How to Bet On The 2024 Super Bowl Guide and Trends

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The Super Bowl is undoubtedly one of the biggest sporting events of the year. While the audience loves the roar and thrill, brands and companies also see it as a huge advertising opportunity. What’s more, it is also an amazing time for sports bettors.

You can experience the excitement of the game and make big money as well. What else could a bettor ask for! You may opt for betting online because there are plenty of sportsbooks that let you do it. Here are some things that you need to know before betting on the Super Bowl.

Small Bettors are Important

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When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, it is perhaps the most democratic instance of wagering. Big bettors often control the odds in smaller sporting events by throwing down big wagers on a team. This is because the number of viewers and bettors in such events is limited.

With the Super Bowl, a larger number of people bet small amounts that stack up quickly. Consequently, the big fish cannot plunk down huge bets to sway the odds. Small bettors, therefore, play a big role in this event.

Point Spreads are the Most Common

When it comes to Super Bowl betting, the point spread is the most common form of a bet. Sports fans and novice gamblers, in particular, prefer point spreads. In this form of betting, a betting line is set by oddsmakers to indicate the team that is favored to win the game and the number of points they are likely to win with.

All that the bettor has to do is to simply pick a side. They will either bet that the favorite will win the game by more than the point spread set by oddsmakers or that the underdog will win or lose it by fewer points than the spread. The spreads can change frequently, based on factors such as injuries, roster changes and a big bet placed on one team.

Over-Under Bets are Popular as Well

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Another popular form of betting in the Super Bowl is the over-under. This is done on the basis of the number of points scored in the game, rather than who wins it. For example, if the over-under is 50 and the final score in the game is 29-22, the bettors who bet on the over win the wager while those who bet the under lose it. On the other hand, all bets are returned if the game ends with 50 points scored in total.

Know the Moneyline Bets Too

Another popular way to bet on a sportsbook is by taking the Moneyline. It is similar to betting the point spread in the sense that the bettor bets on either of the teams winning the game. But the difference between the two is that there are no points involved in this form of betting.

This is one of the simplest kinds of online sports betting, which makes it ideal for the newbies to this domain. Still, you need to learn to make sense of the odds displayed by sportsbooks if you want to win with Moneyline. You can seek expert guidance as a beginner and gradually master the skill.

Prop Bets are the Amazing Part

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Prop bets are perhaps the most amazing form of betting on the Super Bowl enthusiasts because they let them bet on the craziest things. Moreover, these crazy bets are seldom offered in other games. Surprisingly, a majority of them are not related to the actual game itself but these can be super-exciting.

Prop bets can involve anything, from coin toss outcome to coin toss winner, the first or last team to score, the winning margin, longest or shortest field goal, longest or shortest touchdown, total field goals, and total touchdown. You may also see bets on something as insignificant as touchdown scorer jersey numbers or the color of the coach’s hoodie!

Be Attentive Before the Game

Betting on the Super Bowl often happens during the final 48 hours that precede the game. This is because genuine bettors do a lot of research and follow teams and players before deciding where they would place their bets. Popular sportsbooks like witness heavy traffic during the last two days before the game.

This is another thing that you should bear in mind while you bet on super bowl because the last-minute bets can change the odds significantly. Simply speaking, the longer you wait while putting your money down, the more informed will your decision be.

Don’t Expect to Make Millions

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Considering the sheer size and popularity of the Super Bowl, it is easy to think that you may make millions of dollars by betting in the event. Moreover, the different forms of betting opportunities make it apparently lucrative for bettors because it seems that they can bet on practically anything.

But the fact is that sportsbooks often cap on the bet amounts and you can wager only a specific amount. This means that you cannot expect a windfall on these bets but still have a chance of making good money if you wager smartly.

Don’t Forget the Rules of Responsible Betting

Even if the Super Bowl is an event that you may have been waiting for all year, don’t forget the rules of responsible betting in excitement. Set aside a specific amount that you would want to risk and stick to the limit, no matter how tempted you feel.

Also, talk to experts to know the best odds. Another important aspect of Super Bowl betting is to be careful with prop betting, even if you are doing it for fun. Small bets on props like coin flip are fine but it is better to wager on predictable outcomes. Being sensible and keeping an eye on the risk factors is equally vital.

Now that you know these important facts about betting on Super Bowl, you can make better decisions and more money with some smart betting choices. So go ahead and have a great betting season this year!