How my Spinning Bike Helped me Out in Winter

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Winter is here!!! And of course, I hate winter. Why? Well, because of this darn sickness that comes along with it!! I am already suffering from the usual cold and flu which are not really big issues for me but this year, my doctor added bronchitis to the list.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night last winter season feeling like I was breathing through a straw-filled with concrete. Then the usual coughing fits started coupled with one nasty fever. It certainly wasn’t pleasant.

So yes! My doctor had ordered me complete bed rest till my lung recovered since even walking around was causing me some difficulties at that point in time… After all that happened, I promised myself that  I will never experience anything like that again.

What I decided to do was to buy a spinning bicycle so I can at least get some exercise on days where it is simply impossible for me to go outside. As you all know, winter hits us rather hard here on the east coast of Canada and staying inside ones house gives one the chills on its own! So cycling indoors without overheating or taking cold seemed like an ideal situation to me!

Now spinning bike are great because they offer low impact workout while maintaining cardiovascular health! This makes it perfect for people who have some kind of injuries preventing them from training with weights or any other types of cardio exercises!

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I had found this spinning bike on sale after Christmas sales last year and immediately bought it. It is a Schwinn IC4 which you can find on

The reason why I love this bike so much is because it comes with magnetic flywheel meaning that the resistance was all up to me! This means that I will never have to worry about not being able to exercise due to technical difficulties. The other thing I like about this one is the fact that it has pedals having straps so my feet wont slip off them!!

Riding indoors has really improved my lung capacity and now, even if there isn’t snow outside, I still prefer riding inside just because of how comfortable and safe it feels. Also, let’s be real, riding a bike has never been so fun.

So if you have similar health issues or simply can’t stand winter, I recommend buying a spinning bike! They are really affordable and will help you through all those days where it is impossible for you to go outside.

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What I looked out for when I looked for the ideal spinning bike?

  1. Strong frame which will be able to support my weight.
  2. Magnetic flywheel for resistance purposes.
  3. Pedals with straps!

Having a spinning bike at home has been one of the best decisions I’ve made ever since! Sure, I cannot do too much cardio but it is better than doing nothing and if you add some weight training sessions to that routine, your muscles will definitely get toned up.

And it is certainly better than sitting around the house!

Did I used my outdoor pinning bike in the summer as well?

Yes! I used to spin outdoors when it wasn’t raining or snowing and I loved it. The only reason why I stopped riding my bike during summer was because of the mosquitoes and how they made me feel like a blood bank. But this year, since we moved near the lake, I plan on getting a road bike and cycling around the Brandon area once again…

What do I like more between indoor and outdoor spinning?

I like both but I definitely prefer indoor spinning since it is more comfortable and you can do your workouts no matter what the weather outside is like. Cold, humidity, rain, snow… Doesn’t matter! Just spin away on your own wonderful indoor spinning bike.

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What do I recommend you?

If you have health issues preventing you from doing high impact cardio exercises, I recommend investing in a spinning bicycle. It will keep you healthy and fit all year long!

Will I get addicted to spinning?

Well, I certainly hope you won’t get as addicted to it as I am now! There is nothing like a good spinning workout and once you feel that adrenalin rush through your veins and see how much sweat there is on your face, you will understand why we all love this sport so much

Is there anyone else who has an indoor spinning bike?

Oh yes! Many people out there have them since they are really affordable and offer amazing results. And with the holidays coming up soon, what better gift for yourself can one give than their own health??

What can you do with your spinning bike in winter?

You can watch TV, you can read a book, you can go to school or take care of your family. The possibilities are endless! Just keep active and fit.

How do I use my spinning bike?

This is the best part because the possibilities are definitely endless. You can do sprints one day, ride for 30 minutes at an easy pace another day… Anything goes as long as you feel comfortable with it!! And trust me, once winter hits and there won’t be much sun outside during that time, having fun with indoor cardio workouts will help your mood tremendously!!

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Why shouldn’t you buy a spinning bike?

You should definitely get one because they are very affordable! I got mine for 200$ which is really cheap if you ask me. And it is better than the gym itself since the bikes there cost around 6$ per hour…

Are spinning bikes easy to use?

Yes, they are extremely simple to use and there are no limits when it comes to what you can do with your bike in terms of workouts.

How long would it take for me to loose weight with a spinning bike?

This all depends on how often you workout, your diet regime etc. However, in general, if you have about 3-4 spin classes each week at 30 minutes each and add some circuit training workouts here and there as well as some squats/lunges etc, you will be able to see results in one month or less!

How long do spinning bikes last?

This all depends on how often you use it and your weight. However, even if you are 200 lbs like me, I’ve been using mine for more than 6 months already and it still works just fine…

Do I need special footwear while riding my bike?

No! You just wear your regular sneakers/trainers with some straps on them. Do not wear anything that has laces since these things hurt your feet when you constantly pedal away