How To Wash A Thermos After Tea Or Coffee Attack?

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Among the kitchen utensils, thermos occupies a special place. It cannot be attributed to everyday items, but sometimes it is difficult without it. We use it on travels, for healing, and brew tea. Unfortunately, long-term storage of hot fluid adversely affects the condition of the flask. Tea blossoms appear on its walls and scallops. The question is – how to get rid of annoying pollution and clean a thermos without compromising its integrity? Before cleaning, we’ll pay attention to the main part of the thermos – the bottle. After all, concern for a thermos depends directly on the quality of the material it is made of.

Types Of Thermos Bottles

There are two types of bottles: stainless steel or reflective (mirror) glass. Both materials are suitable for storing liquids but respond differently to their long presence. A glass bottle usually brings less fuss – you don’t have to deal with maintenance for long. Wash it with soap, rinse with clean water and dry the thermos. If your thermos bottle is made of stainless steel, be prepared for the frequent plaque formation. Metals react more actively to the liquid medium and easily absorb different smells and various impurities.

Cleaning Methods

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If you can’t clean the old one, maybe it’s time to buy a new thermos. Be very careful when choosing and purchasing. Cheaper doesn’t always mean the better. According to Kool8, choosing a thermos is not always easy. Will you opt for a design or a material that will allow your thermos to last longer? Maybe you can find a thermos that meets both criteria? One thing is sure though. Whichever thermos you choose, you will need to clean and maintain it regularly.

Now let’s talk about the cleaning. Interesting, but you don’t need to go to the economic department to qualitatively clean your thermos. All necessary cleaning products are available in your kitchen. Choose for yourself one of the many time-tested ways.

Baking Soda – An Easy Recipe

Plain bicarbonate also helps suppress tea stains. Take two tablespoons of baking soda. Place them in a bottle and pour boiling water. After an hour, add a handful of salt or a dry eggshell to the solution. Tighten the lid and shake the content well. Pour out the solution and rinse the flask. A soft salt or shell-shaped abrasive will remove the hard parts of the plaque. The soda will dissolve its finest particles, shining your thermos with perfect clarity.

Citric Acid

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Our favourite citric acid is often used to clean different surfaces. It won’t let you down in the fight against tea stains. Pour a tablespoon of citric acid into a thermos. Pour over boiling water, close the bottle and wait for the water to cool. Pour the solution and rinse the flask with warm and cold water. If the stains don’t go away in the first attempt, repeat the procedure until it is completely clear.


Fill the thermos bottle with a quarter volume of apple cider vinegar. Add the remaining amount of boiling water. Let it cooks for a few hours. Then pour out the solution and rinse the thermos with cold water.

Preventive Care

To avoid extremes in attempting to clean a thermos from tea or coffee stains, it is wiser to follow simple prevention methods. To avoid buying a new thermos, wash it well after every use. Do not be lazy and let the small particles of scale or plaque walk along the walls of the flask. Remove them on time. With regular care, extensive contamination simply does not occur.