Learn How to Play the Piano Online – 5 Basic Tips

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Whichever instrument that you want to learn to play, the first steps are always the toughest ones. It seems like a complex thing when you first time sit in front of a piano.

Yet, we have noticed that many people think that playing piano online is easier. Well, we do not want to say that this way of thinking is not correct. However, the first steps remain a bit complex. You need to do a couple of things before you start playing it even in this form.

So, this article won’t improve your piano playing skills. For something like that, you need to hire someone to teach you or to try to improve them alone. Of course, it is okay if everything seems difficult to you.

Not everyone can learn how to play the piano online alone. If you plan to ask for help, then we suggest you visit knowyourinstrument.com and check their online piano lessons. We are sure you will teach many technics and methods there.

Anyway, before you pick one of the two methods that we suggested, you should go through 5 steps. These 5 steps will make your piano teaching a lot easier.

Let’s get started.

Learn Piano Notes

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Okay, this is literally the first thing you should do before you even sit in front of a piano. All those black and white buttons seem confusing and they produce different sound, don’t they?

For start, you should remind yourself of the first 7 letters of the alphabet. However, we are sure that you know them very well. When you use the first seven buttons on the piano, you will start to grasp the cadence of notes. It will be clear how each button sounds.

Actually, this will become quite important one day when you become a more experienced piano player.  Many of them do not have to know the notes of some song. They simply play piano by ear because they understand which notes they need to use.

So, the easiest way to remember the notes (letters) is to sing The Sound of Music. More precisely, we talk here about Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do.  Find the middle note C on your piano and start singing while move your finger to the right keys. We suggest you repeat this process many times.

Learn Piano Keys

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Well, there is one small pieces of advice that we need to share with you. We suppose that you tried out the previous method that we shared. Yet, we are sure that you used your index finger, right? Eventually, you were using all the fingers for each piano button.

Well, it is important to learn that your thumb needs to be on C. Despite that, you should use your pinky when you press the eighth note.

Keep in mind that piano has 88 keys. Every piano beginner will have the chance to experiment things. It is okay if start with the instructions that you get online. Still, when you finish everything, the technic that you will use depends on you. You will find the one that will ensure an easy piano playing.

Learn Note Lengths

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Now, when you know piano notes and keys, the next thing you should do is learning note lengths. If you are a true music lover, then you know that music comes in different shapes, sizes, and sounds. The length of each note is something that makes music even more entertaining. Despite that, it makes the piano skills improvement a lot more interesting.

The first thing you should know is that there are four different types of notes. Those four types are – whole, half, quarter, and eighth. The whole note is actually the four beats long. We can say it is a full bar as well. The half note is exactly the half of the whole note. In the other words, it is two beats long. We recommend you split the notes to get shorter notes within a bar of song.

Logically, the quarter note is ¼ of the whole note, while eighth note is 1/8 of the full bar.

Yet, there is one thing you should know. When you learn to play piano online, you need to use the beat to understand the notes better. They need to fit into each bar on the stuff. More precisely, the rests between the notes are also crucial for making a high-quality song.

Use the Benefits of Internet Technology

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Despite online piano lessons, there is one thing that might be helpful. For something like that, you only need to have a stable Wi-Fi connection. There are different applications and games online that can help you improve your piano skills.

For instance, some apps will offer you notes and they will give you a visual explanation of how you should play a certain song. Your task would be to follow the instructions that the app gives you. We suppose that you will find apps that have different levels. Logically, you will start with a basic level because you are not still ready to follow the instructions “faster”.

This maybe won’t directly make you become a better piano player. Yet, it will help you to understand how to properly follow the beat. As we said, the rest between the notes is equally important for the song. You need to upgrade your sense for recognizing the right moment to play a certain note.

Exercise Every Single Day!

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You are using Internet every single day for social media, right? Well, you should replace the usage of social media with online piano practicing. We already suggested one of the courses that you should visit. We suggest you go through at least one class each day. There is a good reason why we tell you this.

Keep in mind that piano is not an instrument that you can easily learn to play. It is necessary that you put the piano keys, notes and note lengths in your subconciousnes. Until you do that, it is necessary to repeat them every day. Our suggestion is to exercise at least 3 hours per day. If there’s place for more, do not use it on some other things.