How San Diego Residents Can Be Sustainable In the New Year

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Sustainability is not something that should be left to corporations. To protect the environment, being sustainable should be a very personal, one-on-one decision. Only when every person realizes the part they have to play in protecting the environment will noticeable changes happen.

From San Diego whale sightings to the nutrients in farmed foods, there are so many things affected by the collective actions of people like you. Here are some of the top ways San Diego residents can be sustainable in the new year.

Consider Electric Vehicles

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Electric vehicles are becoming more common, and that’s a good thing. They are not only healthier on the environment, but in many cases, they’re better for your wallet! Although they can be more expensive up-front, electric vehicles often make up for their initial cost by being more affordable to operate over the long term. Additionally, San Diego offers incentives for electric vehicles that you can’t get if you drive a regular gas vehicle.

Use Solar Panels on Homes and Businesses

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Solar panels are an environmentally friendly way to power your home and/or business. Like electric vehicles, they do require an investment up-front, but can yield significant power savings over the years. They’re perfect for balmy areas like San Diego that get a lot of sun throughout the year.

Avoid Single-Use Plastic Products

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If you’ve ever been on San Diego sightseeing tours, you’ve probably seen a wide variety of marine life. San Diego whale sightings can change your perspective on how your daily habits affect other creatures.

Consider how single-use plastic products disrupt the natural habitat of aquatic creatures by cluttering and polluting the ocean. Instead of purchasing single-use water bottles, invest in a quality, reusable water bottle. You’ll not only save money, but cut back on harmful pollution as well.

Conserve Water

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Water is one of the most valuable commodities on earth. It’s easy to take it for granted until there isn’t enough of it to go around. Fortunately, you can play a big role in water conservation by simply being more aware of how you use water each day. When washing your hands, turn the faucet off until you’re ready to rinse off your soap. The same goes for brushing your teeth and taking showers. Only turn the water on when you need it to rinse your mouth and/or body.

Become More Aware of Marine Life

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Before you can make a difference, you need to be aware of other habitats and life forms around you. Becoming more aware of marine life and the challenges they face because of human choices is a great place to start. Snorkeling is one good way to get an up-close look at the creatures living in the ocean. Whale watching tours is another great way. The best whale watching San Diego months are from December through April. Check out and learn more about it.

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Instead of needlessly adding more pollution to the air by driving your own vehicle everywhere, think about biking, walking or carpooling to work or other locations. Not only will you contribute to cleaner air, but if you bike or walk, you’ll also improve your physical health.

Environment and Transportation

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In order to lower greenhouse gas emissions, there will be reduction in the number of vehicles. The planning to use the other methods of transportation will encourage the use electric and alternatively fueled cars. Mixed use of vehicles is proposed to render residents with better services.

Energy efficacy and renewable generation

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The energy sector plans to bring in new opportunities to accomplish emission reductions in the county. The development services aim to enhance energy efficacy in the County by proposing green buildings, implementation of energy efficient upgraded and rise in solar generation to lower the demand for electricity in the County.

It offers incentives to enhance residential solar generation and lower comprehensive fossil fuel usage, causing better air quality and other public health advantages. There have been several proposals for incorporation of renewable energy systems and electric vehicle charging stations, recreational facilities and preserves.

County is looking forward to pursue a new energy generation program to accomplish 90% renewable energy supply by the next decade to make the place more resilient.

Reduction in organic waste

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Organic stuff like food scraps, animal excretion, brush as well as landscape trimming accounts for 39% of the county waste disposal. There have been several recycling program to lower this organic waste.

You can prevent food waste by getting a restaurant guide and newsletter known as Waste Not, Leftovers Wanted. The Department of Public Works will partner with food facilities to motivate donation of extra food and other items. Also, there will programs to encourage composting at horse ranches.

Solid waste diversion

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In order to lower greenhouse gas emissions from waste, the Department of Public will plan to lower waste. It will put 60% of the solid waste from landfills to waste recycling and composting sessions and help the people to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.

Also, it will supply the organic waste, demolition debris from landfills to landfill life. It will lower the transportation charges, reduce methane mission and lead to better air quality. Organic waste when processed into compost can be used in gardens, farms etc. to enhance the soil health and lower the use of synthetic fertilizers.

Agriculture and conservation

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The County also aims to lower petroleum emissions and use of diesel powered agricultural machineries. The County has previously replaced agricultural tools with low emission engines.

And, to lower water use, the County is using rigid water wise landscaping design to plan for new facilities and execute water reductions in outdoor landscaping for recent private developments.

In order to know the climate’s effect on agriculture, it has partnered with different cooperatives to find out climate resilient agriculture research and programming.

These are all easy ways to help the environment done by San Diego County and Public Services. Adopt them as part of your lifestyle if you want to make a difference.