Is CBD Legal in Texas: Laws 2024

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While the whole country radically moves toward promoting the positive therapeutic effects of cannabis and related CBD products, Texas just takes baby steps and sets lots of restrictions. Texas CBD laws implemented since 2019 confirmed that selling and purchasing CBD oil Texas was fully legal, however, now new regulations will take place. Let’s find out – is CBD oil legal in Texas?

Texas CBD Laws – What’s New?

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The 87th Legislature convened in January 2024 has introduced around 60 bills that could reform the marijuana regulations but only two of them managed to appear on the governor’s desk. They were prepared and promoted by professional marijuana advocates, however, liberating laws are still discussed very slowly compared to other states. As per the Director of Responsible Marijuana Policy, Heather Fazio, she claims that such slowness of liberalization just shows that the state does not care about safe and legal access to this medicine, and does not introduce advanced cannabis programs for patients.

Yet, there was also some kind of success when the Compassionate Use Program passed the approval during the Legislature. It allows healthcare providers to prescribe medical cannabis with low THC contents to patients with qualifying illnesses and several other criteria. For instance, it concerns patients with various types of cancer and PTSD. If referring to previous laws, CBD oil Texas could be prescribed only to those people who have been diagnosed with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, autism, spasticity, and/or terminal cancer.

The approved bill also affected the allowable THC content in CBD oil Texas. From 0.5% to 1% has been marked. According to psychiatrists, higher amounts allowable in cannabis products could greatly help patients with chronic pain, and other health conditions.

Overall, Texas is still one of those states that could not boast full legalization of marijuana to some extent. Therefore, the dispensaries where it can be bought also struggle. As of now, all the employees who work in such facilities have to be registered with the DPS, and the store itself to have a license to provide CBD oil Texas.

The program which supervises the safe use of cannabis products will now also request the following information once one is prescribed cannabis for therapeutic purposes:

  • Name of the healthcare provider who recommends the CBD oil Texas or medical marijuana for the intake;
  • Full name and date of birth of the prescribed patient;
  • The dosage prescribed for therapeutic purposes;
  • Ways of the intake of cannabis products;
  • A total amount of THC content in the prescribed product.

Such measures are implemented to restrict patients from receiving more than allowable doses of cannabis medicine from many doctors simultaneously. There were events when patients violated the rule and got cannabis from many parties. The same concerned their reasons for buying marijuana. It was not much about therapeutic properties but for high euphoric effects. The new changes to the Texas laws regarding cannabis will take place only in September, while cannabis advocates will rush in adding more changes to not lag behind other states where such products are pretty easy and safe to access when prescribed.

Is CBD Legal in Texas: Key Moments of Texas CBD Laws

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Now, let’s summarize all the findings. First off, how old do you have to be to buy CBD in
Texas? You might be surprised, however, until now no age restriction for patients exists. Yet, patients who are below 18 and who are prescribed this medicine will need a parent’s approval or legal guardian’s awareness.

Then, the only accessible CBD products which can be prescribed by healthcare providers are those that contain less than 0.5% of THC in the composition. Only permanent residents of Texas can apply for the Compassionate Use Registry from where they can get the medicine. The law prohibits smoking THC products.

Where can you buy CBD oil Texas to enhance your overall health condition? Normally, Texas legislation allows patients to buy these products in DPS registered dispensaries. As was hinted above, they should hold a license from the government, and meet several criteria. To access affordable and reliable CBD goods, you can also refer to Unabis. They have CBD gummies, and drops which may greatly assist with one’s mood, chronic pain among others. Their products are 100% organic, and fully the USA-made.

So, is cbd legal in texas? Yes, according to Unabis, it is fully legal to buy and sell if you meet certain criteria. Your healthcare provider should approve the use and consumption of low THC products for therapeutic products. A doctor prescribing CBD oil Texas should comply with registering all information including the dosage prescribed, the total amount of THC among others. Finally, new changes to Texas law will take place this year, and hopefully, the THC amounts will be raised to 1% which are believed to be more potent.

In Which Forms You Can Find CBD in Texas?

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Texas is not different from other states and countries; it allows different forms of CBD that people can purchase at licensed dispensaries.

When CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, you can find it in two forms – powder and oil. However, many manufacturers and sellers decide to get out of the box and try out producing some other forms of CBD. For instance, you can find them in the form of gels and creams as well. On the other hand, some CBD shops and dispensaries can also offer CBD capsules that people consume orally. Logically, the effect of this plant-based medicine is a bit slow in that case because our organism needs time to digest the capsule. You may need to wait for around hour and a half or two until you get the chance to enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

Should I Consume CBD On My Own?

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This is never a good idea, even if you are consuming CBD for recreational purposes. A lot better decision would be to consult with your doctor and try to determine the right dosage that way. You may need a bit more than some other people to get the well-known benefits. This directly depends on your weight, immune system, the ability of your organism to absorb different ingredients, etc.

Final Thought

We will soon see whether the responsible authorities will approve the new laws related to the CBD. There is a big chance many new suppliers will appear on the online market if the government approves the 1% THC inside all CBD products. Keep in mind that, in some countries across the world, 0.3% of THC is the maximum. So, we can definitely say Texas is some sort of trendsetter that many countries in the world will follow in the future.