Is Your Past Affecting Your Love Life?

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When you have a hard time with your love life, chances are that you are single for a while or that you are not finding a person that wants to be serious.  You might have the same problems over and over again and even when you get older, this is still a repeat.  If you have ever blamed your past life on this, as a joke or being serious, you might actually be right.

Professionals from believe that your past life will affect your love life.  Anything that you have done in your past life can create a thing that causes you to go through different things.  If you have a problem feeling valued in your relationships, chances are you have caused someone else pain.

The idea of having a past life might be hard for some people to understand but everyone has lived multiple past lives, and some will realize it while others do not even want to talk about it.

Many past lives will reveal what they are in dreams or when meeting new people.  These can be experiences that you have with people like strong feelings like you have met them before.  When it comes to love, some things are hard to explain.

Wrong People

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If you find that you have a certain type of people that you like, chances are you might keep falling in the same situations over and over again.  You might wonder why you are always attracted to the same people and certain types.

This can be frustrating when things keep going wrong over and over again and you don’t know how to resolve them.  When the pattern keeps showing up, chances are you are having past life issues and you need to find out what they are.  The universe wants you to break this pattern.

When the past repeats itself over and over in each of your relationships, you have to learn how to solve this.  It keeps happening for a reason and you have to break this cycle.

Wrong Relationships

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When you know that you keep getting into relationships that are not good for you, the pat life is not to be blamed.  You make negative choices based on yourself and you have to learn to go deeper and connect to your past life so that you can see your choices are about you and learn to move on.

You are aware that you are making these choices, but you do not use the choices to grow and they can follow you into the future.

Uncomfortable Feelings

Being in a relationship with someone that you have been within a past life can make things very uncomfortable.  This can be a feeling that goes beyond just the surface and can change your life.  They can cause you to have feelings form the past and trigger things that you feel such as shame and fear.  They can cause you to remember feeling that you have not healed from yet and this is not easy to see.

When you are angry or hurt, you will not be able to see things from your partner’s perspective and what they are trying to give you.

On and Off Again Relationships

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You might find that when you break up with your soulmate that it is hard because you have in fact, shared a past life together.  Even if you aren’t meant to be with them in a romantic way, they are meant to be in your life for a reason.  They will keep coming back to you and this is because you have an energy that attracts each other because you will always be connected.

Your love can be toxic, and it can be hard to interpret your gut feeling because you will feel the energy field so strongly.  When you seek out your past life and see what causes you to have feelings in your current relationship, you can begin to understand your situation more and get an order in your life.

Neutral Feelings

When you see that you have strong emotions and you always feel stressed, these emotions can be beyond what you see on earth.  These feelings can happen because of your past life and who you have been with in the past.  You might dream about things from your past life and have issues in your relationships that you cannot seem to fix.  There will be no middle-ground for you in your relationships.

You can correct these situations form your past life if you learn to change how you react to things.  If you wake up and are stressed or scared, know that you are dreaming and that it is not real.  Go back to sleep and don’t do something that will cause you to lose sleep.

You Have Trust Issues

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It can be easy sometimes to figure out why you act the way you do.  Maybe you trusted someone in the past and they hurt you and so you blame them for not having any trust.  You will go home and see that your love never returned to you or they hurt you by cheating on you.  You might be stressed and worried and have strong emotions when your partner does something that is small, but you cannot figure out why this is happening.  This is probably a product of your past life.

Things can manifest in your life that will trigger your spiritual life.  This can cause problems for you in your present relationship because it can make you or your partner feel insecure.

If this happens, know that this forms the past and that your mind is playing your images against you.  Learn to navigate past these memories and learn to regress from your past life.

An Empath

You might find that you are an empath and that you feel the feelings of others.  You might be coming back to your past life and feel feelings from those times, and these can impact you on how you love now.  Your past life can make you have an intimate blockage and can stop you from being romantic.

It is possible that something happened in your past life and you need to learn to accept that it happened.  You need to be open to your relationship and allow your partner to be there with you.

Even if you don’t believe that you had a past life, you need to take advice and that I to let things go.  Don’t get stuck in the same things over and over again and find something good in your life.  You have to find something new that is better for you and let the past go.  Learn to love and find a love you truly want to have.