Naa Music – What’s Unique about it

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Naa Music is a very unique type of music that’s very popular in India, but if you aren’t from there, chances are that you’ve never heard about it. If you’ve watched a film from the Indian cinematography, you might’ve run into a scene that features a song of this type, but since it’s not a really popular genre outside of India, you didn’t realize that you’re listening to a Naa Song.

Today we’re talking about Naa Music in general and addressing why is it so unique and popular amongst the Indian people, as well as giving you a few reasons to give it a chance yourself as well.

Why is Naa Music so unique?

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Naa Music is unique because the instruments used in producing it are not familiar to the rest of the world. One of the many examples for this is the “Venu” instrument used in most of the songs. It’s an Indian Woodwind Instrument that can play more than 2.5 Octaves. Basically, it’s an eight-hole bamboo flute but it sounds completely different than any other flute you’ve heard before.

For Indian Classical Music, this Venu is considered to be sacred and ancient. It’s designed out of a bamboo tree and it can also be found in Tamil and Malayalam Music as well. Along with the Veena instrument and the power of the human voice, these three elements all together form the sacred sound of the ancient Indian music.

What is the Theme of Naa Music?

The Theme of almost all Indian songs is usually the celebration of life. If you’ve ever watched a film from Bollywood or heard an Indian song before, although you don’t really understand the lyrics of the song, you’ve probably noticed that they sound pretty happy and uplifting. Unlike other genres of music, it is very rare to find a sad or melancholic song in India. Lyrics are mostly comic, uplifting, happy and cherishing.

How did Naa Music make a Rise?

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Just like we mentioned above, Naa Music is heavily used in the Indian movie industry, and when it comes to promoting it, both things go together. The soundtrack is promoting the film and the film is giving enough exposure to the song, which is honestly an amazing way of marketing. Feel free to visit naasongsmp3 if you are interested in hearing a few tracks and decide for yourself whether you like them or not.

Is Naa Music expected to become popular worldwide?

Indian music is already very famous in India, obviously, but when you take the rise of their entire culture on the internet, we wouldn’t be surprised if some Indian songs start taking place on some of the global charts. If Spanish music can have billions of views, why wouldn’t Indian songs make success in this field as well? It’s no secret that India is currently trying their best to promote on the internet as a modern country that follows the latest trends, and one of the biggest examples for this is their T-Series channel on YouTube that took away the throne from the famous Swedish superstar known as PewDiePie that had the most subscribers on YouTube for many years now.