12 Industries That Need Translation & Language Services

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Globalizing your business is an important but challenging step for any company. You’ve got to know how to attract a wider international audience and tailor your services and products accordingly. What’s more, any written text your company has produced needs to be translated to the language of the new country you serve. For example, this generally might include website content, product descriptions, packaging text, etc.

Fortunately, there are professional translation services (from big names such as Transperfect) available that help streamline the translation process. Such services are even more useful for businesses that have huge bulks of text that need to be translated. Top-quality and error-free translation can be a lengthy process, so it’s always best to leave it to the pros who have the right skills, knowledge, and expertise.

So what are the major industries that need translation and language services the most? Let’s find out.

1. Legal

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Accurate legal translation is a vital requirement for pretty much any type of legal company, including solicitors, private law firms, etc. Original legal documents will need to be translated if they’re of interest to different audiences who speak different languages. The types of documents needing to be translated include but are not limited to contracts, witness statements, testimonies, interview transcriptions, etc.

2. Real Estate

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A multinational real estate company will also need to carry out extensive translations, and a professional translation service will help speed up the process! So why might a real estate company need things translated? Well, for example, some homeowners might decide to buy a second home in a foreign country, and acquiring a property abroad will involve writing and reading documents in a different language. These documents might be sales contracts, lease agreements, property evaluations, etc. Translation for the real estate industry is all about complying with the legal systems of multiple countries.

3. Finance

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The finance industry is one of the biggest, most globalized industries needing translation services. A lot of financial companies (such as banks, insurance lenders, etc.) will manage international transactions, so it’s vital that they comply with laws and regulations when operating in a global environment.

All financial documents will need to be accurately translated so they can be read and understood by all parties involved including clients, customers, and B2B partners. The types of legal documents to be translated might include, but are not limited to, reports, statements, and business plans, etc.

4. Manufacturing

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With the manufacturing industry becoming increasingly globalized, manufacturing companies also require plenty of documentation translations, including those for sales reports, inventories, building plans, etc. Any manufacturing company that exports goods overseas will need their communication documents translated too, including any important emails and letters, etc.

5. Medical

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Not all medical or healthcare companies operate internationally, but if and when they do, they should seek assistance from professional translation services. Whether it’s the translation of medical reports or patient records, lots of different medical companies will need some form of translation carried out. Other things like medical research papers or product packaging will also need translating for global audiences.

6. Tourism & Travel

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Tourism and travel companies operate overseas with clients and partners all over the world. That means they’ll need various different documents and content-based resources translated so they’re readable and understandable for global audiences. The types of things in the tourism industry needing translation might include website pages, accommodation descriptions and info, and also printed materials such as brochures or leaflets.

7. Marketing

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Successful global marketing involves effectively communicating a brand message to audiences all across the globe. The ultimate goal is to drive sales in the new additional countries you operate in. That’s why it’s super important multinational marketing businesses seek assistance with their translation services. Experts can make sure any translated marketing messages fit right with the new cultural audience. What’s great in one country, might fall flat in another.

8. IT

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The world of technology is an ever-evolving industry that now operates on a huge global scale. Therefore, even the biggest IT companies will need the help of translation services to make sure any tech software or products make complete sense in another language. The development of global software depends on accurate translation processes.

9. eCommerce

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So many companies now choose to sell their products or services online. With such a boom in eCommerce, these companies will need their website pages translated to the different languages of the countries they serve. Simply using an instant translation program doesn’t cut it anymore. Both retail giants and smaller businesses should use professional translation services to ensure their product information and website content is 100% accurate and localized.

10. Entertainment

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Companies within the entertainment industry also require professional language services, whether that’s movie producers, TV channels, or video game developers. The list goes on. With entertainment products having such wide-reaching global audiences, any audio-visual content needs to be adapted or translated to various languages, including the use of subtitles, captions, or dubbing.

11. Training and Education

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Multinational companies also need to think about how they train their employees. When staff are based in various different counties across the globe, it can be challenging to develop training programs that are both beneficial and understandable by all countries involved. That’s where translation and language services can come in handy. All guidelines and policies should be just as effective in one country as they are in another.

12. Scientific Research

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The scientific research industry also requires accurate translation and language services. Countries all over the world now work together to carry out scientific research into various subjects, so the communication between the teams needs to be efficient and seamless. Research teams from different cultural backgrounds need to work together to reach a common goal, but it can be challenging when there’s a language barrier in between them.

That’s where language services can come in to help. The types of things that need to be translated might include communication letters or emails, research findings, and various scientific resources.