Top Indicators That You Need a New Pair of Shoes

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Shoes are an integral part of our clothing. Whether they are for running, work, or shoes for running daily errands, everyone can appreciate their work and value in their lives. Nevertheless, most people, especially men, never know when it is the right time to replace their shoes. Such people will buy a single pair and wear them every day, whether there is sunshine, rain, or snow, on almost every occasion. Others will have several pairs of shoes, but they will wear them until they are completely worn out. Below are indicators that your pair of shoes is worn out and you need a new pair.

Your Shoes Have Worn Out Treads

Your shoes’ outer soles are usually the most substantial part of the shoes and should last longer than the other parts. When the treads on these soles start wearing out, it is clear that you need to replace your pair. Remember, a pair of shoes with worn-out treads is dangerous for your wellbeing because the shoes do not have the grip they initially had. This means that you may slip and injure yourself while wearing them. Nevertheless, buying a new pair of shoes will caution you against these uncalled-for accidents because the new shoes have more prominent treads that will have a good grip on the ground while walking or running.

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Your Shoes Are Losing Their Shape

A pair of shoes that have lost their original shape is easily noticeable, and it does not look good at all. If some stitches are loose and they are leaking water in some parts, they are not as they were. Furthermore, if your shoes have holes on the outer sides, it is a clear indication that they are losing their shape, and you, therefore, need a new pair from websites like If you notice visible wrinkles, especially at the upper sides of your shoe and the lace cage, it is an indication that your pair of shoes is worn out and you need to replace them.

Foot Pain and Blisters

Pain is always a natural way of your body telling you that not everything is okay. Your pair may still be in their best condition, but if you feel pain after walking or running them, it is time to buy a new pair. Foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, calluses, corns, plantars fasciitis, shin splints, back pain, or blisters on your toes are signs that your shoes have lost their cushioning, and they are not comfortable anymore. Remember, a new pair of shoes will have powerful shock absorption and cushioning ability, which might help you avoid some of these pains and problems. You can also consult

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Your Shoes Have a High Mileage

When did you buy your shoes? What is the amount of distance that you have walked or run in those? It would be best if you replaced a pair of shoes that you wear every three to four days a week in a year. Those that you don’t wear frequently can wait for two or three years. Furthermore, most pairs typically have a standard mileage of 300-500 miles, depending on their type and strength. If they have reached or surpassed this mileage mark, it is high time you replaced them.

Your Shoe Experiences a Heel Breakdown

There is that point it reaches that either of your shoes or both become bent on one side. This is an indication of a heel that is slowly breaking down and a shoe that is wearing out. The breaking down of a heel is significantly contributed by your walking style, where you incline most of your weight on a particular side of the shoe. Nevertheless, a feasible way to know of a heel breakdown is when you notice your typical walking style being out of alignment. Furthermore, by placing your pair of shoes on a flat surface, checking at their backside at an eye-level will reveal to you whether they are tilted or not.

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A Worn Out Interior Part

The interior part of your shoe consists of the inner liners  and the insoles. You will notice some torn features or some unusual tear on the internal parts of your pair of shoes, rough seams, and your shoe making creaking sounds when it is wearing out and in absolute need of a replacement. This wear is a result of the friction between your leg and the inner liners. In addition, you will feel when the insoles are not as comfortable as they used to be. After a close examination, you will realize that the insoles are flatter and thinner than they were previously, but if you can find good replacements on sites like Protalus.

They Do Not Fit You Anymore

There is no doubt that your feet are perpetually expanding and developing in height, width, and shape. As a result, a pair of shoes that you bought some time back may not be fitting you anymore. Because of the discomfort, your feet may start experiencing bunions, black toes, and blisters that may exceed if you continue wearing those. In such a case, it is a perfect sign that you need a new pair. In other instances, shoes become more extensive than the foot because of the differences in weather conditions or wear and tear. This, too, becomes uncomfortable.

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Smelly Shoes

In most cases, smelly ones are an indication that you are not washing your shoes regularly as you should be. However, that may be an indication that your pair of shoes is old enough and needs some replacement. The smelliness may be a result of water leakages or an inner lining that is worn out. There is no doubt that they are usually an embarrassment. Therefore, if you notice your pair of shoes having such problems, it is high time to replace them.

As earlier said, your feet are a vital part of your body, and you should therefore look after them by replacing your shoes whenever they are not comfortable anymore. To buy a new pair for affordable prices, visit stores you trust.