How the Game of Basketball has Changed

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In total, there have been 69 seasons of the NBA. The players are constantly evolving, and there are also new regulations as well. It has helped to create a unique and exciting game for viewers, and it also helps the organization to keep pushing the game towards the future too.

The 3-Point Introduction

The introduction of the 3-point came about in the year 1979. The NBA chose to absorb the American Basketball organization, which, at the time, was failing. They knew that they needed to do something fun and exciting, and that is why they decided to add the three-point shot so that they could spice things up a bit. When the NBA and ABA combined, they had an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

The problem is that even though the viewers loved the idea of having a 3-point shot, coaches, players, and more didn’t like it. They felt as though it was cheating, but now it’s become an integral part of the game. Now, if you do not choose to shoot 3-pointers, you are not likely to win the game at all. According to this has changed the world of sports betting as well because now you can place bets on how a player is going to score rather than just on the total they come out with.

No Body Checking

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Another huge rule that shook the NBA world is body checking. Hand and forearm checking was also stopped. Aggressive teams such as the Pistons were using this too much, and people felt as though things were getting out of hand.

In the year 1999, the NBA decided to create a softer game by implementing rules that would stop defensive contact with arms, hands, and bodies in the front and backcourt.

Defenders were also stopped from re-routing players off the ball. Of course, the NBA did receive a lot of criticism for allowing this change, and some people even believed that it put their defense in a fragile position as a result.

Small Ball

The rules that were implemented in the year 2000 drastically changed the way that basketball was played. The small ball rule is played by teams who sacrifice bigger men in an attempt to have smaller and more agile players.

It allows players to switch between positions while also helping them to dominate the court. The Golden State Warriors are a prime example of this, as they have Steph Curry. His outside shooting is undeniable, and it’s an essential factor when you look at their post-season success overall.

European Contribution

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Another factor that contributes to the NBA and how it has changed is the rise in international players. International players are often molded during their earlier careers as they place more of a focus on team fundamentals. US players grow up playing on various teams in their youth and they are also taught to focus on their development as individuals.

AAU can be damaging to players, but European players spend more time focusing on team development overall. This has helped the game of basketball by quite a significant amount, and it also helps them to become much more balanced in terms of team chemistry.

The Evolution of International Players

No team looks to have embraced the style of international playing more than the Spurs. When Greg Popovich was a very young man, he had a revelation after a Lithuanian team beat him. He came out with a statement saying that they didn’t just get beat, they were shown up. He had his eyes opened to the fact that there are fantastic basketballers all across the world, even if nobody at home knew about it.

Popovich then decided to incorporate this into his coaching, and he built a roster that had international players. When they won a Championship in the year 2014, they had a total of 9 foreign players. It’s with this strategy that Popovich was able to become a 3-time winner of the Coach of the Year award. He’s also come away with 5 Championship rings. R.C Buford has claimed that this is the vision that Pop had for the team.

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Manu Ginobili, who comes from Argentina, has stated that they are not going to run as fast and they certainly aren’t going to jump as high, because that’s what the Americans are doing. He believes that you need to use the tools that you have, as this is what helps them to stand out when they hit the court.

Of course, these are just a few of the many things that have changed the world of the NBA for the better. Who knows what the future holds for the teams who are partaking in the basketball league right now?