Jackie Chan’s Legacy: How His Movies Shaped the Action Genre in Hong Kong?

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Whenever someone mentions action movies, the first association with such a movie is the character of Jackie Chan.

He is the star of the East who over the years has consistently brought us great acting in some of the best American films, but also those made in the East like Hong Kong films. He is one of the most famous actors who came from the East and who has been a perfect fit in almost every action movie.

His roles have engaged and surprised a large number of viewers around the world, and they have also managed to set a different standard for filmmaking in Hong Kong.

Starting from The Karate Kid, which is one of the most famous and adored films by the audience, to some of the other films, we can say that this brilliant actor has always set a different standard that other actors in action films needed back then. but even today to surpass them to have extraordinary roles and an incredible appearance in one of the other action films.

As we have already said, he also set a different task for the producers from Hong Kong, but also for all the actors who from now on it is important to approach the creation of new film content a little more seriously.

We’re sure you’ve all seen at least one movie starring this favorite character for all of us, but we’re not sure if you know how he changed standards and challenged Hong Kong and the film industry for that matter. from the world. Today we talk more about this topic. We get to know you more closely and bring you more information that will bring you closer to the topic. Let’s get started!

When did Jackie Chan’s beginnings date?

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To begin with, we think it’s important to review when the acting career of this favorite action-movie hero began. Jackie Chan first appeared more than 45 years ago when he made some of the first movies in Hong Kong. Even in his first appearances in the 70s of the last century, Jackie Chan showed his excellent skills and knowledge of acting, especially when it comes to action movies. One of the first films that he appeared in was Drunken Master in which he excelled and continued to do so in later years when he continued to make great films.

The 80s are the years in which he begins his fame

During the 80s, the fame of this top actor began to grow more slowly, appearing more and more often in action films during that period. In the period from the beginning of the 80s until their end, Jackie Chan appeared in a large number of action films, and during that period he slowly began to cooperate with American producers of films that perfectly fit his energy and knowledge of acting in some of the most popular films of the time. During this period, Jackie Chan slowly begins to give a difficult tasks to the producers and colleagues from Hong Kong, who should gradually meet higher standards for filmmaking, but also for acting in general.

During the 90s, the USA and the world, in general, got to know Jackie Chan much better

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Action movies changed a lot during the 90s. First of all, they become more realistic, and more dynamic, and it starts with the use of more advanced technologies. This improves and increases the presence of acting professionals who can do great and be up to the task, as Jackie Chan did. He has some of the best roles during this period, and just some of them are in the movies Rush Hour, Who Am I, Rumble in the Bronx, City Hunter, and a number of other titles. During that period, the tasks before the Hong Kong cinematographers became bigger, and during that period, changes were noticed in the concept of film shooting in that part of the world.

Already in the 2000s, Jackie Chan became a favorite character for all viewers

During the 2000s, the massive and unstoppable production of excellent film content began all over the world, but primarily in the United States. New movies were constantly being made in Hollywood, and a huge part of them were action movies with phenomenal acting, which was best captured by the unstoppable Jackie Chan. During that period, he became the most loved and sought-after character in action films, in which he excelled. So he put on a phenomenal performance that was more and more accepted and praised by the audience, but also by his Hong Kong colleagues who were already learning from Chen’s excellence. During that period, some of the top titles were released, which a large number of viewers and film lovers from all over the world return with pleasure to this day.

The task before the Hong Kong professionals were getting bigger, but they got the job done

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In Hong Kong, the task was taken seriously by all members of the film industry. Over the years, they received a large number of pointers and examples from their fellow citizen, who is otherwise very popular in the United States and in general throughout the world. So from Chen, they learned a lot about acting, but also through him, they learned a lot more about filmmaking and learning technique, technology, and a number of other important details. With this task, they cope well to this day when they shoot and produce great action-packed content that is seen in Asia and around the world.


Over time, things changed, improved, developed, and Hong Kong had a lot to learn about action films, but also about cinema in general, because they had their representative in the best film industry in the world. It’s all thanks to the great Jackie who is still active at the age of 69, still acting great and appearing in great movie titles that are well received all over the world.