How Often Should You Get Your Air Conditioning Service in Perth?

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Regular air conditioning maintenance and service is essential to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and continuing to be reliable. By neglecting regular maintenance, an air conditioner cannot run at its peak level and may become inefficient. Although most people are aware of cleaning the filters on a regular basis, air conditioners require much more than this to reduce the risk of breakdown or costly repairs.

Why is Air Conditioning Service Perth Important?

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Regular services for air conditioning Perth can provide many benefits. While it might seem like a waste of money to have an air conditioning unit serviced professionally, in the long run it saves time and money. 

Although all components of an air conditioning system are essential, there are areas that require more attention, such as the filters. The filters stop dust, dirt and other debris from getting into the system. As a result, it is essential to keep these clean. However, this doesn’t mean that the internal components never need attention. But you can reduce the amount of dust and dirt getting inside the air conditioner by maintaining a regular filter cleaning routine.

Regular maintenance ensures that the air conditioner works smoothly. However, do not assume that by cleaning the filters there will be no other problems that can occur. Professional servicing helps to maintain the areas that require professional attention and can help to identify small problems before they become costly repairs.

Here are the top three benefits of regular services for air conditioning Perth:

  1. Saves Money

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An air conditioning unit has many parts, such as the filters, condenser, and coils that need regular maintenance to continue functioning efficiently. If these are neglected there can be a decline in the air conditioner’s performance and an increase in its energy use. Electricity costs a lot today, and a poorly maintained air conditioner can end up costing more to run when compared to a well-maintained unit.

  1. Extends the Life of the System

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Regular professional air conditioning maintenance by qualified technicians such as those from Mouritz, can improve the life span of an air conditioning unit. Air conditioning units generally last for about 10 to 15 years with regular maintenance, however, this life span can be reduced if they are not maintained.

  1. Provides Health Benefits

Over time an air conditioning unit collects dirt, dust and other debris in the filters and other internal parts. These particles can be released into the home, reducing the air quality. For those with asthma and allergies, this can irritate their symptoms. Regular services ensure a clean and well-functioning air conditioner, which means clean and healthy air for the home.

There are some signs that an air conditioner needs to be serviced. Breakdowns can be avoided with regular services. Here are a few signs to look for which may indicate service is needed:

  • Not maintaining the set temperature
  • Strange noises, or just noisier than usual
  • Leaking water
  • Strange smells
  • Gas leak

Some of the important aspects of good maintenance include:

  1. Filters – Cleaning and replacing the filters is an essential task. Dirty filters can become clogged which impacts the performance of the system. Dirty filters also reduce air quality in the home and can block airflow altogether which makes the air conditioner work harder, increasing power consumption.
  2. Coils – The condenser and evaporator coils can collect dust and debris over time which causes problems with airflow and performance, and may even cause stale air to flow through the house. Dirty coils can also reduce the air conditioner’s ability to absorb heat, resulting in lower efficiency and higher energy use.
  3. Condensation Drains – These can also become clogged. If the condensation drains get blocked or clogged this can affect the air conditioner’s ability to control the humidity levels. There are many reasons why this drain can become blocked such as bugs or dirt. A blocked condensation drain may cause dripping water from the indoor unit and requires immediate attention.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

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Regular service for air conditioners should be done at least once a year even if you don’t notice any problems. This ensures that the system continues to run efficiently and reduces the risk of a major breakdown.

Even though there may not be any noticeable problems, air conditioning units collect dirt, dust and other debris over time in areas that cannot be seen, such as the coils and filters. These are essential areas that need to be in good working order to allow the air conditioning unit to run at its peak level.

Poorly maintained air conditioners that collect dust and dirt can reduce its efficiency by 5%. This means a higher risk of a breakdown and higher running costs.

A yearly service may include:

  • Clean and/or replace filters
  • Clean coils
  • The clean and flush water drip tray
  • A completely clean and strip-down of the indoor unit
  • Maintain refrigerant levels
  • Flush drain
  • Check and clean the outdoor unit
  • Check for debris that could block the condenser
  • Performance check
  • Mold removal
  • Anti-bacterial spray

How Much Does Air Conditioning Perth Service Cost?

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Regular services are quite affordable, especially when you compare them to the cost of major repairs if the system is neglected. You can expect to pay around $100 to $150 for regular professional service.

This is definitely worth the cost due to the long-term benefits gained. A yearly service is a small price to pay to ensure a long-lasting and efficient air conditioning system. It will reduce the cost of electricity, and lower the risk of costly repairs. Not only this, regular maintenance helps to extend the life of most air conditioning systems.

An air conditioner may be one of the most essential items in the home. And just like keeping a car running efficiently, air conditioners require regular maintenance. To learn more about maintaining air conditioning systems, or to book a service, contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Mouritz.