Is My Phone Hacked – 2024 Guide

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Are you noticing some weird behavior on your phone? Are you wondering if it is hacked? Read this guide to find out how to tell if your phone is hacked and what to do in case it is!

Considering how valuable our smartphones have become these days, not only for getting in touch with loved ones but also for conducting business, making payments, and a whole lot more, it’s vital to keep these devices safe and secure. This kind of dependency on smartphones also means that hackers are always trying to find their way into the phones of people. Issues like identity theft, cyberbullying, and even good old stealing of money through your phone are very real these days.

So, how to tell if your phone is hacked? If you’re wondering, keep reading to find out how to find out and also how to protect it from hackers.

What To Do If Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Before we tell you what you should do if your phone is hacked, we should tell you how to tell if it is hacked in the first place. After all, it often happens that in some weird behavior on our smartphones we blame communication problems or the phone’s congestion for example. However, in reality, everything is completely different. It is important to determine what happens to your smartphone on time.

These are some signs that you should look out for if you think, that your phone is hacked:

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  • You see that your phone suddenly has some apps that you never installed.
  • You see calls that have been made without your knowledge.
  • You see weird screensavers or pop-ups appearing while using the phone.
  • You see a drop in performance or battery life.

If you find such issues taking place all of a sudden, then the answer to “is my phone hacked” might be yes. This is when you need to know what to do in such situations. Here are some helpful tips:

  • First of all, change all passwords, especially in banking apps.
  • Delete the apps that you’ve never installed or have no knowledge of.
  • Delete any unknown messages that you see.
  • Run a complete scan of your device using a security app.
  • Inform the people close to you to not open any links they may receive in messages sent via your phone.
  • The best way to get rid of hacking software is to simply reset your phone. Back up your data and do a hard reset to restore it to its factory settings.
  • In case you can’t independently follow these recommendations, contact the specialists in the service center.

Secure Smartphone Tips

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Agree, that you don’t want to lose important personal data every time you are hacked. Recovering information is tiring. This is why you should prevent it from being hacked in advance. It is in our interest to know preventative safety measures.

Now, we know that it’s more important to know how to protect your phone from hackers so that you don’t have to reset it and potentially lose important data.

That is why we have some tips for you to keep your smartphone as safe from hackers and their spy apps as possible:

  • Keep your device under a strong passcode. Most phones these days have fingerprint scanners which you should use to lock them.
  • Don’t store your passwords on your device in a normal text file. Use apps like Lastpass if you have to and keep them locked as well.
  • If you can, then avoid using Wi-Fi in public spaces that have no security.
  • Don’t leave your device lying around in public spaces.
  • Use well-reputed security software to periodically scan your device for unwanted spy apps, GPS trackers, and more.
  • Download only safe files and apps. Do not click on dubious links.
  • Use services to increase security.
  • Use two-factor authorization on Google and Apple.
  • Charge your phone through reliable USB ports.
  • Do not open suspicious emails.
  • Back up your data.

Popular Spy Apps for Phones

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Sometimes we can’t work out how hackers managed to do this. Know your enemy, as they say. If you’re wondering how hackers can get access to your phone without your knowledge, one of the best ways for them to do so is by using spy apps.

The best spy apps like Spyzie, you can learn more here, can work in complete stealth on a target phone and can be used by people to track your activities and steal your data. These apps work as SMS trackers, GPS trackers, and much more in order to keep tabs on what you do on your phone. Some advanced apps also make it possible for hackers to see all the words you are typing on your device in order to steal your passwords and other sensitive information.

Such powerful spy apps include:
  • Spyzie;
  • FlexiSPY;
  • mSpy among many others.
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On the other hand, such spy apps can also be of benefit to you. For example, if you have such an app installed on the device of your child, you can use it to remotely wipe the data from your child’s phone if their phone is ever hacked. Moreover, you can control all the applications that your child installs. You can block specific content on your children’s phone or limit time on the Internet. This is incredibly useful. Especially, in the era of free access to any information that is not always acceptable for children.


So, if you’re asking yourself, “is my phone hacked?”, then you should be more alert in order to note some of the signs of it  being hacked. Once you know how to tell if it is hacked, you can take the steps necessary to keep your data safe. But before any of this, it is vital for you to know how to protect your phone from hackers in the first place which should be apparent after reading this guide. We hope, it will be useful if your phone is hacked.