How to Determine the Quality of an E-Liquid – 2024 Guide

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Smoking is one of the most spread habits in the world. Thankfully, we can see that due to the rise of awareness, we can see that not so many people are prepared to risk their health. This was a much bigger problem a couple of decades ago than it is today. Still, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of tobacco smokers in the world.

We can see that there are a lot of alternatives that can help you giving up on this dangerous habit and shifting to something much healthier. We are talking about vapes. Naturally, this is a pretty new invention. Therefore, we don’t have as much information about its impact on human health as we would like. However, we can see that from what we’ve been able to accumulate, it is not as dangerous as traditional smoking.

At the same time, we can see that the options of vapes are pretty much endless. You have so many products you can choose from. With the introduction of flavors, these options have become much bigger. In case you would like to learn more about vapes and see what products are available on the market, read more, and inform yourself a little bit better. But we can see that there are many uncertainties about this whole concept.

Don’t get us wrong, this is perfectly understandable. People didn’t have the opportunity to learn so much about it as they would know about other products who are available on the market for a couple of centuries if we’re talking about tobacco. One of the most important things people need to pay attention to is the quality of an e-liquid. Since this is a pretty important element in vaping, we would like to discuss it in this article of ours.

1. Make Sure It Doesn’t Have Certain Compounds

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When vaping was introduced to the public, we can see that so many people were afraid of it being in connection with a condition called “popcorn lung”. We are talking about a pretty serious respiratory condition that cannot be cured that easily. Furthermore, we can see that a lot of different respiratory conditions were considered to be caused by vaping.

The main reasons people have been connecting these dots were two compounds that can be found in e-liquid. We are talking about acetyl propionyl and diacetyl propionyl. These two ingredients can be found in numerous other products like pesticides, ink, paint, and dyes. Therefore, you need to make sure that the e-liquid you’ve decided upon needs to be free from these ingredients.

2. It Has Non-Dangerous Ingredients

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After you’ve determined that there isn’t any sing of these two compounds we are talked about earlier, you need to see what are the other compounds in this product. For example, many people don’t know that these products include some of the compounds we can call trustworthy, without any problem with it. Plus, make sure that the product was made in the United States.

The reason being, many countries don’t have the means to test all the compounds found in these products. Therefore, you should focus only on US products. Since there are so many of these, let’s say, trustworthy ingredients, we will not name them at all. Still, make sure that the product you will buy has been tested in some of the reputable laboratories in the country. Thankfully, you will be able to receive this information just one click away.

3. Check the Manufacturer

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In the previous entry, we’ve mentioned how important it is to know where the product you are using came from. Thankfully, the highest percentage of manufacturers are pretty open about their work and you will be able to find this information pretty quickly. Plus, you should do a background check of the company that produced that particular e-liquid. We are living in the digital era, and there isn’t any doubt that you will fail to find something as dangerous as low-quality e-liquid, believe us.

As you can presume, there are a lot of procedures manufacturers need to follow for their products to be available in the market. For those who didn’t know, there are special conditions for creating products like these. For example, the production facility needs to have an ISO-rated clean room environment. Thanks to the internet, this piece of information should be available for you to see pretty easily. If the manufacturer doesn’t meet the standards, simply don’t buy the product.

4. Take a Good Look at It

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We know, we know, don’t judge the books by their cover, right? Well, this doesn’t seem to be the case. The look of the bottle can tell you a lot about the product’s quality. In case you have some experience with buying e-liquids and you know how they should look, there is nothing that can stop you to check the look of the liquid itself.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that the inside of the bottle should look cloudy. It shouldn’t. The reason being that e-juice doesn’t have any kind of strange manifestations, in terms of cloudiness, or strange color. Now, you can see that you can tell a lot about the quality of an e-liquid just by taking a good look at it.

5. The Taste and The Smell

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So, all the previous entries in this list of ours are checked and you’ve bought the e-liquid. Now, you will be able to determine its quality by simply taste it and smell it. Believe it or not, these tests can tell you if the e-liquid has the necessary quality. Plus, it’s pretty easy to determine what’s the case. In case both the taste and the smell are proper, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Otherwise, we don’t recommend you to use that e-liquid. Or, at the very least, use it for now, but don’t buy that brand every again. The reason the smell and the taste can provide you with this knowledge Is that poor quality e-liquid lacks some of the ingredients that are best manifested as a taste and smell. Therefore, keep an eye out for these signs and you will be able to protect yourself, without a doubt.