8 Ways That You Can Improve Your Cat’s Health

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Any cat owner will agree that cats bring so much joy to their lives and that they will do anything in their power to keep their furry friend healthy and give them a great life.

Pet parents only want what is best for their pets, and there are several things that cat owners can do to keep their cat healthy and extend their life.

Below are some activities that you can do almost every day to help improve your cat’s health and ensure that they live their best life.

img source: pexels.com

1. Increase the water uptake of your feline friend

Cats that drink more water will be able to expel toxins and harmful irritants that could result in urinary infections and kidney problems. Cats are natural desert dwellers and got most of their water from prey. It is therefore up to you as a cat parent to ensure your cat gets all the water they require from their food and water bowl.

Here are some ideas to incorporate into your cat’s life to improve the water intake of your furry friends:

  1. Supply fresh water throughout the day. Cats are fussy and will prefer fresh water from a regularly filled water bowl. Sometimes it may be necessary to replenish their water bowl 3 or 4 times over a 24-hour period.
  2. Avoid dry food. Canned and raw food contains more water and is an easy way to get your cat to “drink” more water.
  3. Add chicken broth or tuna water from the can to the water bowl. Just make sure to monitor the sodium content.
  4. Invest in a fountain. Cats love running water and will enjoy drinking from a tiny fountain of fresh water. This also stops them from going for the tap every time it is in use.

2. Consider a new diet

A healthy diet will help maintain a healthy weight. Commercial dry food often contains a lot of carbohydrates and not a lot of protein.

There’s nothing wrong from a nutritional perspective but Commercial dry food tends to be processed more heavily and is the cat equivalent of a microwave meal. We can absolutely survive on microwave meals, but it wouldn’t be all that healthy for you.

If your cat is becoming overweight, then swapping their diet to a raw diet (like the amazing raw food offered by Bella and Duke) or canned food, as this will increase their protein uptake and help balance their weight.

Cats are fussy eaters, so consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your cat’s diet. You will also have to slowly introduce new foods by mixing it with their existing diet. Visit here to find out 20 surprising foods that are safe for cats.

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3. Reduce Environmental Stress

Some cats are highly strung, and environmental stressors have been linked to urinary and reproductive diseases.

Any environmental changes can result in stress, like a new family member or pet, a house move, or even new decor. It is up to cat parents to eliminate environmental stressors or allow your cat to have a safe space when they are feeling stressed.

Here are some cat care tips that will reduce stress:

  1. Clean the litter box every day. A dirty litter box will stress out most cats, and they will refuse to use it.
  2. Stick to one litter brand. Cats don’t enjoy change, and this holds true for their litter box. Try to stick to one litter brand with a familiar feel and smell.
  3. Create a safe space where your cat can escape and hide when they are feeling stressed or unsafe. Include all your cat’s toys, as well as their food and water bowls, and a soft bed, so they can rest away from the stressor.
  4. Adding feline pheromones to a space will calm down most anxious cats, especially female cats.

4. Enrich your cat’s life

Indoor cats live a safer life, but they still need a lot of enrichment, and it is up to you to provide it. Here are some ideas to enrich the life of your cat:

  1. Build or buy your cat a perch so they can view the comings and goings of the household from a safe space up high.
  2. Invest in food puzzles and toys that dispense treats to stimulate your cats mind.
  3. Many cats enjoy a good chase, and toys that move will improve their natural hunting abilities. Toys on ropes or a battery-operated mouse will keep them entertained for hours. A laser pointer is also a great way to entertain a bored feline.
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5. Find a cat-friendly vet and visit regularly

Sometimes your cat will need the help of veterinary medicine, so schedule regular visits to your cat to check for underlying diseases that you might not be aware of.

If your cat is displaying new behaviour, not eating, or being lethargic, schedule a vet visit as soon as possible.

6. Regular brushing

Although cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, sometimes they need the help of humans to remove loose hair and grime.

If you brush your cat every day, you will prevent them from ingesting (and spitting up) hair.

7. Train to use a scratching post

Lions and leopards love a good scratch against a tree, and the same holds true for your domestic cat.

They take care of their claws by scratching, so getting them used to a scratching post is the best way to help your cat’s claws stay healthy.

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8. Focus on your cat’s teeth

Your cat won’t be able to tell you if he has a tooth infection, so it is up to you to be proactive about their dental health.

Brushing their teeth daily is the best way to prevent dental disease. Raw bones and certain toys can help remove tartar and plaque buildup.

Final Thoughts

Cats are pretty resilient, but if you follow the eight tips above you will make sure your cat will live a long and happy life in the comfort of your home.