11 Pro Tips to Increase Productivity in the Diamond Drilling Process

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The Diamond Drilling sector continues to look for ways to increase productivity, lower the cost of drilling and save time with the drilling process. The best drilling companies know how to provide maximum value to the client.

Diamond drilling is a complex procedure. The drilling equipment comes at a high cost, so getting the most out of it is vital. When you know the techniques to improve drilling operations, you will be able to deliver the fastest results with the best quality services.

It assures higher productivity and higher quality results. Higher productivity will help you to get the job done at less expense. It will save a lot of your time and effort.

This article focuses on the key factors to boost and quantify productivity in the drilling process.

1. Boost Your Rate of Penetration (ROP)

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ROP plays an influential role in diamond drilling. It makes the drilling process economical. The higher the ROP, the smoother the functioning of drilling. You will be able to drill through hard material efficiently.

To taste the ROP, find the highest levels of drilling parameters per the rock condition. I will make you check the crown configuration and best core bit for the ground type. Weight on Bit (WOB), Rotation Speed (RPM), and Water Circulation will help you find accurate ROP.

2. Safety Program

A certified safety program will ensure that the client can be assured of safe results whenever a driller goes to carry out the task.

The company’s moral responsibility is to provide the safest working environment and safe culture where the workers know they have the right to stop unsafe work. Your client will choose you again if you show consistency and safety in drilling operations.

3. Invest in a Good Equipment

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The drilling equipment includes drill rods, reamers, core lifters, core barrels and bits. The quality of the equipment will decide the quality of your drilling. Cheap equipment will not give you accurate and precise results.

Poor quality drilling machines waste your time and money. To obtain maximum results, ensure to buy drilling and sawing machines of high quality. I will do the job faster and with precision.

4. Get the Right Size of the Drill and Know it Well

Choose the most suitable drill for the drilling performance. It will easily penetrate through the targeted area without breaking a sweat. There are various diamond drills available. Each is for a specific purpose. Before you purchase a drill, make sure that you have carefully read the instructions and conditions to have the right size drill bit.

5. Use Higher Crowns

The bit does not last forever, but it is possible to extend the life of bits. Higher crowns in hard ground reduce the number of times one requires to stop the drilling process. Various configurations are available for crowns, such as 16 mm, 20mm, and 26mm. A higher crown is ideal for deep drilling operations.

6. Use Additives

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Drilling fluid additives reduce operational costs. It also improves performance in many ways. It lowers the risk of stalling operations and lubricates drilling equipment. Additives are also available for specific types of ground. Be it sandy holes, abrasive holes, collapsing holes, or dry holes; there is an additive to smoothen the process and reduce effort and time.

7. Fit the Equipment As Per the Situation

Inspect the drilling site before you begin the operation. Choose the equipment on the ground conditions of the site. Consider the ground’s hardness, competency, and abrasiveness; it will help you decide the choice of core lifter system, core barrel, and drill rods. It will also increase your productivity, but it requires experience and knowledge.

8. Keep Yourself Updated With New Technology

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New technology and practical design solutions are critical in delivering productivity gains and cost-effectiveness. Over the years, innovative technologies have improved the drilling process. CADrillers’ engineered expertise provides innovative solutions that make our drill operation more efficient. Knowledge of a broad range of technologies will enhance the drilling performance across all drilling operations.

9. Learn Troubleshooting

Without troubleshooting knowledge, you can get stuck, and the process can get on hold. Try to learn a few things about minor repairs when you buy your tools, such as taking out debris stuck in the core or what kind of lubricant will be helpful.

It will also improve the productivity of drilling operations. One has to be sincere with the tools that one is dealing with; it will allow you to achieve the results that you have expected without any trouble.

10. Maintenance

Inspect your equipment at a regular interval and make sure that all parts are functioning correctly. It is an essential part to get expected results. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your equipment. Below points will help you to understand the care:

  • Inspect the rods’ threats, and make sure they are coated with thread compound
  • Lubricate the equipment and keep it properly
  • Use degreaser in tough spots

A piece of well-maintained equipment will optimise the drilling operation.

11. Get Organized

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Plan well in advance when you are not drilling. Planning and organizing are essential for the drilling operation. One should prepare a detailed list of required things for the drilling project; it includes everything from the drilling equipment to documents and all other aspects of the project. Anything you forget could cause significant delays in drilling.


Experts are needed to complete a diamond drilling operation, they can perform the drilling services with utmost precision and accuracy.

There are teams that are certified for the drilling operations and maintain high-quality standards. Experienced, trained and accredited professionals can perform drilling with all methods, ensuring all the drilling services meet safety standards in the highest possible manner.

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