How to Get Someone’s Attention

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Most people who have ever liked someone would wish they got noticed by their crush. While some people get their crush’s attention, others stay unseen.

Relationship expert, Monica Ray, says “you have a good chance of being noticed by your crush. However, the secret lies in being yourself and not doing too much to get their attention.”

Wondering how you can be yourself for your crush to notice you?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the subtle but effective means of getting the attention of the person you like, even if they’re your boss, colleague, a stranger, or a friend.

1. Smell Nice

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Sometimes, getting the attention of someone is as easy as wearing a great perfume.

Hyatt Simons, relationship expert at says, “it’s impossible to walk past the person you like while wearing a great cologne and not get noticed. Usually, in their heads, they’re like, who is that? It even works better if they’re not strangers; they’ll surely comment on it.”

Besides, research has shown that people who smell nice command more attention than people who don’t. Additionally, a good fragrance can boost your confidence, thus increasing your chances of being noticed.

If you’re a lady, researchers assert that perfumes with vanilla, orange, and jasmine notes can make a man think about you. While perfumes with vanilla, lavender, and sandalwood notes can make a woman want to know more about you.

2. Initiate a Discussion

While this may not be so easy, walking up to someone to initiate a conversation is a sure means to get them to notice you. This way, if they never knew you were there, they’ll begin to pay attention to your look and voice.

Besides, you don’t have to know so much about your crush to have an idea of what to say to them. Let your environment or current situation around you inspire you.

Also, making inquiries is a great way to get them to converse with you. Ask simple questions you know they’d have answers to. You can also ask for their assistance on simple issues.

3. Wear a Unique Outfit to Ignite a Conversation

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There’s no doubt that when people see shirts or even caps with inscriptions, they read it.

“By wearing an outfit that speaks a little about you, you can ignite a conversation with someone you like. Moreover, a piece of unique jewelry can even make people talk to you,” says Tommy Johnson, a marriage therapist, and author.

Say, for instance, an outfit with a caption like “I love my job” can make others ask what job you do.

So it’s up to you to use this strategy to get their attention.

4. Throw a Joke

“People who make others laugh aren’t easily forgotten,” says relationship therapist, Laurie Trump.

You can get someone to notice you if you have a good sense of humor. When you’re around them, say a nice joke to ease the tension in the room or make the room a little brighter. And, if you notice your crush hasn’t been smiling or laughing for a while, that’s also your chance to make them laugh.

Remember not to make them or anyone else around the butt of your joke, as that could pass as insensitive.

5. Say their Name

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Especially when you’re not buddies with your crush, however, share some form of connection, saying your crush’s name can help you command their attention.

Research has shown that people feel good when individuals whom they’re not close with call them by their name.

Go down memory lane yourself; has anyone ever called your name, and it made you feel special or positive? The same thing happens when your crush hears you mention their name. It just feels so personal and endearing.

6. Give Them a Compliment

Humans love to hear nice things about themselves. Thus giving compliments is a surefire way to get someone’s attention.

If there’s something you love about them, let them know by complimenting them about it. Say something like, “I love the color of your hair; it suits your skin tone.” This way, you’ll get them to smile or feel positive about their day.

7. Show them Preferential Treatment

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“When you go out of your way to help anyone, they’ll be quick to notice your effort. They start asking themselves why you’re being kind to them. So this action automatically makes them think about you,” says Cedric Howland, a relationship expert.

You can show them preferential treatment by buying them a cup of coffee if you share the same workspace or attend the same school, or doing something as simple as helping them pick up an object that fell. This attitude simply helps you warm your way into their heart.

Moreover, the best part of being kind to the person you like is they become appreciative of you and even try to return the favor, thus, drawing them closer to you.

8. Smile

People who smile a lot are never short of attention.

This is because they exude a positive aura that attracts everyone to them. They’re the ones who are easy to talk to and are the ones whom everyone can compliment. People even wonder why they’re joyful.

Besides, a study has shown that smiling can be enchanting for both men and women. So next time you’re around your crush, grin from ear to ear. However, don’t overdo it.

9. Talk Around Them

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If you don’t want to be too direct in getting someone to notice your presence, instead of talking to them directly, you can talk to others when they are around.

When you find yourself in the same gathering as them, engage in conversations that reflect your reasoning.

If it’s in a casual meeting with your friends, you can seize the opportunity to say anything that’ll make them hear your voice. The magic lies in keeping it modest but sensible and interesting.

10. Get Flirty

Subtle flirting makes you appear interesting and upbeat. Also, it’s a daring act that can get the attention of the other person.

A good way to flirt with someone is to let them have your phone chat line. From there, you’ll set the ball rolling for more conversations.

Finally, imagine wearing an outfit with a captivating inscription while dosed in an enchanting perfume or wearing a great smile, then complimenting your crush; no doubt, you’ll get them to notice you. This means, combining the above tricks is sure to make the person you like notice you.