How do First Deposit Bonuses Work at Online Casinos


The Internet is full of new online casino platforms that are launching every day. Since the options are so wide, it can be even hard for the individual to choose one casino site to gamble. If you are new in the gambling world, you probably have lots of questions from how you can find a reliable site to the ones regarding game playing.

However, the biggest thing that all gamblers are interested to find out more about is casino bonuses. In fact, thanks to bonus promotions that casino operators are offering to the players, like CasinoHEX. The primary goal of the casino bonus offer is to keep the existing clients, attract new ones, and logically in that way, expand the client base.

Every beginner should gather all the necessary information regarding these bonuses so he can start enjoying his gaming experience and exploring a gambling gaming world. Before we start, you should primarily know that there are so many different promotions that you can receive from the casino operator.

Why casino bonuses are so important?


Even though first deposit bonuses look very attractive to new players, they are still doubting whether it is a clever decision to take them and take advantage of them. Every casino site has its own bonus promotions, however, you should know that there is nothing wrong with taking them. You can only benefit from them because some of them will give you a chance to play a game without placing the deposit, or without placing real-money wagers.

From the bonus, and promotional offers both casino houses and players benefit. Casinos are getting new players, while players are increasing their chances to make a higher profit. In fact, you have a chance to win a very huge amount of money without risking losing your own money with some bonuses. As you can see, bonuses can be very effective and profitable for every player. Now, after you find the basics, let’s start with the guide on how you can navigate the world on online casino bonuses.

You should Know the Types of Bonuses


Logically, you will not be able to take advantage of bonuses if you do not know what types of them are available to you in the first place. There are so many bonuses available for players and as we said, every casino platform provides different bonus set promotions. However, there are some common options that you should know about.

The most important bonus that you should know about is the welcome bonus that every new player gets after he makes an account on a particular casino platform. Welcome bonuses can be gotten either in the form of no deposit or deposit bonuses. When you make the first deposit you are going to get the amount of money that you deposited for free that you can use for gambling. On the contrary, the no deposit option refers to the fact that you do not have to deposit cash to take the offered bonus. However, you do not really know in which form you are going to get that no deposit bonus type.

Next, you can come across the reload bonus type which is considered a loyalty bonus because it is available to clients who increase the amount of money in their gambling accounts. As more time a player is gambling, the more bonuses he is going to get.

Despite that, there is a high roller bonus that is dedicated for the gamblers that wager a huge amount of money. Additionally, if you invite friends to make an account on some casino site, you are going to receive a referral bonus.

Free spins are bonus types that can be only used on slots. However, they are incredibly popular just because slots are very popular. By using those free spins, you are going to get the chance to spin the reels for free and at the same time have a chance to win a big profit out of it.

In general, the casino industry is very tough in terms of competitors. Every casino operator is looking to offer something unique compared to other casino bonuses, so they can represent themselves in the best light.

Understanding Wagering Requirements


Of course, that casino bonus promotion looks so attractive and you would gladly take advantage of them. However, there is one important thing that you should know – all bonuses come with specific terms and conditions. Primarily you should understand the term wagering requirements. It refers to the amount of money you need to bet in order to withdraw the cash that you are having in your account.

Let’s say that you have €100 in your account and half of that money is received by some bonus. You will not be able to cash out that total sum before completing the terms of the wager. Every casino has its own wagering terms. In general, those wagering requirements can range from an X1 multiplier to more than X5. Therefore, it is highly important to read carefully about wagering requirements so you can withdraw your money without a problem.

Understand the Time Frames

The expiration date of the casino bonus is one more thing that you should know about. All bonuses including the first one you will get are available for a limited time. In case you do not fulfill the conditions that come with a specific bonus by the expiration date, you are going to automatically lose your winnings.

Limited Games


One more thing that you should know is that bonuses are in most cases given for some particular games. In other words, you can only use the bonus for some games. For instance, you may get a 50 spin offer only if you play a certain game title. Additionally, you are going to need to use all the free spins.

Only Work with a Licensed and Trustworthy Casino

Finally, we wanted to tell you that when you are selecting online bonuses, you need to ensure that the provider offers a reliable and honest bonus promotional agreement.