Top 8 reasons why you should invest In SEO for your business


SEO is one of the most important strategies for ranking high on search engine result pages and reaching potential customers. Therefore, there is no doubt or place for rethinking whether you should invest in SEO. However, today you might find conflicting opinions on whether SEO is necessary for business, and those views usually come from web experts that couldn’t master this system. For this reason, seo company in Chicago has made this reaper of reasons you should not only implement but invest in a good SEO strategy.

What is SEO


To help you understand and realize the reasons to invest in SEO, we must first make clear what SEO is. SEO refers to Search engine optimization and it’s a form of digital marketing. SEO considers the presence of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others and its better ranking on the result page. Search engines have algorithms that govern websites’ ranking, and only understanding and implementing those determinants can ensure your site`s high ranking. Google is currently using over 200 ranking components, leaving your website plenty of options to optimize your website to search engines.

Creating proficient and prospective SEO strategies considers optimizing many website components, however, today we won’t elaborate on how to create a successful SEO strategy, but on why SEO is important, and what are the benefits of SEO on your online business.

Why is SEO important?


A search engine is used by billions of users, while around 93% of all internet experiences begin in a search engine. Therefore, it’s logical that reaching those users is essential for online business. Without SEO your website won`t occur in a relevant place in search engine results, remaining far away from users’ sight, and impossible for customers to find your service and product. Consequently, users will opt for your competitors that rank high on the search results page.

  1. You can`t pay to be high-ranked in SERPS. As organic search results require SEO, except for PPC, there is no other way to pay to be highly ranked in search engines.
  2. SEO satisfies customers’ queries. Costumers queries and search intents can be pleased only by creating relevant content that answers users’ questions and searchers. As a result of this SEO aspect, your website will gain credibility, authority, and a reputation that is hardly achievable in other ways.

The benefits of SEO


1. SEO increases the quality of traffic on the website

Seo helps your business by ensuring that users who search keywords relevant to your business, find your website in search results. It’s estimated that around 80% of online shoppers find their products by searching keywords, so SEO will increase your quality traffic and help customers find you.

2. SEO increases brand credibility and awareness

To establish a loyal customer base, the brand has to work on rising its awareness, creating credibility and recognition, and building trustworthiness in its customers. Not only that those brand attributes gains customers’ loyalty but also have a great power to attract new customers.

Content marketing as a part of a wider SEO strategy is an instrument that directs you in creating valuable, relevant, and informative content that resonates with your customers.

When you provide an adequate and valuable answer to users’ queries, your site gains trust and credibility, positioning yourself as an expert in your business niche and establishing brand authority.

Additionally, SEO significantly increases business online visibility.

3. SEO donates to user experience

Statists suggests that 89% of customer with poor experience with a brand, opt for competitors. Therefore, creating an excellent user experience that SEO strategy requires, is essential in capturing and keeping customers on your site.

Search engine greatly considers user experience when deciding on a site`s ranking, and SEO is the way to ensure search engine satisfaction regarding this factor.

4. SEO improves ROI regarding digital marketing

Considering the digital marketing campaign and strategy the goal is to realize the best ROI (return on investment). SEO contributes to digital marketing strategies by ensuring that customers will find your campaign. SEO donates to other marketing campaigns by attracting users through online channels, consequently increasing sales and revenue and growing ROI.

5. SEO boosts business in long-term

Contrary to most models of marketing campaigns, SEO is an ongoing strategy that affects business success in the long term. The results of proficient SEO will be visible to you years after you have invested in your SEO strategy.

6. Low cost

If you consider managing SEO yourself, except for your time, this strategy won`t cost you anything, contrary to other marketing strategies. If you research and review your competitors’ content and the most highly ranked ones and then dedicate your time to creating even better content and sharing it on your social media profiles for promotion, you will attract new customers.

7. Boosts PPC campaign

SEO and paid marketing strategy work hand in hand. Improving your SEO will contribute to PPC by implementing high-ranking pages in the PPC campaign as a part of advertising, particularly if the page keywords have a low CPC (click-through rate).

8. Provide an advantage over the competition

Your competitors are most definitely investing in SEO so should you. The companies that sizably invest in SEO remain ahead of their competitors in search engine results. Estimatimations are that webpages on the first page of Google search result page get around 90% of traffic. To increase your chances to drive such traffic, analyze your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths, boost your loading time, provide an impressive user experience, and create a mobile-friendly site and the most relevant content.

Final Thoughts


Creating a custom SEO strategy aligned with your business domain and goals is an advantageous tactic that makes you more competitive. Additionally, as Google continues to evolve its algorithm, the requirement for adjusting SEO has become imperative. Effectively optimizing your SEO as Google changes its algorithm standards will create an advantage over the competition and avoid Google`s penalty, which drops the website`s ranking and traffic.