Want A Pool: Finances Guide

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You might be thinking that it is finally time to build a swimming pool in the back of your yard, but you feel like the price is still too steep. And both we and almost everyone who owns one agrees with you.

Just the construction process of such a thing can cost thousands of dollars and when you take in the planning and then the maintenance costs, it can rack up to a lot of money which is out of your budget.

However, the maintenance price heavily depends on how you use it, how you treat it and the quality of chemicals you buy for it. There are also several steps you can follow to ensure that you make your pool a bit more cost-efficient than it already is. So, if you do not want to make your monthly bills any bigger than it is right now, you will definitely need a financial guide.

Keep in mind, if you want to save bigger amounts of money, you will need to be quite strict on yourself on a day-to-day basis. The more you try to save on the maintenance cost, the less money you will have to fork out at the end of the month.

Here are some ways you can save a bit of money if you have a swimming pool.

Get a pool cover

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This is probably one of the most important things we have to mention. Not only will this help you save a bit of money, but it can also save you the hassle of having to constantly clean the pool from outside debris, leaves, bugs and a bunch of other stuff that may enter during the night.

It will also ensure that the water inside of it will evaporate much more slowly because the heat gets trapped under the cover. So, if you have a water heater, you won’t have to keep it on throughout the whole day, wasting energy.

Add the needed chemicals by yourself

A great way to save on some cash is to simply take care of it yourself. If you are used to hiring workers to keep your pool up to date with all the needed chemicals, that’s fine. But if you are maintaining it on a budget then maybe you should consider doing most of the work on your own.

Keep in mind, if you decide that you are going to do everything by yourself you will have to make sure that you do it on time. You cannot leave the pool without all the needed chemicals because it may fill up with things that may cause issues.

Algae might start building up on the bottom or maybe in the filtration system which can be quite an issue. You will then have to drain it, clean it and then refill it again. This can cost you a lot of money which is why you must always be on time with the maintenance tasks.

Turn of unnecessary features

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You might have installed interesting features in your pool to make it more fun for your kids, family or friends, but using them can make your energy bill a lot higher than you would want it to be. So, if you do not see any reason why you should use them at the moment turn them off. You should also turn them off if no one is swimming.

If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of how much a swimming pool in your own backyard can cost you, check out this guide.

There is no need to constantly use the filter

A lot of people believe that you have to constantly have the filtration system online, but they have no explanation why. The truth is, you need the filter to be on when people are using the pool.

If you know the times when it’s most used then you should know when the filter needs to run. The less time it runs, the smaller your energy bills which are definitely what everyone wants.

Get a more efficient pump

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One of the biggest reasons why the pool needs so much energy spent so it can be maintained is because of the pump. Cheaper and more common pumps need to work all day long at one constant speed to constantly move the water through the filter.

You can reduce the use of energy by purchasing a pump with a variable speed. You can adjust it to work at a higher speed during the day and at a much lower speed at the night.

Believe it or not, such a pump can actually save you more than $1,000 in energy bills in just one year. Although it heavily depends on the type of pump you purchase. Some have only two levels of speed while more expensive ones have multiple points of variable speed.

Lower the temperature of your heater

Sure having a pool inside of your pool is a great way to keep it useful even through those cold summer days or nights. There is nothing better than getting into water that has a temperature much higher than that of the outside weather.

However, there is no reason to leave it constantly on even when it is scorching hot outside. The sun will warm up the water, either way, there is no need for the heater to waste energy. Even if it is cold outside if you do not plan on swimming in your pool turn them off.

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There is also another way of lowering the energy bill while still keeping your water inside of your pool quite warm. How you might ask? It is actually quite simple. When contractors first set up your heaters for the water they crank up the thermostat on them on maximum.

The temperature they are trying to achieve is simply impossible the reach which means they are constantly working at full power. You can easily lower the temperature on the thermostat and you will instantly notice how much your bill will reduce this next month.