How To Build A Chicken Coop?

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If you want to raise chickens or have a few chickens that have simply appeared on your property, you need to make room for them. Chicken coop will give them security. You need to fence them off so as not to destroy other plants you have on the property or do any other damage. They can also be endangered if they come in contact with other animals, machines, etc.

Either way, you need to keep them under control and a chicken coop is a great way to do that. To build this space, you will need materials, tools and a well-thought-out scheme. Our advice is to opt for quality materials, because they are the most resistant to external influences. However, you can use any material. Find out in the rest of the text how to come up with the appropriate scheme or design of a chicken coop.

Exterior appearance of the space

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Each chicken coop should have two main areas. This refers to the area that is used during the night and the area that is intended for day walks. We can also divide these houses into several types. The first type is free range. This means that the chicken coop is separated from the part where the birds move freely. However, there is one drawback to this schedule. It is difficult to control poultry in this way, and their feces will be everywhere on the property. Combined chicken coop is an option for those who are serious about raising chickens, but here is a very important way to choose the size of the house and the area for walking.

There is also an indoor chicken coop that is a greenhouse converted to keep a bird. This kind of space requires constant cleaning, but it is an ideal summer home for poultry. If you can’t install a closed chicken coop, because you don’t have enough space, you can make holes in the walls of the shed or hanging cages for keeping chickens. Mobile chicken coops are characteristic of small places, because they can be moved and transported very easily. Thanks to the installed wheels, it is very easy to manage them, but it can hold a maximum of 10 chickens and they are built of light material.

Paper drawing of a chicken coop

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Now that you know what types of chickens there are, you can decide to make them together or create something completely different. You can go with one of the custom chicken coops or you can look for the inspiration from manufacturers like Aivituvin. That is why it is best to make a sketch of the space you have imagined. Its appearance is influenced by various factors such as the type and number of animals you have. In that case, you can opt for a space that does not have coral, which is the most basic. This means that it consists of a physical structure and each animal has less to move. The space with the manure is harder to make, but the chickens will have much more space here.

Take into account the weather conditions in which you live, because cold areas require a more protected chicken coop. When the temperature is mild and warm, you can build a normal chicken coop. Also consider the areas where nests will be made. Once you decide on the look of the chicken coop, you have to decide on the place where you will place it. Keep in mind that these animals really like the sun, but also the shade during the summer. It would be best to find a place near tall trees because then they can sunbathe whenever they want.

Construction process

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We are sure that you have all been waiting for this part, but it is also the most interesting part of the job. You may not need to build these houses from scratch if you already have some dog houses that you no longer use. You will also not have to start the whole procedure from the beginning if you have unused spaces such as sheds, etc. The construction process is very simple when using palaces. All you need to do is crush them and remove the blades, because that can hurt your animals. First of all, you need to make sure that you have enough material. For example, place all the boards and measure them. This way you will be sure that you do not have a shortage or excess of material. The next step is to assemble the structure. You will need a hammer, a drill and the rest of the tools for this.

You can also use a hand saw for this purpose to properly install the roof. Lay longer planks of wood on the roof. You will make the entrance with a ruler and a pencil, because you will draw the door frame. You will cut with an electric saw in the direction of the drawing. Your house must also have windows to make the chickens feel good. They must be big enough for you to put your hand through and take the eggs, but they must not be too big because the chickens could come out. This space cannot be complete without protecting the chickens from the statue. For that, you will use a plastic sheet that you would place on the chicken coop, and you can additionally fasten it with nails.

The inside of the chicken coop

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The construction of the chicken coop ends with the arrangement of its interior. This means that you have to equip it with drinkers, feeders and a nest. Place the feeders and drinkers so that the birds cannot overturn them, but you can easily replenish them when needed. Don’t forget that their health condition greatly affects egg production. You will place the nests on the darkest parts of the chicken coop, and you can make them from wood, baskets or plastic boxes.

The layout of the interior space needs to be well planned in order to clean it properly. Animals will be healthy only if you regularly clean the feces and release ammonia. It is also important to change straw bedding regularly. To protect the chickens from disease, treat the inner walls of the chicken coop with lime. Provide chickens with extra light in the winter, as this will allow them to lay eggs throughout the year.


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In addition to the listed materials, you can also use bricks if you have enough skills. This process is time consuming and more expensive than the previous one, but you can also use reinforced concrete blocks. The process will require additional insulation. Perhaps the best material is wood, and you can use boards, chipboard, OSB, etc.

Reeds are also considered if you have them in your area. It is forbidden to use materials that have pungent odors. When it comes to insulation material, you can choose styrofoam or mineral wool. Try to hide the poultry insulation well so that you don’t take it out and eat it.

Building a Coziwow chicken coop is a rewarding and practical endeavor for those looking to raise their own backyard flock. Start by designing a chicken coop that suits the size of your flock and provides ample space for each chicken. Consider essential features such as proper ventilation, insulation, and easy access for cleaning. Choose durable materials that can withstand the elements and predators. Begin the construction process by framing the chicken coops, ensuring a sturdy foundation.

Install nesting boxes, roosts, and a secure door for the chickens to enter and exit. Incorporate windows or vents to maintain good airflow. Remember to include adequate bedding and nesting material for the comfort of your feathered friends. Finally, implement a secure fencing system to protect the chickens from predators. Building a chicken coop is not only a practical step for those interested in sustainable living but also a fulfilling project that provides a safe and comfortable home for your feathered companions.


Before you start building a chicken coop, inspect the area where you plan to build it. It must be dry and must not contain protrusions. The surface must be flat, but you can also make a hole in the ground that you will fill with concrete, so you will get a solid and dry foundation.