Does a Metal Roof Lower Your Home Insurance?

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Metal roofing has become popular due to its durability and resistance abilities. So, you might be considering installing a new metal roof in your home. However, you can’t move forward before understanding if you will get any discounts from your insurance provider.

So, does a metal roof lower your home insurance? A quick answer is, it depends on many factors. Some insurance providers will be happy that you have installed a new metal roof, while others will not care whether you have upgraded.

Some insurance providers will offer reduced premium rates and discounts, while others will not provide any discounts. It is your duty to investigate the terms and conditions of your insurance provider.

In this article, you will learn whether your home insurance premium will reduce after installing a metal roof. You’ll be informed of the insurance discounts on metal roofs and the benefits of installing a metal roof.

Will Your Home Insurance Premiums Go Down After Installing A Metal Roof?

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Many homeowners struggle to understand their insurance provider’s policies and terms and conditions. So, it’s always advisable to keep yourself updated on the policy terms to qualify for any compensation or lower premium rates.

For instance, does upgrading your roof to a metal roof reduce your premium rates? A simple answer is that it depends, so we cannot assure you that your insurance provider will lower your premium rates.

That said, some homeowners report a lower premium rate after upgrading to a metal roof. Mostly, after our client replaces the wood shake roof with premium metal roofing, there is a high probability of lower premium rates. Therefore, it is logical that wood shakes are highly flammable and have an increased risk of water damage.

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However, not all insurance providers will consider the upgrade as reason enough to lower your premium rates. Some insurance companies will brush off the fact that your home will be more secure after the upgrade.

To prevent frustrations after the turn of events, always make inquiries with your insurance agent before making any roofing decision. Your insurance provider has the final say. Although it makes sense to enjoy all sorts of discounts after upgrading to a metal roof, unfortunately, every insurance company has their own terms and conditions. You can also learn more about metal roofing on this website.

So, call your insurance provider and have a lengthy discussion about what discounts come with your huge investment. If your insurance provider sticks to a no discount, you can go ahead and upgrade your home altogether.

A metal roofing will increase your home’s curb appeal and is not flammable, thus offering extra protection.

Some Insurance Discounts for A Metal Roof

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Installing a metal roof gives you some benefits and discounts. However, it would help to understand that not all metal roofs will be classified to enjoy premium insurance discounts. Today, we have a range of metal roofs ranked and rated based on durability and resistance.

So, if you are a lucky homeowner, you can get the following discounts from your home insurance company,

The Impact Resistance Discount

For instance, if you live in a region that is prone to heavy hailstorms, you need to install a metal roof with a Class 4 impact rating. It is your duty as a homeowner to invest in more protective roofing based on your region.

So, why do you need a Class 4 impact rating roof if you live in a hailstorm-prone area?

For starters, a metal roof is classified as the Class 4 impact rating after passing the UL test standard 2218. The test involves dropping steel balls on the roofing material to simulate the effect of hail and not show any damage.

However not all insurance companies will grant you an impact-resistant discount, some are happy with the roof installation and will provide you with a discount.

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The Fire Resistance Discount

The fire resistance discount is not as common as the impact resistance discount, and most insurance companies do not offer it. However, if you reside in a wooded location where wildfires are a risk, investing in a fire-resistant metal roof can earn significant discounts.

In such a situation, we recommend a metal roof with a Class A fire rating. The roof is non-combustible and can last up to four hours before it catches fire. So, discuss with your insurance company and enquire if they offer the fire resistance discount.

A New Roof Discount

Ideally, an insurance company should be happy when you install a new metal roof. This is because a new roof reduces the chances of leak claims or claims associated with damage. Therefore, you should qualify for a new roof discount after installing a new metal roof to your home. That said, the discount given will depend on the material used, steel, aluminum, or copper.

Now, you are conversant with the discounts that come along with installing a new metal roof. However, as we had already discussed, these discounts apply only to several insurance companies. So, always confirm with your home insurance provider to enquire if you qualify for the discounts.

Benefits of Installing a New Metal Roof

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Maybe after calling your home insurance provider to enquire about the possibility of a discount, you got a negative response. Although It is heartbreaking, you have to look at the bigger picture. You are the homeowner, and a good roof over you translates to peace of mind.

So, how will you benefit from installing a new metal roof?

  • You may get lower insurance premium rates.
  • A metal roof is long-lasting (lasts for 50years or more) and needs less maintenance.
  • Metal roofs are fire-resistant thus non-combustible.
  • Metal roofing is an eco-friendly roofing option for the simple fact that it is recyclable

Final Word

Buying a new metal roof is a significant investment and requires a lot of money to pull the investment. Therefore, you would not mind a pat on your back from your home insurance provider. A discount or a lowered premium rate will do you some justice.

However, some insurance providers don’t care about your upgrade thus won’t reduce premium rates. So, despite the turn of the events, you shouldn’t get discouraged. Instead, pick a make-over that assures you of a long-lasting solution to your roofing problems.