How to Play Retro Games Using Emulators on PC/Phone


The biggest question is how you can play old, retro games today. The obvious task is to have a retro console and to be able to find the actual ones. There are a few drawbacks here. First of all, those consoles are old and most don’t work as they should. Some are even expensive. Finding them is almost impossible and also an expensive task. An easy alternative is to get an emulator and to download the ROMs from Gamulator. Let’s see how this works.

Get an emulator

Regardless of the fact are you planning to play the games on your PC or a smartphone, you will need the same type of software. You will need an emulator. It is defined as a piece of software that can work on a specific platform but mimic the operating system of another device. In other words, a GameBoy Advance software can be installed on a PC, like any other software but it will use the operating system of GameBoy Advance. This is precisely what you need.

Keep in mind that some of these are developed for PC only while others are made for phones. Here we have another difference. Some emulators work only on Android while others work only on iOS devices. Tablets are obviously supported.

As such, the first step is to find an emulator that can be used for games you want to play but can be installed on a device you will actually use. There are a lot of possibilities out there so we are unable to go into specifics. Some emulators can be used for different ones, developed for different platforms while others are made for just one platform.

Get ROMs

A ROM is nothing more than a game that was copied in ISO, ZIP or RAR format. These are just examples. There are so many file formats out there that we cannot even list all of them. You can make the ROM file as well. But, you will need the official game’s cartridge and you will need a link between the game and a computer. Also, this is a complicated task that requires plenty of time and usually has some errors you will need to tackle. Once again, there is a smarter way.

The best thing to do is to download the ROM or ROMs. You can find literally any game that was ever developed and once you do, you will be able to play it. Don’t forget that these files can have a huge size so you will need a fast internet connection.

Load the ROM

Here we can see the third step. You can use it for phone and PC emulators and the process is actually the same. First of all, you will have to open the emulator and to find an open or load button. Click on it and you will see a browse window. Locate the ROM you want to open and load it. The game will start immediately.

Configure controls

Here is an important step. Most of you will play games using a touchscreen and there is no need to change that. But, some players will want to play it using a controller. If you are one of them, you need to install controller drivers first. Then, go to options in the emulator and find controls. Simply adjust them as you need.

With most emulators, you will have to assign specific controls to each button. Click on the button and then press the button on the joystick. Do the same for all the buttons you are planning to use. In addition, save the profile with your name. That’s why another player can create his own profile and won’t have to delete yours.

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The final word

Playing retro games on PC or smartphone is easier than it sounds. You need a few basic things and you can do it with any computer, even old ones. Just follow the steps we have explained above and you will be able to enjoy like never before. Yes, this is a free method you can use and it comes without any limitations, but you may need some time to find the most suitable emulator.