How To Choose The Best Stylish Pendant For Your Girlfriend?

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Every woman dreams of looking elegant and attractive in all situations. This season’s fashion looks perfectly complements the various pendants. They will help to emphasize femininity and grace and attract the attention of the opposite sex.

What are the trending models? How to choose the right pendant and gift it to a dear woman? Here are answers to some of these questions.

What Does Jewelry Say About A Woman?

Jewelry is a reflection of a woman, her character and her sense of fashion. Just like clothing, jewelry reveals a great deal about her. With it, a woman can highlight her strengths or hide her disadvantages, and besides its obvious decorative role, jewelry can also be a status symbol and show belonging to a particular social group.

Cheerful and extroverted women most often wear colorful jewelry that further emphasizes their character. Decent variants and elegant jewelry can also be their choice, in which case women choose pieces with interesting attention-grabbing detail. The jewelry truly tells the story of a woman, her preferences and taste, but also her character.


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Modern brands this season offer a wide variety of women’s models that will be pleasantly surprised by their quality features, stylish performance, beauty, and attractiveness. Pendants are for young girls but also mature ladies. Beautiful pendant models will not only highlight your lady’s beauty, but will also enhance her spirit, and make her even more charming and positive.

Among the different types of jewelry, you will be in trouble to decide which option to choose from. The pendant worn around the neck will be very important this season. Keep this in mind when gifting your favorite woman. And she will also be pleased because she will be on-trend.


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This represents one of the more recent trends. A transparent pendant will appeal to every woman, regardless of age. Such pendant models exude with elegance. Models are different, so sometimes it’s hard to decide. They can be found in various forms.

Such a pendant will be a personification of lightness and charm, elegance and relaxation. At the same time, such transparent models will attract the attention of others, and your beloved girl will be able to perfectly complement her clothes with such an elegant accessory.

Personalized Engraving Pendants

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The engraving pendant will be a stylish decoration. You can make a great gift for your favorite lady. You can engrave a common portrait, a name, significant symbols for you and many other things. Such an original gift will be highly appreciated.

For example, you could give your girlfriend a heart-shaped pendant engraved on a significant date. Such a memorable thing will constantly stir up romantic feelings. Quality personalized and stylish pendants will be recognized most often by quality brands and manufacturers.

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Opt for Something Unusual

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You will buy this kind of pendant for your girl if you want to emphasize her individuality. With such a gift around her neck, your girlfriend will stand out from the crowd and be trendy at the same time.

From a wide range of products, make sure you choose a model that will suit her taste and sensibility. For example, you can choose a stylish glass pendant with real dried flowers inside. They will reveal more about the girl’s personality and also highlight her chosen outfit.

Pendants For Bracelet

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The bracelet pendants are also relevant this season. They are also called “charms”. The uniqueness of these products is that you can create your piece of artwork. The bracelet consists mainly of silver or gold chain, on which small pendants are placed usually without any order.

So, you can also gift a charm bracelet pendant to a friend as a gift of true friendship. Such gifts will make women evoke warm feelings and vivid memories. Looking at such decoration, women will relive the pleasant moments in her life.

Designers use various materials and colors of jewelry when creating such pendants. Bright and gentle, charming or glossy – they will become the expression of love and individuality of your beloved lady.

Double Is In Fashion

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Double pendants are also very trendy this season. These are interesting models with different shapes and original content. Such products are combined into a single composition.

For example, it could be a guitar and a note, a lock and a key, two halves of a heart, etc. This way you will be able to give one part to your loved one and keep the other part with you.

Such jewelry is often made of silver or gold but cheaper stainless steel pieces can also be found. However, it is far better to opt for a quality product and precious metals. Cheap materials can deteriorate very quickly. It certainly won’t be pleasant, as such pendants symbolize your relationship.

Interesting Forms

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Among the numerous models this season you can find the most interesting and unusual shapes. They will help to highlight the image, discover the individuality of the person to whom you give such a pendant.


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One of the popular forms of pendant – Yin-Yang. This symbol indicates harmony, female and male as well. It is believed that this amulet gives its owner energy, protection from all bad people, affecting that person and her destiny. This option is perfect for both women and men.

The Star Of David

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Another popular pendant, which is a combination of two triangles superimposed on each other. This model means conservation and full energy. The name of a star was given by the Jews.

There is a legend in Israel that says King David’s soldiers had a similar symbol on their shield. This pendant is used not only as a decoration but also as a charm. The model can be made of gold and silver and other metals.


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Strength and majesty – such qualities are characterized by the dragon, as well as courage, endurance, wisdom, and nobility. A symbol of light and life – this pendant unites both, masculinity and femininity.

It is believed that such a pendant will surely bring wealth, happiness and become reliable protection against harm. They can be worn by women who want to achieve career growth. At the same time, they can be successfully combined with any type of clothing.