How to Use a Chainsaw Without Hurting Yourself

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Mastering the art of using a chainsaw is not a daily task, but it requires training.

Expecting a beginner to use a chainsaw and not to hurt themselves is impossible. The machine itself is massive, and when powered up, it can chop off anything that gets in its way.

Some people would rather stay away from this tool, whereas others are excited about doing their DIY work around the house. If you fall into the latter category, you must should this article before you proceed with chainsawing.

But beware. Getting used to a chainsaw is hard work, so most people would instead let the experts handle it. Yet, if you still want to learn to use it without hurting yourself, keep reading.

How to Use a Chainsaw Safely

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Operating a chainsaw can be dangerous. Therefore, putting on protective gear before using it is essential. An inexperienced person may end up hurting themselves and others, so training is required beforehand.

When Not to Use a Chainsaw

Firstly, don’t use a chainsaw if the weather is terrible, such as wind, heavy rain, etc. Don’t cut anything that is above shoulder height.

Never operate a chainsaw when you’re drunk or under the influence of drugs. You should also not use this tool when you’re alone or standing on a ladder.

Wear Protective Gear

The protective gear you should wear when working with a chainsaw includes work gloves, a helmet, steel-capped boots, earmuffs, goggles, and chainsaw safety trousers. Additionally, your entire body should be covered in heavy clothes so that the scraps don’t scratch and bruise you.

Inspect the Chain

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Always check the tension of the chainsaw and tighten it before you use it. If the chain comes loose, which it might do after several uses, you can severely injure yourself. Besides, you must inspect new strings as they become free after 20 minutes, and fix old chains after an hour of use.

Consider the Distance

Before you ignite the engine of the chainsaw, move 10 feet away from where you fuelled it. What’s more, other people or objects should be three to five meters away from you when you’re working with a chainsaw.

Plan and analyze all outcomes before using this machine. For example, consider which angle a tree may fall when you cut it.

Furthermore, if you’re going to be moving around while using the chainsaw, hold it by the front handle using your left hand. It would help if you did this to prevent a sudden acceleration.

Don’t walk around with the chainsaw running. Please turn it off or activate the chain brake to prevent accidents. The guide bar guard of the chainsaw should also be put on for protection.

Run Maintenance

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Lastly, when you own a chainsaw, you should run a maintenance test every month to ensure it lasts. For instance, use a chainsaw sharpener such as these at to sharpen the equipment to keep it sharp and in good condition.

How to Practice Using a Chainsaw

You must maintain a few rules when you’re practicing with a chainsaw in your backyard. The crucial factors are the grip, posture, decluttering, and safe powering of the machine.


One trick is to hold the chainsaw close to your body, which will make it feel lighter. This way, you can cut for a long time without getting tired.

Keep a firm grip on the front and back handles, and your thumb and fingers should be wrapped entirely around the stem. Hold the left thumb under the front handle in case of a kickback.

A chainsaw is massive and powerful, so use both your hands to cut. When the machine is on, and the chain is moving, don’t cut anything with the kickback zone.


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Never curve your spine when using a chainsaw. Just bend your knees so that you don’t hurt your back. You should also never overreach or squat down when handling this tool.

Your body should be balanced when you’re working with a power tool. Stand with your feet wide apart with the left foot in front of the right foot. Believe it or not, this wide stance gives the best balance!


You have to remove any clutter when you’re working with a power tool such as a chainsaw. Get rid of any nails, screws, or trip hazards.

Make sure that the surface you’re working on is smooth and precise. An uneven or wet floor may cause you to slip and hurt yourself, especially when you’re handling a chainsaw.

Safely Powering

Not only should you know how to handle a chainsaw, but you should also know how to power it safely. Never power a chainsaw on wet surfaces.

It’s better to use an outdoor extension cord to power this equipment. But be careful not to trip over the wire or accidentally cut the cord with the chainsaw.

How to Maintain a Chainsaw

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Taking care of your chainsaw is very important. Your chainsaw may be more dangerous to handle if it’s not well-maintained.

Clean the machine thoroughly at least once a month. Soak the chain in a solution of water and ammonia for half an hour to clean it. Rub the grime with a brush, then rinse to finish.

Spray fuel additives or compressed air onto the carburetor to clean it. Soak the cover plate, needle valves, and diaphragm in the ammonia-water solution. The air filter can be wiped with soapy water to get rid of debris.

Don’t forget to oil the chainsaw regularly to avoid causing friction between the chain and the guide bar. Put in gas that will last for about a month and make sure that you’re using new gas every time.


You should wear protective gear when you’re using your chainsaw. Although some people would rather avoid wearing this equipment, if you’re reading this article, you must be aware of its purpose.

Try to cut small objects first before moving onto more significant projects.

Finally, beware of the clutter lying around that may cause injuries, and never use a chainsaw in lousy weather.