer to every block. After every successful block calculation, the miner gets Bitcoin in reward.

The hash rate is the level of difficulty for maintaining the time of block production. The computational power adjusts automatically on the network. The hash rate will be high if the computational power is high. With time, the mining process has changed and advanced, which involves increased computational power. When the mining process was done in the beginning. It was considered easy as compared to the present and future methods.

Let us know more about different mining processes with increased efficiency. When you understand the process, then you will step into trading quickly. To learn the process of trading by registering and investing in Bitcoins. Now, let us explore mining processes with different technologies, visit

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CPU Mining

In 2009, Satoshi introduced Bitcoin to the world, and it was mined for the first time. 50 coins were mined in the initial batch by using a CPU chip in a PC. Undoubtedly, the early mining process was easy compared to the present method because it was done on your graphic cards.

At that time, the electricity cost, machine maintenance, etc., was less. Therefore, a miner must not spend much money on these things. Within a week, it is easy to mine many Bitcoins.

GPU Mining

There is a drawback of using a CPU in that there is a lack of speed. It makes the process of mining difficult due to a complicated design in which the Bitcoin rewards are halved. It is difficult for CPUs to mine complex algorithms at low speed. In 2010, another software design was introduced, i.e., by using a Graphic card.

If we compare the computational power of one GPU with parallel computing, including many CPUs, it performs well. It improves the mining efficiency, and one can produce more coins in less time. After the introduction of GPU, many individuals switched to it. Combining more GPUs increase the efficiency of the system.

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ASIC and then FPGA Mining

In 2011, China introduced FPGA technology to advance the process of mining. After emerging, many miners produced Bitcoins, and it had reached great heights. The FPGA mining process requires high consumption of power. But after six months, the technology has phased out. The ASIC technology was introduced in 2012 with 200 times more computational power than graphic cards.

There is no significant difference in the consumption rate of power. Many people have evolved and innovated the technology of mining chips. Many individuals accepted this technology, and it had brought a revolution in the digital asset market.

Mining Pool

Slush Pool was the initial mining pool in 2010. Individual miners have an advantage of mining regarding energy efficiency and high computational power. Within less power, there are high success chances due to mining pools. Many participants in the network share BTC rewards.

After successful mining of one block in the blockchain, the participants get rewards. There is an extra fee for the process. With time and advancement in technology, more participants are involved in the pool. All the miners connect all their computational devices to mine Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

What are the Future Technologies for Crypto Mining?


Mining Pool

The mining pool is advancing more in the future to increase computational power. It will increase the speed of solving mathematical calculations. In this way, it will be easy to generate new blockchain blocks, and miners will get more rewards.

Many companies are constructing massive mining plants in various countries with low electricity costs. There will be significant mining pools in which more Bitcoins will be mined with ease.

Cloud Mining

It is a highly innovative model which will emerge in the digital asset market. In this way, more participants will involve in the mining process. With the help of cloud computational power, users can buy and deploy its service. Users have to pay fees to rent the computational power resources for mining BTC. You cannot mine digital currencies without purchasing any machine.

GPU Mining

Many retail miners rely on graphic cards. Virtual currencies other than Bitcoin require a specific design for mining, and it can be achieved with graphic cards. Many miners also use different technologies to produce variant virtual assets. With GPU mining, it is easy to capture the shares of the market and earn profits.

What About Quantum Computers?

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There is an assumption that quantum computers can easily break the security of the blockchain and can monopolize the virtual asset market. There is no massive adoption and acceptance of large-scale apps. But the setup process is quite expensive with an imperfect design, which is not perfect for mining. There is a possibility that quantum PC can easily break the crypto network.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the BTC mining process was easy in the beginning. Satoshi produced 50 BTC without facing any difficulty regarding the computational power and additional expenses. With time and advancement in technology, other methods are also coming into the limelight that can produce more Bitcoin in less time.

But the process has become expensive due to high electricity cost, expensive hardware, and other factors. Nowadays, it is challenging to mine cryptocurrencies, and not many people are into them. Not every person afford the process, and hence, they prefer trading or investing in BTC.