5 Ways to Increase the Range of Your Electric Scooter – 2024 Guide

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Electric scooters are one of the popular means of transport particularly proving their usefulness in urban areas where using a car is pretty strenuous, if even possible. Although an electric scooter can get you to places where only a few other vehicles can, it still has limitations regarding the range it can cover before its battery runs out. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase the range of your electric scooter as well as ways of improving the efficiency of your ride.

Whether you use your electrical vehicle for going to work or you simply enjoy riding a scooter to relax from everyday activities, the range is something that you cannot be satisfied with enough, and every improvement you could possibly apply in order to extend the amount of riding time is both desired and more than necessary.

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Although you should have worried about the life of your battery before acquiring your new scooter, there are still ways to make it up for the low range your ride provides and means of making the most of the machine in your possession. Therefore, we shall provide you with different pieces of advice you might find interesting and implement them to prolong the range and enjoy riding your e-scooter more than you are accustomed to.

In this post from https://iscoot.com.au/, you can read through the following lines carefully and try to figure out what are the suggestions that could prove their usefulness and help you improve your riding conditions.

Almost every suggestion listed below is easy to be applied to an e-scooter, so all you need to do is invest some of your time and thought in order to experience the benefits of increased range.

Lose Some Weight

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Since your electric scooter carries you wherever you go, you might think about making things easier for your favorite means of transport. The more weight your ride has to deal with, the lesser its range will be, all thanks to the excessive power consumption. By losing a few pounds not only will you feel better for yourself, but you will also make it easier for your e-scooter since it will handle things more easily and with less power consumption. Therefore, you will gain more of the range you desire while you lose some weight.

If this suggestion sounds ridiculous for you since either you have no extra pounds to lose or you simply do not want to change your lifestyle for various reasons, you might consider purchasing an electric scooter that will cover the desired range from the start, without having to deal with it afterward. Search various webshops, such as turboant.com, where you can find e-scooters with an amazingly high range as well as different types of electrically fueled vehicles.

Inflate the Tires

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Although this might seem like a needless effort, it is actually a scientifically backed suggestion. Namely, when you inflate the tires of your e-scooter, you provide it with more contact to the ground, therefore, you enable the power consumed to deliver more mileage for your cause.

You should not exaggerate with the inflating of your tires, moreover, what you should do is consult the manual and find out what pressure is recommended by the manufacturer. After you find out what you need, try going just a little bit higher and try how your modified ride reacts. Do bear in mind that your ride will be less stable with the loss of friction with the surface, but you will gain the long-desired increase in range.

The Battery

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The battery is the heart of your scooter and it is the main culprit when the range of your e-ride is in question. The reason for that is simple since once your battery gets empty, you have to recharge it in order to start your ride again. What you should do is finding out whether you can upgrade your current battery with the one having more energy.

Unfortunately, not every model is favorable to this type of modification, simply because of various designs adorning different models. In that case, what you should do is acquire another battery of the same type so you can switch them when the time comes. Thus, you automatically double the range for the price of a single battery.

Lower the Speed

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The faster you go, the more power you consume, hence, you shorten the range of your electric scooter. If you only opt to slow down a little bit, you will enable yourself to use your scooter for longer, and save up the energy that would otherwise be spent on acceleration.

Every vehicle has its optimal conditions of working that are usually described in its user’s manual. Get to know your ride before falsely accusing it of not delivering what is expected. After you find out about what are the optimal conditions, try modifying your speed to make the most of the machine your ride.

Save The Power

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Do pay attention to your ride and keep an eye that you always turn it off when you are not using it. Although this sounds like a reasonable thing to do, there are times when we park to buy a drink, or we stop to say hello to a friend we have not seen in a while and start a chat while our electric scooter consumes the energy in the blank.

Remember to turn off your ride as soon as you stop driving it and you will save the amount of energy that will amaze you, therefore, you will significantly increase the range only by paying attention to different whatnots which spend excessive power when combined.

With the implementation of the aforementioned suggestions, not only will you be able to extend the riding time and the range that your electric scooter covers, but you will also be provided with a range of opportunities since your vehicle will enable you to use it more than you are accustomed to.

Combining different tips and tricks for range improvement will make you better the result even more. You might skip certain suggestions if you find them more difficult than the others (especially the first one), but the most optimal results come only after you cover every modification possible. Whatever your final strategy might be, we are sure that it will be successful if you just give it a try!

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