Visit the Psychologist Together: 8 Reasons Why It Is Useful for Relationships

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Psychotherapy, especially family therapy, is not a new phenomenon and but it still seems to be slightly dangerous for many people. And even more so if the relationship is only six months to a year and the need for a specialist visit has already arisen. Should we be afraid of such visits?

A visit to a psychologist or psychotherapist is becoming more common, especially for young people living in large cities. Numerous men marry beautiful Russian women from but the difference in mindset sometimes becomes a problem. It is necessary to understand that there is nothing wrong with a person having problems that he or she cannot figure out on one’s own.

Pair therapy is a separate story. It is believed that this is necessary only after many years of marriage when the partner has changed or the relationship has reached an impasse. About half of the clients are not married at all and this is not the last effort to save the relationship. Some come only to make sure that they are doing well.

In the early stages of the relationship, it is also useful to visit a specialist, first of all, when you feel that you don’t want to part, but the situation can be improved. And that’s why.

  1. Getting Rid of Old Fears

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Our subconscious gladly transfers some problems from childhood or youth to the present. For example, if a father left the family in childhood, a grown-up girl may worry about repeating the experience each time her partner leaves home for work.

And this is only one example when the past experience may influence the present relationship. If you recognize and work through this problem, it will be solved.

  1. Prevention of Future Quarrels

Often people misunderstand each other and in the heat of a quarrel, they say unpleasant things. Some people say things that they further regret but can’t admit their fault. After discussing such issues in the presence of a disinterested person, everything is getting better.

  1. You Have no Personal Space

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In some countries, it is common for a young couple or even several adult brothers and sisters to live together in the house of elderly parents with their partners and children. In the eighteenth century, in a family of peasants or farmers, this scenario helped the family survive, farm and grow a new generation of people adapted to life.

But in the twenty-first century, it is more likely to be a disturbance for urban dwellers: everything is crowded, adult children and parents cannot divide the territory, everyone is constantly quarreling, no one can live at their own pace, not resting and not getting enough sleep. Young spouses cannot normally talk privately and develop their own family habits because they have to integrate into the existing system as “juniors”.

Separation disorders are bad because they interfere with development, building a happy personal life and generally living at one’s own discretion. Working with a psychologist helps to gradually rebuild relations with a parental family according to the “adult-adult” scheme, as well as analyze the family traditions, leaving the behaviors that suit you and abandoning unnecessary and disturbing ones.

  1. Everything Just Makes you Nuts

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You have outbursts of anger, irritation, incomprehensible depression and apathy, jealousy attacks and other heavy emotions that seem to appear out of nowhere: “Suddenly I began to feel terribly lonely. I don’t understand why: after all, I have a job, friends, a partner”; “Other people began to annoy me. I only communicate with good people, they treat me very well, I don’t understand why everyone is so enraging. I’m probably just an unbalanced person.”

The feeling of global dissatisfaction with life is also common here when a person says: “Everything seems to be fine with me, but for some reason, I wake up in the morning and I want to hang myself.”

Unfortunately, people often depreciate the feelings of others. But feelings are the emotional truth of our life, and if a person is ill, he does not think he is really ill. The main question is why, where did this painful sensation come from.

  1. You Have an Issue that you Cannot Discuss with Anyone

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This could be any addiction, bulimia, harassment experienced in childhood, or any other topic that you cannot discuss with someone. Whoever you communicate with and no matter how confidential the conversation is, you always ignore these circumstances of your life. Many people have their secrets.

Usually, they rationalize what is happening: “Why discuss if it does not bother me? Everything is already in the past.” But the very existence of the forbidden topic says that something is behind the whole story. It is difficult, scary, and unbearable so much that it is impossible to start it in a conversation even with the closest people.

  1. Working Together Leads to Personal Growth

The inner world of a person is reflected in the love relationship. Solving problems in a pair means improving yourself. In that way, this would be beneficial both for relationships and personal development.

  1. It is in Every Sense Cheaper than Divorce

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And even cheaper than many dating options. You can consider this a doctor’s appointment because in some cases they also go there together. And parting will cost more even from an emotional point of view. Think of prevention rather than healing.

  1. You will Get Closer

The realization that you have an appointment to resolve issues reduces the possibility of an argument between appointments. You both learn to share, open up, and get closer. Sexual life also goes to a new level, since most often intimate issues are also discussed. It’s definitely worth a try!

Psychologists and their clients are still treated with suspicion. Many people think that such help is needed in extreme cases. And to admit that such a moment has arrived is made equivalent to a heroic deed. At the same time, the work of a psychologist is not much different from the work of any other doctor – this is a way to fix or at least improve the quality of your life.